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Deadly Currents (Complete)

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Once someone assassinates, or murders depending on perspective, a group of nobles they would normally flee the region. However the one responsible for such an act was looking over the city of Limsa Lominsa; Why was he here? simply put he caught wind of the destruction of a grand company ship and it intrigued him to some degree as to who did it and wanted to determine if they seek something more. With him are 5 individuals who will be aiding him in his search, 2 Male Sea Wolf Roegadyns, a Male Midlander Hyur and 2 Female Keeper Miqo'te


"Canvas the city and find out who was responsible for the destruction of the ship, once you do meet me back here in 1 bell for further directives" once he finished the 5 people gave a slight bow and moved quickly into the city. He himself went into the city cloaked and all, one would expect him to draw attention in this oceanic setting but this worries him not for a slight illusionary spell is cast on him, it is nothing complex it simply averts ones attention anywhere but on him.


He goes to investigate the shipyard where many vessels are anchored and built and although his appearance is concealed one who would be able to perceive the him would no doubt experience a sense of foreboding. "Now than I wonder how things will turn out" as he says this he walks through the shipyard until the time to reconvene with his subordinates arrives.

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Fang sat on a bar stool leaning over the counter at the Drowning Wench. She was dressed casually. Bold move on her part, but she knew nobody living had seen her face so she didn't care. Besides, she could use a drink after all the running around she had been doing lately. Her ears flicked about as she overheard a Male Mindlander questioning a nearby Yellow Jacket. "You mean to tell me a grand company ship blows up, and nobody knows who did it?" he said in annoyed tone. 


The Yellow Jacket replied, "Well all we know is someone named Fang did eet mate. Left a mask with a the named etched into it an' a body at the scene. S'all we know right now." he shrugged. 


She grinned to herself. Her seed had been planted and now people are worried. Or at the very least curious.  She continued sitting at the bar and sipping her ale. But she couldn't help but think..who. The man didn't look like he was with the Maelstrom or the Yellow Jackets for that matter. So who exactly did she get attention of? She shrugged a bit before shifting her attention to Baderon flashing him a warm smile. "You hear about this too?" she asked him as he was busy mixing a drink for another nearby patron. He nodded, "Yes, lass. Damn thang woke me right up in the middle of the night. They said someone named Fang was behind the deed."


She tapped her chin, as if she was trying to figure out something she had already knew. "Hmm..that is strange."

Baderon nodded in agreement. "Indeed, so you best be careful walkin' round ere' at night, lass. Beauty such as yerself would surely attract attention." he said with a smile. 


Fang took another sip from her ale before setting it on the counter. "I'm sure you say that to all pretty women who are paying you for drinks." she said grinning at the man, her purple eyes seemed to sparkle, surely she doesn't appear to be a killer or demolitionist. But that was her niche, being that unexpected equation. 


"Nope! It's on the house, just fer you lass" he chuckled and began tending to other patrons on the other side of the bar.


Fang smiled at the man as he moved further down the bar before she twirled around on her stool to face the crowd. She had notice the Midlander had seemed to have moved on. She finished her drink and got up and made her way to the market.

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The figure returns to the meeting spot and soon after his subordinates return, they however do not have the information he was looking for.


"So all we have for information is a name and that someone was killed, I believe you all need to work on your investigatory skills." He says this in quite a plain tone and with no particular anger yet his subordinates show signs of being nervous.


Male Roegadyn(1): "Wh- What will you have us do then? question the outlaws to see if they know anything?" he speaks formally and promptly to the cloaked figure although with signs of being nervous.


"No they will probably already know what we know; we are under the assumption this individual has not left the region so there is the chance they no longer reside here." He stops for a moment to think before speaking again. "I suppose we are going to have to use some unique bait to draw in this large fish; I want you all to start a rumor that a private contractor is seeking the capture and or death of this *Fang* as they aptly call themselves. Focus on the taverns and market where information circulates quickly, with any luck this will reach our targets ears and if they have any mental capacity will consider removing whoever the contractor is. Do this and then be on watch for anything unusual."


As he finishes his subordinates once again give a slight bow and start to head off to the locations but the figure adds one more thing "Do be cautious if our target happens to be particularly unpredictable its not impossible they will find you out as the source and may very well attack, do take care not to lose your life, replacing you will be hassle." As he says this his subordinates stop only for a moment and then continue, the idea that they can be replaced only makes them more determined to make sure that does not happen.


The two female Miqo'te go to the various taverns and in slight whispers here and there spread the rumor of a large reward for the *Fangs* capture and or death, this riles up many mercenaries and pirates of the sort who frequent the taverns.


The two Roegadyn and the Hyur head to the marketplace and spread out to various stalls and engage in idle banter while occasionally speaking of the reward; this captures the attention of some yellow jackets and adventurers who have the hopes and dreams of playing hero, or at the very least need a larger paycheck.


With the prospect of reward now circulating among the people, it becomes a waiting game to see if the bait was effective or if they were fishing dead waters. The cloaked figure waits to see the results all the while humming a tune to himself.

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Fang made her way through East Hawkers Alley. As she hiked through the city, she simply people watched. Unbeknownst to them, she could set the city to a blaze and sleep peacefully the next day as if it never happened, though she wouldn't pull such a stunt--at least not right now, not while things were getting interesting. But this made her feel empowered as if she had the city already in her hands. They just didn't know it yet. Fang didn't exactly need anything from the market but the walk was relaxing to her. But soon she caught the smell of fresh fish in the air that made her stomach rumble. 


"I suppose I could go for a bite..." She mumbled to her self as she made her way to the shack of an independent culinarian. Just as she did a Male Roegadyn approached the two shortly after from the crowd, he looked between the two. His gaze piercing though his stare would intimidate the average person she remained unwavered.


"Stay on the look out for any suspicious activity. There's been a city wide capture or kill order by a contractor for the one calling themselves Fang. Good day."


She stared at him intensely as he walked off, the world around her seemed to disappear, making it seem as though only the Roegadyn and her existed for a brief moment. She thought to herself-- Why would they wait this long to make a move after trying to hide the story for so long from the other nations? More importantly she began to wonder if this had something to do with the Midlander back at the Wench. Or better yet could he possibly be the contractor. Her mind raced with all kinds of possibilities, she was sharp but even this stumped her. 


