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That's Some Nice Gil Y' Got There... (Balmung)

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Oh, why hello. Didn't see you come in. Please, feel free to browse around at your leisure--I'm not in any hurry to see you go. What's that? Never saw this shop here before? Oh well that's because it's fairly new--but this is Ul'dah, you should be used to that sort of thing by now, right?


Hmm? You want to know about me? Well, I'm a shop keeper, of course! What else is there--oh my name? Tarot. No, there's not a surname, just 'Tarot' is all. As for who I am, well, that's a long story full of many twists and turns and trips to places I'm sure you've never been too...


Lessee--there was that stint in a place called Millennium City (Champions Online) for several years. Oh, and then I had that year I spent abroad in Tyria (Guild Wars 2). I traveled in a caravan in Eberron (Dungeons and Dragons Online) for about a year and a half as well, before pulling a few months in Faerûn (Neverwinter Online). Not necessarily in that order, of course, but you get the idea.


Whenever I've been in a land I've always had my shop--I suppose in-between I could be called a peddler. I enjoy collecting up items of value and then selling them to people that need them...for the right price of course. What's that look for? Of course my stock is all completely legitimate! You cut me to the quick, dear customer. No no, no need for names amongst friends, really. We can all function just as well without them.


So, what can I interest you in today? Maybe a new Codex? A lance? I know you adventurers today...so busy flip-flopping between what you do with yourselves, it's a wonder you haven't grown two new sets of arms. Though, speaking of which, I've got this fascinating necklace here in the back that is supposed to do just that, if you're into that sort of thing. No, I'm afraid all sales are final. You don't trust me? Ah, you wound me! Look at this face--is this the face of a man that would lead you astray..?




{Out of Character}


Tarot is a character I have had for many, many years. He has been everything from a swindler to a super hero (and villain) and many things in between. I fluctuate in my roleplay style to fit those I am roleplaying with, though Tarot is more or less a character I prefer to have poke his head in, join a scene for a short period of time and then duck out again.


I will have him flitting around and about the world, and if possible even try to run him IC while in Dungeons and Raids if conversations come up or a chance allows for it. Tarot, sadly, operates only out of Balmung but I am not adverse to RPing here or elsewhere if someone wants to meet and greet! Tombraider, tinker, swindler, spy--Tarot is always the right kind of guy~




(Since the game applauds sticking with only one character, I didn't see much of a reason to talk about alternates--Tarot will be the only character I'll be using, likely so...)

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