"Ma'am. That be 50 Gil." the cook repeatedly getting more impatient with a lack of a response from her. "Ma'am! Hello?!" He waved his hand in her view trying to get her attention. "C'mon lass, I got sales to make." he complained. 


She shook her head as if trying to snap herself back to reality. "Oh s-sorry, here." she quickly reached into her pocket pulled out the Gil and dropped it on the counter and walked off with the man yelling at her from behind, still holding her fish she was about purchase.


"Hey lass! Ye fergot, yer fish! H-Hey Miss!" the voice soon blended in with the surrounding chatter. 


She stayed a few yalms behind the Male Roegadyn who seemed to be have an odd aura about him. He looked just as strange as the Midlander back at Wench. She then came to a stop as she overheard more and more people talking about it.  

"Fang.. yeah they're after em now!"

"I'll bring the head back and get a heavy coin fer it!"

"Not if I beat ya to it mate" the voices echoed about. 


By this time the Roegadyn that originally spread the message had gotten lost in the crowd of people. The air around her began to feel tense. A feeling she hadn't felt in a long time that both made her nervous and thrilled her at the same time. She stood there among a den of lions who were actively searching for a raw slab of meat and she was the catch. 


Fang found a nearby bench and sat down letting out a heavy breath as if trying to exhale some of the tension. She folded her arms against her chest and crossed her legs one over the other. She sat there for a few moments and closed her eyes trying to come up with her next course of action. Moments later she opened them after reaching her new resolution.


"Hm...Alright if they're looking for me, finding out who is it is..is top priority." a small grin crept across her face as she stood up. "Time to silence these whistle blowers before they make "too much" noise. How dare this clown try and snuff me out with child like tactics." she mumbled to herself as she made her way back to her room at the Inn to get prepared for her next move.

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"Status report" the cloaked figure said in a firm tone over the link pearl


Male Hyur: "The people are clearly more riled up do to our actions but aside from that nothing from what I can see on my end of the market place"


Male Roegadyn(1): "Nothing unusual for me as well, I have left the marketplace area to try a different location"


Male Roegadyn(2): "I have a potential target, she was following you out of the marketplace before breaking off and-" before he could continue a shout ripped through linkpearl




"I believe I told you that you may be targeted, now I want you to shut up and control yourself or you can go ahead and die in a secluded area" he spoke in a plain casual tone yet his words carried an ominous weight that those on the linkshell recognized immediately.


Male Roegadyn(2): "Sincere Apologies"


Female Miqo'te(1): "Where was the one you were following go?"


Female Miqo'te(2): "Yes where?"


Male Roegadyn(2): "Right as I was saying, the target broke away abruptly and sat on a bench before quickly moving to one of the inns. The target is a female Miqo'te, I recommend you two going inside the inn and observe her while we continue our search close by. If she does in fact prove to be the one alert us immediately if nothing occurs after 10 minutes break off the observation and search elsewhere."


Female Miqo'te(1): "Very well we shall move"


After hearing the report the cloaked figure gives out another order "If something should occur lead the target to the shipyard, I will be waiting there" as he said this he began walking through the city once again unhindered and untouched.


Both Miqo'te went to the inn quickly and as they traveled there the city began to grow dark with night approaching.Once they arrived they took up position, one was located near where patrons would enter and exit the resting area while the other was located near the entrance, both were not exactly out of place but you could not say they were particularly blending in either.


With everyone now in position they once again wait and become ever more vigilant as night approaches the city.

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Fang sat at the window of her inn room looking out as the night grew closer. The light posts began to shine and illuminate against the waters of Limsa. She noticed two Miqo'te entering the inn from her window. She was a former hunter herself and she knew that look and intense focus of those searching for prey. She quickly ducked behind the curtain peering out at them as they made their way inside. 


"Like bees to honey." she mumbled as she hopped down from her sitting place next to her window. She walked over and rang a bell and soon a distinct knock pattern tapped against the door of her room. 


"Perella, come in." Fang said as she turned to the door that slowly crept open. 

Another Miqo'te peeked her head in the room wearing an over-joyous smile.


"I thought you'd never wanna see me again!" she spoke in a playful tone as she made fake sniffing noises as if she were getting ready to cry. 


"I think I might be being tracked, I need a second pair of eyes."  she sad in a rather serious tone completely dismissing the playful tone of the other miqo'te. 


Perella gasped. "Someone's after my sweet fang?!" she said shockingly and uncomfortably loud.


Fang quickly rushed over and placed her hand over Perella's mouth as she pinned her against the stone wall of the room. Her eyes became intense as they attempted to pierce her very being. "Could you be any louder?" she said with annoyance in her voice as well as the expression on her face.


She slowly removed her hand and the miqo'te repeated but this time it was in a sarcastic whisper, "Someone's after my sweet Fang?"


"Yes... and they think I'm a fool. So are you going to help me or not? I could call Kyzen instead."


Perella shook her head in disagreement. "N-No! I'll help, besides he's too quiet what help could he be?" she questioned almost childlike. 


Fang cocked an eyebrow as her tail swished around as she became increasingly annoyed with Perella. "Anyway.. I need you to go down into the lobby wearing this." she reached for a hooded cloak that laid perfectly spread on the bed. "Keep your face hidden. If two Miqo'te down there begin following you simply make your way to the most dead part of town. I'll be close behind and take this with you.. You'll know when to use it I'm sure." she then shoved a small device used for temporarily causing blindness into the hands of the other miqo'te. She relayed this message in such a way that seemed to stop the playful nature of this Miqo'te dead in its tracks. All she did was simply nod affirmatively and began changing into the cloak.


By this time, night had fell upon the city. It was an ominous night and the fog had seemed to roll in from the shores. But that didn't stop the night birds from making their usual sounds at the night sky. This seemed to set the tone further that thing's were about to get interesting. 


"Damnit hurry up Perella! I don't pay you to sit on your ass!" Fang commanded as the miqo'te finished getting dressed. 


"Y-Yes, Ma'am." she said apologetically. 

"You remember the plan?" Fang questioned Perella

"Y-Yes Ma'am" she repeated


"Alright get moving" she shoved her out the door of the room and waited a few seconds before following her dressed in light armor. Her belt contained two daggers that were soaked in a paralysis potion, a flash bang of her own, and a spool of wire. She crept down the stairs and peaked around the corner as Perella moved about the lobby. And like clock-work, just as she suspected, the two Miqo'te began following her as she made her exit. Fang hung back not to far off from them keeping a watchful gaze of the guards patrolling near by. It seemed to be a couple more of them out tonight than usual. This perhaps had everything to do with the bounty being issued.


Perella did as she was instructed, keeping her face hidden from view, but she occasionally peered over her shoulder to verify she was still being followed. What seemed to be like they were being lead in circles Perella had successfully lured the two into a dead-in. She stood there, a few quick steps in front her was a railing where the waters of Limsa rustled about below. But behind her were the two Miqo'te who seemed to began reaching for a pearl of some sort. Without warning, Perella turned around with her face lit up bearing a cheek to cheek smile she clicked a button on the device and threw it at her pursers before pivoting and leaping over the railing diving straight into the water below. Fang knew it was time and had already had her hand carefully grasping a mask this one different than the one she left at her previous stunt. It had a strange symbol on the forehead of it. 


She slipped it on, without hesitation,  just as the device hummed and made a pop noise as the surrounding area light up for a few seconds. The two miqo'te grunted as they were blinded by the intense light that was produced by the device. Fang quickly emerged from the shadows and unlatched the daggers from her belt. She threw them with rather impressive accuracy the daggers each hit the Miqo'te in the same spot simultaneously in their spine, as the paralysis concoction seeped into their bloodstream, their motor controls began to shut down. They two both fell to ground causing a small thud as their bodies crashed into the stone floor unable to react at such a well placed ambush. She walked over towards them before shooting a look behind her to insure nobody was around or on their way. 


Fang knelt down beside them both as they struggled to move and could barely speak as the potion seemed to be doing it's job. She knew however, it wouldn't last very long. She undid the wire from her belt and began to tie both their hands and feet together and made a noose for each victim and wrapped it around both of their necks and carefully tied the end to the post that was on the railing. She searched them extensively before retrieving two link pearls from them. Flicking the other into the ocean. She then kicked the two bonded miqo'te off the upper docks and the wire began to tighten around the post. The two slowly but surely began dying as breath escaped them and their bodies dangled lifelessly over the water below them.


She brought the other one link pearl close to her ear as she heard a few voices asking what that noise was. She spoke in a low tone, "Looking for me?" she grinned behind her mask.

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Hearing the unfamiliar voice over the pearl the cloaked figure calmly speaks into the pearl "Sound off".


Male Roegadyn(1): "Present"


Male Roegadyn(2): "Present"


Male Hyur: "Present"


After waiting briefly he speaks into the linkpearl "Considering I am two responses short I am just going to assume they have been removed from play; no matter they underestimated the situation and payed for it. Now on to the more important matter at hand, I need to meet with you personally to discuss some matters that should not be spoken over a communication device. I would appreciate it if you would be inclined to allow my other subordinates to to find and guide you to me, if you decide to further your rather hostile actions I am giving them permission to use necessary force to subdue you and bring you to me. Either way before this night is out you will be in front of me." He says this in a calm tone with no inkling of anger or worry,


After hearing this the three subordinates quickly head over to the inn and then begin to spread out searching for Fang, the male hyur grips his sword tightly ready to swing it at the sign of any hostile actions, the two male roegadyn both have brass knuckles equipped and are just as alert as the hyur for anything hostile. As they search the area they hear someone screaming towards the direction of one of the upper docks; without drawing attention to themselves they quickly approach the area.


Male Hyur: Both of you split up and cover a side of this area. I will head there directly to investigate and maybe find our target, if I find her I will alert you immediately; if she targets either of you lead her to us so we can engage together got it?


Male Roegadyn(1): "Yes"


Male Roegadyn(2); "Yes"


The three now separate but are not at a distance where getting to one another will be a time consuming venture they are positioned in a way that allows for them to quickly get to each others destination.


As the male hyur approaches the area; there are still no yellow jackets in the area but that will soon change. He catches sight of the two female miqo'te dangling above the ocean water lifeless of course, this sight induces a bit of fear in him but also makes him far more aware of his surroundings, in some away you could say he has become increasingly paranoid and will be rather quick to strike if something occurs. The two male roegadyn have both taken position on opposite ends of the upper dock and managed to place themselves with their backs against a wall to ensure no blades struck them from the back. They now wait stoic and ever vigilant to any danger that may approach them.


As the cloaked figure waits for results he goes back to the shipyard and decides to subdue those in the area so that he will be unheeded when the more delicate matters are underway. As he walks through the shipyard he opens a bottles that releases a hazy mist, those who breathe in this mist are quickly knocked unconscious. "Now then let us see how capable my subordinates are, or how capable she is."

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Fang leaned against the railing with her arms crossed as she listened to the ominous voice speak. He seemed to be the one in charge but what stuck out to her was that it also verified their numbers as well. She heard four distinct voices, and two of them, matched the ones she heard earlier from that day, the Hyur from the Downing Wench and the Roegadyn from the market place. All seemed to be in cahoots with the head honcho that was speaking. 


She spoke once more in a low tone, "I don't believe you're in any position to negotiate." she turned around and peeked over the railing where the bodies of the two miqo'te dangled. "Besides, threatening me isn't the best way to score a date. Just remember you started this game and I plan on feeding you all the sharks before sun rise. Oh and you might want to do something about your two friends here on the upper decks. Clearly, you aren't paying them enough to be 'hanging' around on the job." She giggled a bit as she turned around and threw the pearl into the ocean just as she did with the previous one. This was followed by a scream as someone had finally noticed the bodies that swayed back and forth over the water. 


She knew this would soon draw either their attention or the attention of the Yellow Jackets patrolling the streets. She smirked and quickly made her way out of sight before they made it to the area, keeping an alerted look about her surroundings as more and more foot traffic went towards the direction of the scream. She reached into her pocket and pulled out another pearl one with a symbol that matched the one on her mask. "Perella come in" she spoke just quiet enough for anyone passing by not to hear. 


"Here!" Perella said in a cheerful voice. She had recently climbed out of the water and was now on the lower docks twisting her sleeve straining water out that spilled onto her feet. 


"Its four of them and I believe--" her sentence was interrupted by the sight of the Male Hyur not too far way that was wandering about, wearing a rather paranoid expression. He seemed to have caught a glimpse of his now dead comrades and was now on high alert. The two Roedagyns had followed shortly after she could only faintly make out what he told them but she assumed they were going to continue looking for her with more alerted eyes. 


The group wandered off and appeared to continue their searches, giving her enough time to further give her directions via link pearl. "As I was saying there's four of them. I do not know the one in charge but I just saw a Midlander speaking to two Roedagyns. I'm sure that's them. I need you to ditch the cloak for now and hurry back to the inn and grab my sword. Notify me once you make it away from the inn."


Perella said playfully "Righto!" she then removed her drenched cloak and balled it up and tossing it into a nearby bin. As she quickly made her way to the inn to retrieve the sword as directed, she noticed it was a lot more patrolling than a few hours ago. The city had a very extreme energy to it. People were paranoid. But Perella didn't seem to take note of all this as she skipped, like a child without a single worry in the world, with a sword in a sheath that hung across her back.


"Special delivery." she spoke into the pearl once she had made it a fair distance away from the inn.  She held her hand slightly above her eyes as if trying to block out the moon light. "And... I think I see one of those Roedagyns that wants to have a date with you. He's dressed funny."


Fang had just finished setting up a trap just out side the Hyaline. She used the last of her wire to set up a clothes line as she tied each end to the pillars parallel to each other. She planned on luring them to this spot. "Excellent approach him and lead him to the Hyaline if he's smart he'll bring his other friends here too. As soon as you reach the exit, crouch low and take five steps. After you do, throw me my sword. I'll be sitting atop the sign right above you. After that, keep running I doubt you'd want to see what happens next." she said with an air of seriousness in her voice.


"Crouch low?" she asked curiously. "What for? I hate running like that. I always feel like someone's looking at my butt." she looked down at her rear end.


"Perella, I swear to Twelve if you don't hurry up.." her voice riding the same air of seriousness as it pierced through the link pearl that seemed to quell the jokester once again.


"Y-Yes ma'm!" she replied


Perella approached the Roedagyn who seemed to appear very vigilant. Though he paid her no mind initially until she spoke. "I-I think I saw Fang!" she said to the large man.


"W-what? Where?" the Roedagyn looked at the smaller Miqo'te 


"This way follow me!" she motioned to him just as she did she took off running. 

The Roedagyn followed after her as he did he spoke into his linkpearl,"Someone got a visual and is leading me to her. We're heading towards the Hyaline."  


The Hyur spoke, "Alright, proceed with caution. Seems our target like to ambush her targets. I'll be there shortly."


"I'm actually pretty close to the Hyaline I'm coming." the other Roedagyn said in a hurried voice. "I owe her for trying to jump me in the market earlier anyway." he added.


Fang climbed on-top of the sign just above the exit. As she sat there time, seemed to have slowed down. She looked up and the moon was still shining just as bright with a few clouds that crossed in front of it. It also appeared the fog that rolled in had came and gone. Leaving the air feeling wet and clammy. The sounds of footsteps broke her from this brief trance and she looked down towards the exit below her. 


Seconds later, Perella came out of the exit and crouched continuing to run on all fours. The Roedaygn that followed a few steps behind her was a bit thrown off by this but continued following her,  just as soon as added two and two together, he had got clothes-lined by the wire that was set just high enough to hit him in the neck. This caused him to kick his feet up and he fell onto his back knocking the wind out of himself. Perella mid stride, began counting her steps "One, two, three, four, five." mumbled to herself. She then turned around and took the blade out of the sheath and held it with the handle aimed at Fang who was sitting on-top of the sign just as she said she was preparing to jump, and threw it like a harpoon. As fang leaped into the and began to descend she grabbed hold of the sword in the air and held it with the blade aiming below her as both hands tightly wrapped around the handle. she drew back above her head preparing her strike making sure it would hit as much force as possible. It would appear she was going to land directly onto the Roedagyn. By this time, Perella had already knew what was about to happen and she turned on her heels and continued running towards the lower decks away from the scene, dropping the sheath a few inches behind her. 


The timing for this strike was insanely fast. The Roedagyn was on his back coughing and mid cough his air ways were closed. When he opened his eyes he saw Fang standing on his chest with a blade slicing deep into his throat. Blood began to spill out of the wound and from his mouth as she choked and started bleed out on the ground. She drove it deeper and twisted it that caused a snapping noise. One could assume this sound had came from his neck bone snapping which would ultimately kill him if he wasn't already on his way to death from the stab to his throat.  


She snatched the blade out of his neck and swung it at the air as the blood slid off the blade and onto the concrete. She rolled his body up next the ledge of the overpass and sat him up against one of the pillars. He was in a sitting position with his head bowed that seemed to hide the wound to his neck as blood seeped into his clothes. Fang knew the others were on their way and this would play as a second trap. She cut down the line she had set up quickly ducked behind the exit. The dead body of the Roedagyn sat there as if he was patiently waiting for the others to arrive. Soon the other Roedagyn emerged from the exit and he noticed to his left a large mass in a sitting position. 


He realized this was his comrade and said and with confusion at the scene before him, "What the hell are you doing? And where is she?" Had he not been distracted by such an odd scene he would have noticed blood was still fresh in the air. As he approached closer, the darkness no longer hide the secret that his comrade was no longer with the living. "Oh sh--"  His eyes widened at this discovery. Unfortunately, the words didn't  manage to fully escape his lips. He felt a blade being jammed straight through his back that slowly dug deeper and deeper into his body puncturing his heart. The Roedagyn fell to his knees trying his best to cling to life but it was out of his reach at this point. 


Keeping a tight grip onto her sword, she kicked him in the back and he fell over the edge as his body retracted the blade and plummeted towards the ocean below making a large splash and sinking. Once again she swung her blade at the air that seemed to whip the blood off as the drops hit the concrete. The blood from the neck of the Roedagyn had seemed to stop bleeding by this point. Her ears flicked about as she heard the sound of foot steps that were drawing closer to her location. She knew they must have belonged to either, the was the Hyur or the owner of the mysterious voice she spoke with a little bit ago. Either way, this deadly game of chess was soon going to come to an end. She decided to leave the body sitting there reusing her method to direct attention in order to ambush whoever was curious enough to trek down that way again.


The Hyur rushed out of the exit, unknowingly Fang was a few feet behind him where she had originally hid only moments before. His gaze dropped as he found the Roedagyn sitting motionless. "W-What the.." he stuttered, not quite sure why the Roedagyn was sitting there until he realized the smell of blood in the air and the clouds tucked away from the moon causing that area to illuminate at the perfect time to reveal the person was long dead. Shocked, he fell back onto his butt causing him to drop his sword and scooted away with terror in his eyes that didn't seem to look away from the horrific scene. He may have seen death before, but not in this fashion and not in this manner. The imagines of seeing the other two Miqo'te crept into his mind and only fueled his fears even more. He knew who was responsible and he knew what was coming next. 


And as quick as he made this realization, without warning, he could feel the tip of a cold blade that pressed against back of his neck that dared him to move and heard his sword being kicked away from his hand. Had he decided to retaliate in anyway shape or form he knew he would end up just like the Roedagyn before him. 


"I'm Fang, Nice to meet you." she spoke in a low tone as she pressed the tip of the blade into his neck even more, without breaking skin but also not opposed of doing so had he resisted. "We're going to play a game..You're going to do exactly what I tell you and I'll consider letting you live."


"P-P-Please, n-no! I-I'll do whatever you say! J-Just don't kill me!"


"Oh how cute.. I guess your leader taught you how to beg too." she said menacingly "Tell him I got away over the pearl. You fuck this up and I promise I'll cut your head off and toss it into the ocean." 


"W-What?" he said still unsure of what she had planned.


Fang pressed the blade deeper into his neck. With a little more force it would surely break skin. This also signified how serious she was. Had he questioned her again she'd discard of him as well and by this notion he knew it was true.


"Okay okay!" he said trying to get her to stop. He was convinced she had every intent to kill him had he not cooperated. He held one hand up to relay he had no intention of trying to double cross her especially not while she had a blade at his neck. He used his other hand to dig out his link pearl.


"And you better make it sound convincing. You were blinded by a flash bang and I left a clue." she added as she firmly held the blade at the back of his neck ready to end him. 


The Hyur nodded frantically, as he pulled the pearl out and brought it to his lips. "Sir, I've got some good new and some bad news." he cleared his throat trying to mask the fact he needed to catch his breath and further more, bury the fear in his voice, both of him and her. He used this brief moment to think of a believable explanation. "Just as I arrived to the Hyaline she had already made quick work of the other two. I engaged her and even managed to wound her. However,  just as I was about to apprehend her she used a flash bang and got away. I also found a clue that may lead us to her. Should I bring it to you sir?" he then went silent as he listened for further instructions.  


"Bravo... You even had me fooled there for a second." she whispered in his ear tauntingly as she listened for the voice to give him a response.

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"I see so you are the only one left?, I suppose then this was a somewhat useful venture you proved quite capable at staying alive when faced with situation beyond your control. Consider this your trial by fire in which you passed; it is bothersome to lose assets and to let a potential one escape our grasp but I suppose things cannot always go our way. No matter meet me in the shipyard, since you have proven yourself you should be able to aid me in this next task and do make sure you do not catch the attention of the yellow jackets."


Male Hyur: "Ye- yes I will be there immediately"


Once he got his subordinates response he looked around the ship yard and picked up one of the unconscious bodies and propped him up in a location where one cannot discern their appearance from a distance, he then proceeded to grab a large cloth that was covering one of the shipping crates and wrapped it around the body. Once satisfied he made sure his illusion spell was still active he stood a bit to the side of the body and then proceeded to wait, and as all the times before he was calm and without worry. "Caution never kills" he said this quietly wondering what may or may not unfold.

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As the instructions were relayed to the Hyur, as she remained kneeling beside him with the blade firmly pressed against his neck, he had finished speaking and tucked the pearl away.


"T-There, now what?" he asked with fear still on his breath. He seemed to be trembling at this point still not daring to turn around.


"The shipyard, huh? That's odd place to hide. Then again, if I had bums for subordinates I'd probably be there myself." Fang slowly stood up but still held the blade to the back of the Hyur's neck. 


"A-A-Are you going t-t-to let me go?" he said as stuttered and tripped over his words. 


"Of course not. You're going with me." she said in a low tone. 


"W-What? He'll kill me if he finds out you didn't actually get away!" he protested again.


Fang grabbed him by the back of his head, pulling his hair that exposed his neck as she spoke directly into his ear."I'M going to kill you if you don't get up. Now off your ass on your on your feet." she snarled at him. 


The Hyur stood up, this time with both hands raised. Fang pressed her body against his from the back, keeping the blade on him, but using her body to keep it concealed in case they were seen by anyone. She didn't want them to know she was walking a hostage throughout the city. More importantly, she wanted to make sure he didn't try to make a run for it either. She removed her mask and tossed it next to the body of the Roedagyn, once again leaving intentional clues to hint that this was the doing of "Fang". Then she kicked the sheath Perella had dropped behind over the edge as they made their way to the nearby exit that led to the lower decks, as the body of the Roedagyn sat there like a statue frozen in time. 


"And don't think I won't hestitate to kill you if you try something. Do not speak unless I speak to you. Simply lead the way to the shipyard. Got it?" she spoke once more, while making sure she kept blade she held at his back as they slowly descended the ramp leading the way to the Lower Decks.


"Y-Yes" the Hyur nodded as he proceeded to lead the way. 


They moved about the city slowly but cautiously. Yellow Jackets had soon arrived to location they had just left and she could hear one of them who shouted in the distance. "Must'a been Fang's doin' Someone go down yonder and pull those bodys from off the post hangin will ya?" she grinned to herself. But soon realized this was causing a lot more heat than she had anticipated. 


Fang made sure to stay directly behind him to put up the illusion as if he was only by himself until she got close enough to be able to close the gap and swiftly put an end to this. She had every intention of killing them both the minute she laid eyes upon the man who was behind all of this.


Soon they arrived at the shipyard. The moon had once again hid, behind the clouds of the night causing the immediate area to slowly dim. As they drew closer, she could see just a little from behind the shoulder of the Hyur, what appeared to be a dark figure leaning against a storage crate. She grinned as she thought to herself, "This was it. Game over." she tightly gripped the hilt of blade that was held close to the Hyur and mimicked his footsteps to further conceal herself behind him. But soon her instincts kicked as she peered around and noticed how desolate the Shipyard was. It had made no sense. Three bodies were found that night yet this place seemed to be dead aside from the figure that was standing next to the storage crate. The moon had revealed itself from behind the dark clouds that gave the area a bit more light. She then noticed on the ground a few bodies that didn't have any indication of being wounded they were simply those of unconscious guards. She seemed to be frozen in place and a bit of confusion set in for few moments as she stood trapped within the silence of the area surrounding her.


As she stood close behind the Hyur, who began shaking even more than when she held him close to the face death moments before. This was soon followed by the voice of the same ominous tone she had recently spoken to her a little big ago over the pearl. She smiled to herself as she realized she seemed to have walk directly into a trap.

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It was now the hour of twilight in Limsa and yet the night was far from over.


After waiting for a time the cloaked figure see's the hyur in the distance, it does not seem he has not noticed the decoy yet and continues to approach closer. After slowly closing the distance a bit more the hyur stops, more than likely realizing that the figure he was approaching was a decoy; it mattered not the hyur moved close enough that allowed the figure to easily close the distance. The figure's caution payed off, the hyur was followed or to be more precise was not given much choice but allow himself to be followed. The figure calmly pulled out his retractable lance, analyzed the distance and struck, in the moment of a single breath close the distance between himself and the hyur and within the next breath thrusted his lance through the hyur. The lance stopped just short of Fang's face which now had spots of the hyur's blood on her face. As the figure removes the lance from the hyur whose body immediately falls over on the spot he says this "I did say you would be able to aid me in my next task and you carried it out wonderfully, may you be embraced by the dark" as he finishes this he now turns his attention to Fang.


"I did tell you that before this night was out you would stand before me and here you are so I thank you for taking up my generous offer." Fang did not like this rather arrogant comment yet she made not unnecessary move even she knew when to keep her blade steady in front of an opponent who clearly had a higher set of skills than his lackeys. The figure continued speaking "Now I suppose you are wondering what all this fuss is about, the matter is quite simple. When I heard that someone destroyed a Grand Company vessel I began to wonder if this person had the potential to become something far more than just a criminal with extreme tendencies, I wondered if this person would be able to see the bigger picture, I wondered if you be capable of things you never believed possible. I wondered if I could use someone like you .Now even as I say that you probably do not understand fully but I know you understood this one fact; I want you to work for me and make no mistake you will not be like those hired hands you will be in a far more luxurious position than them. I have no idea of your aspirations but if you work for me I will give you permission to operate in Limsa and even all of La Noscea, of course your operations will be regulated by me so as you do not draw too much attention but other than that you can be in full control if you put your mind to it."


"However" as he says this he simply faces his lance in Fang's direction "if you decide to refuse I will have to ask you to cease any major plans you have from now on and only stick to small time things. You see this city and region is just but one of many stepping stones that I need to accomplish my goal and I cannot have some wildcard wreaking uncontrolled havoc resulting in more fortified security measures. I warn you I have plans set in place, you joining me will allow you to take part in those plans and allow you to continue your ventures with reasonable sight; should you refuse and continue your operations I will remove you swiftly from the playing field. Take careful heed of my words I will personally come to end you if that in fact happens, so what say you?"


As he finishes saying this for only the briefest of seconds does he face his lance away from Fang's direction and it was in this moment that she decided to strike. Fang did not like the idea of sharing what was rightfully hers to begin with, and if all that stood in her way was this person than she decided that getting rid of him would solve her a world of problems.



(Battle Music -Consider the first 50 seconds the cloaked figure talking and then everything after being the battle of course)


Fang drew her sword and began her attack. She slashed upwards toward the cloaked figure in which he easily dodged however coupled with that strike was leg sweep, the figure had no choice but jump to avoid the sweep but this left him privy to a strike even if it was only for a moment. Using the momentum of the leg sweep Fang raised her other leg and let the momentum carry it to the mans abdomen, the force was great enough to send the him flying back a couple of feet into some shipping crates. Without missing a beat fang closed into where the man landed and once she got close enough leaped into the air in order to come crashing down on the man with her blade. The distance created from the kick however granted the man ample enough time to stand back up and prepare a defensive stance in time to deflect the sword with the body of his lance resulting in Fang recoiling from the deflection. Fang however already moved into her next strike the moment she landed; Fang had gained the initiative in the fight all the cloaked figure could do was manage defensive maneuvers while waiting for an opening yet even being on the defensive there was a calm and almost analytical air about him.


A flurry of sword strikes with a multitude of variety was sent forth towards the man in which he began deflecting each strike with his lance, he was forced to continually move back because Fang was relentlessly pressing forward as she attacked. He soon ran out of room on the dock it was in this instant Fang's movements became noticeably swifter, and the strength of her attacks also increased. Seeing the situation getting more precarious the man decided to change the playing field; as he dodged one attack he jumped back once more but this timw he had a set route and before Fang knew it he was on the deck of one of the docked ships.


She quickly followed but now began cloaked mans counter attack; the moment Fang jumped to get onto the deck the man skillfully launched a crate in the air with his lance and then sent it flying towards Fang.She sliced the crate in two with ease but it killed her forward momentum forcing her to grab onto the railing of the ship; the moment she climbed up the railing the man had already thrusted his lance in that direction. Fang immediately fell back down to avoid the strike but managed to grab onto one of the ropes leading to the masts of the ship, she quickly traversed upward and stood very high above the ship. The man followed in tow cutting a rope which propelled him to the same height as Fang; the two stared at each other momentarily before continuing the fight.


With little room to maneuver both sides fought precariously above the ship which ultimately resulted in both of them exchanging an equal amount of offensive and defensive techniques. Fang was growing angrier now as the advantage she had gained in the beginning was dwindling fast, this anger lead to a rather strange phenomenon, her next strike was exceedingly strong and threw off the man ever so slightly, in this instant Fang smashed the footing the man was standing on sending him back to the deck. When the man landed he looked up at Fang and said to himself "Aether?" but that was all he could say for he immediately assumed a defensive position upon seeing fangs next actions.


As she stood above Fang crouched on the edge of where she stood and focused solely on the man down below, she gripped her sword tightly; as she was doing this whether aware or not aether was slowly going into her, then with all her strength that was now being increased due to the aether she propelled herself towards the man at a tremendous speed and swung her blade down towards him. While the man blocked the sword with the body of his lance the tremendous speed coupled with the force caused him to be smashed through the deck of the ship and some of the subsequent compartments. Fang looked down into the ship searching for her target; even though the man certainly had skill and talent beyond many taking on such an attack would even cause him to stagger for a moment, when Fang caught sight of where he landed within the ship she viciously moved to continue her attack, the aether still going in her strengthening her overall capabilities.


The man was now completely on the defensive, fighting within the ship was a severe disadvantage for him, the small hallways and compartments limited his ability to attack with his lance, add on to the fact that his opponent was wielding a sword that was are not only unhindered by this change of setting but was also smashing through most of the ship with her strikes made the fight slightly dangerous. Splinters and large planks of wood were flying all around as the man evaded and deflected the strikes Fang tossed out. As Fang sent out another attack she stopped it just before it striking the man's lance, he knew immediately what would ensue so he braced his body and sure enough another blow stuck his abdomen upwards smashing him once again through the ship and back onto the deck.


As he lay there on the deck the man hears the footsteps of Fang approaching, any normal person would be fearful at this point if not far before the fight reached this point and yet no sign of fear emanates from him. He then speaks "You certainly have the strength and skill, however it is not enough. You are are capable of far more do not think this is enough to end my life" the man gets up resulting in Fang's footsteps picking up speed "allow me to show you where you stand and where you could be."


As he finishes speaking Fang once more swings her sword towards him but this time with pinpoint accuracy flicks his lance upwards hitting Fang's hand causing the sword to be dislodged from her hand and being sent upwards. She quickly strikes with her fist but the man catches her wrist before she completes her motion and then kicks her with hard enough to send her back a few feet. As she recovers from the strike the man catches the sword that was now descending from being knocked into the air and hurls it towards her head, she catches is it but the moment she does the man had closed the distance on her and swung his lance.


She managed to block the lance but the force once again created a distance between one another, this time she recovered just as the man approached again and released a flurry of strikes, yet now every time the man defended he also simultaneously countered attacked with quick precise martial techniques. As Fang kept attacking the man swung in an upward motion with his lance, Fang blocked the blow but was sent airborne; quickly though she was brought back down to the ship deck viciously as the man grabbed her leg and swung her back down smashing her on the deck. He then ran up a bit of the mast of the ship and jumped plunging towards Fang with his lance. Fang barely avoided the attack as the ship began to creak and the sound of wood splintering could be heard throughout the ship. Fang was now drawing in more aether than before and was quite noticeable, her anger now at all time high she began to move around the ship at an amazing speed that proved even difficult for the man to keep track of. Once she attained the speed she wanted she would run towards the man and slash him with her blade at one angle and then approach from another, the man managed to avoid some other the more lethal strikes however Fang's blade was still hitting him nonetheless.


It was at this point he said "I am afraid the time for playing is over" the moment he said this Fang approached for a kill shot but was halted immediately, the man had caught fang and grasped her face and then taking the momentum she was carrying spun around smashed her through the mast of the ship causing the sail to collapse, he then lifted her up briefly before smashing her onto the deck of the ship creating no shortage of splinters and broken planks as well as a small crater at the point of impact. Before Fang could realized what had happened the man plunged his lance into her shoulder and dug it deep so as to be embedded in the ship.


The man moves away from Fang and the speaks calmly as he always has "We have damaged the ship beyond repair and it is now sinking, the time for you to make a choice has come. Initially if you refused without attacking me you would have lived granted you would also agree not to conduct any operations here, yet since you attacked me I am inclined to let you go down with this ship and give the yellow jackets a nice prize. However if you accept to work with me I will remove that lance and we can both begin our wonderful partnership. So what do you say Fang? will you join me and become something great or will you die here just as insignificant as those you have killed before? Answer me ."


As the man said, the ship was sinking due to the tremendous damage it had sustained from the fight and no doubt there commotion would have certainly caught some attention by now, the game was over and now all that remained was a response.

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Fang laid there, as the man made his final demands. She didn't immediately answer him because she was too busy thinking to herself and breathing too heavily to produce words. The fight had surely taken a lot out of her, whether it had anything to do with her unknowingly manipulating such an excessive amount of Aether or not. She knew if he truly wanted to kill her, he would have and not given her another chance to take him upon his request. As she laid there, with the Lance jammed into her shoulder, that firmly pinned her to the ship floor, she gazed at the moon as she listened the sound of water making it's way into the ship. This man continued to intrigued her; He was strong but that wasn't the only thing about him. He had an agenda and seemed to direct himself towards that agenda. It was something that she respected, perhaps even more, had this been a different situation. 


A smile crept across her face, as she let out a small chuckle from the floor. "Ya know you got a shitty way of recruiting people..." she said in a rather smug tone considering the situation she was in. "A fake bounty, now this?" she added. Her breathing was still heavy and she took a few moments to attempt to catch her breath before following up with her next response. "The...incident at Wineport, did you have anything to do with that?" she asked as she brought her head up from the floor to look at the man, that still ached in pain from being slammed causing her to grunt a little. "Argh.. and what do you want with Limsa? What's your intentions in all this?" she said in between breaths as she waited for the man to respond.

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As he hears Fang's queries he thinks but only for a moment, time is of the essence. " I did say I wanted to meet with you, everything that occurred after was merely reactionary. Now if by incident you mean the removal of the nobles than yes that was my doing, they would have become a hindrance in time if they were not already not a hindrance to others. I think I may have knocked you around a bit hard, did you already forget? I said Limsa and the La Noscea region was but one stepping stone among many to reach my goal which reaches far beyond Eozrea itself but if you must know for Limsa specifically I will be seeking to control many of its inner workings. My goal for that matter then is a bit more of a complicated explanation but the best way I can describe it is a world where an individual can embrace who they really are and experience true freedom without being scorned by the masses with petty laws, morals and order my goal in simpler terms given what little time we have is the creation of a new world where people like yourself are heralded as a leader and not a criminal. Now then answer me time is short."


As he finished one could see that the ship has sunk considerably despite its slow pace and that it would not be long before it sunk even more.

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"A new world..." she muttered to herself as she attempted to sit up as if the lance was not jamming into her shoulder preventing such actions. She swallowed air before letting out a long sigh. She began to realize how trivial her ambitious desires seemed in comparison to this statement. She simply wanted a throne to sit above Limsa. However, the thought of having more or at the very least being able bear witness to much greater things allured her. This was a much bigger plan than all the one's she previously had been apart of and she knew so. She needed to make a decision or else her fate would soon be sealed at the bottom of the ocean along with the ship.


"Fine." she paused for a moment, "But under two conditions; I need at the very least two capable ones. They must past my standards. Aside from myself, you seem to hire bafoons." as she cocked a grin at the man. "And lastly" another wince of pain escaped her as  the adrenaline soon died down allowing her to feel the full extent of her injured shoulder. "And you have to plant the seed that the contractor was assassinated. I can't work with this much pressure. Maybe that'll quell the rest of the assholes looking for me."


Her eyes then locked on the cloaked man, "Agree to this and we have a deal. If not you'll be losing a potentially great ally." It was bold she would even think to make such demands while being pinned to the floor. But this was Fang at her core. Fearless, regardless of the circumstances. Had he declined she wouldn't have cared much going down with the ship, but she was stern in resolve even if it meant her perishing in the process. Silence fell as the man leaned against the side of the ship. Perhaps he was considering her demands, or perhaps he would leave her there to die. The silence was deafening to say the least.

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Once he heard her response he began to walk toward her while speaking "Those conditions are agreeable, you are free to choose who you see fit that will allow you to operate at your fullest capacity. You can also consider the reward all but void, I have a way with handling information." He stopped in front of Fang and grasped his lance "However" his tone for the first time became flat and cold "There are great allies scattered all around us, its just a matter of digging them up just like I dug up you." He began to twist the lance slowly and continued speaking "Make no mistake you have seen what I do with those who don't preform to their fullest extent, losing you would make things difficult for a time but you are not irreplaceable and there is a lot of potential in this world not just you, remember that because if you betray me and the cause." He began to slowly pull the lance out, blood would squirt a bit from the wound "You can be sure that I will personally end you" He then quickly removed the lance roughly. The cloaked figure began to walk away and spoke once more as he got farther "That should not be a problem as long as you do your job then this will be wonderful venture for both of us. Make sure to clean that wound, in a few days you will receive your own pearl which will prove to be useful.Until we meet again miss Fang and next time no games." After he said this his silhouette left Fangs sight.

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Fang grasped her shoulder as she slowly sat up, frowning with an intense stare while watching the man as he walked away until he disappeared into the night. She leaned up against a near by pillar that was cracked from their recent confrontation. Seconds later, he sounds of alarm quickly echoed the immediate area. This didn't give her much time to recover or process what had fully transpired. She scuffled to her feet, still exhausted while keeping pressure to the injury on her shoulder to prevent the blood that continued to drip down her arm and onto the deck. She peered over the side of the ship and saw a group of Yellow Jackets rushing towards her location, though they were still not aware of her presence. Remembering she still had a flash bang hidden within her belt, she fished it out and prepared to make her escape. She held her back against the wall of the ship making sure to keep her head down. With a press of a button the device began to hum and she quickly chucked it over the side of the ship which only seconds later caused a large pop noise and lighting the area up with an intense light that blinded the Yellow Jackets for a few moments. 


She took this opportunity to quickly jump onto the railing of the ship and dive into the water and began swimming until she made it to the opposite end of the docks. Fang popped her head out of the water and lifted her self up with her undamaged arm and slowly climbed out of the water and onto the deck. After scooting a few more inches away from the edge, another wince of pain escaped her. This pain in her arm acted as a reminder of she ultimately agreed to do that would surely change her fate. For now, her top priority was to safely make it out of the city and seek treatment from the only place she could think of; The Night Blades Headquarters.

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As the cloaked figure wandered off he recast his illusion spell so not to be hindered by any as he made his way to exit the city. Once pass the city gates he put a link pearl to his ear and spoke "What is our status in the shroud?"


Another voice replies "We have managed to scratch off a few locations but it still leaves us searching a broad spectrum, I would not doubt if the elementals have a hand in hindering our search"


"I see, I will arrive in the shroud in due time, If our progress has not changed we will have to take a more proactive approach. Do make sure to not stir up the elementals too much we cannot have Gridania catching wind of our activity"


"Yes, we will maintain our operations discreetly until further directed"


The cloaked man removes the linkpearl, as his figure got further from the city it became shrouded in the darkness of the night and where he goes you can be sure that the darkness will following close behind.


((That wraps up this little story, for those who have read I do hope you enjoyed. If any of the more villainous characters would like to take part in this then feel free to message me, or if you want to take part in the crime syndicate in Limsa you are more than free to send a message to Fang, other than that again I do hope you enjoyed and be on the lookout for more posts :evil: ))

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