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Aetherbound: Xheja Rajhera's Adventures & Journal [OOC Welcome!]

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[align=center]OOC NOTE!

This is the collection of IC journals and short stories of Xheja Rajhera, and as such, no information here is intended to be utilized ICly by other characters without good reasoning. Likewise, any portrayals or interpretations of others' characters and/or events in these journal are from a strictly in-character perspective. So, they very well may not reflect my feelings OOCly or even be truly accurate, as they're colored by Xheja's perceptions.

While she does usually carry this small leather bound journal on her person and it would be possible for her to drop it/have it stolen/etc, I would prefer that you ask me first OOCly before this is brought into RP.

Finally, if you have an OOC comment to make, go right ahead! I'd love to hear your comments, suggestions, questions, etc.![/align]


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[align=center]The following journal entry seems to be rushed, the penmanship rather lacking compared to previous entries.


[align=center]Along the margins are numerous clustered blots of ink of various sizes, giving the impression that she

had stopped to tap her quill against the parchment in thought.[/align]



[align=left]     Sleep did not come easily to me last evening. Even now, my eyelids droop and I feel as if I can barely muster the energy to keep my quill moving. What little sleep that was not interrupted by tossing and turning was haunted by nightmares that made rest impossible, leaving me to open my eyes and stare at the ceiling in worried thought for much of the night.

     This is his fault, the stranger who approached me last night in the Quicksand. My head was already filled with mundane worries, given some recent disturbances in supply routes for my business. Yet that all paled in comparison when he sat down beside me.

     He sensed it - something off about me. That is not altogether unusual. Given the influx of adventurers in recent years, particularly those well-versed and sensitive to aetheric presence, it is not the first time that someone commented on there being something strange about my presence. Typically, I can either shrug it off or talk my way around it, diffusing the situation and redirecting suspicions. But the way he spoke, those carefully chosen and deliberate words.. He knows.

     I felt almost as if there was a threat there, somewhere, hidden in the subtleties of his phrasing. It has quite unnerved me. I've never walked so quickly back to my home as I did after I excused myself, feeling as if I was being watched and followed until I was safe behind a tightly locked door.

     Yet for every ounce of worry I feel, there is an equal amount of curiosity. I know not of the true nature of my continued existence, it vexes me to admit. What little information I have gathered on my condition is rudimentary at best, despite the amount of research that I have pored into finding answers. Yet this man spoke of malignant creatures as if he knew more than he spoke aloud. Could it be that he is mistaken? Or could it be that he knows something about the spell that plagues me - that it is something sinister?

     I need more information. Before I quit the tavern for the evening, I asked his name. Lren Rendarren. I know not whether it is truly his name or an alias, but it is a clue nonetheless. I shall have to look into him, to see if I can discern his intentions and affiliations. Yet, on the same note, the fact that he so freely gave his name - if it is truly as he claims - and did not bother to ask me my own unnerves me further. There is an undeniable confidence in that which worries me. Perhaps it is best that I should begin carrying a sceptre with me around the city at all times. One never quite knows, and I would prefer as to not be caught unawares.[/align]


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     To say today has been confusing and unexpected would be a tremendous understatement. What I had thought would be a normal day was derailed the moment that Lren found me once again in the Quicksand. Persistent as ever and threatening to expose me should I not cooperate, I agreed to speak with him. Even though he led us to a place out in the open with plenty people milling about, I still have never felt quite so acutely exposed.

     As it happens, however, I may have been too quick to judge the man. He allowed me to explain myself, of what I knew of my condition. Luckily, he believed me and was very understanding. It was quite difficult to admit such things aloud, especially to a person whom I knew little about. But at the end of the day, I am glad that I spoke with him. I believe he will make a valuable ally in my search for answers.

     Our conversation indeed left me with much to think about, though. Lren claims to be a former member of an order that hunts Voidsent and those connected to them. Such is how he recognized the anomalous nature of my aetheric signature. Could it be that whatever spell plagues me is borne of the Void? Such a thought worries me deeply, especially because it seems to explain so much. Lren assured me that I shouldn't worry and that I should not leap to conclusions. Yet I couldn't help but for my mind to be plagued by such thoughts for most of the evening..

     When I finally returned to the Quicksand in hopes to find Eravul and put an end to the digging I had asked him to do on Lren, I instead found another acquaintance - a Seeker by the name of J'suloh. He is not at all shy about his flirtations, but his particularly brand of charm is more endearing than annoying, I've found. Yet tonight, he came to the tavern injured and though much has changed in my life, I still cannot stand to sit idly by when I witness someone in obvious pain.

     We left for the Alchemists' Guild and there, I purchased the ingredients to make a simple concoction for the pain so that I could make sure that no bones were broken. I know not whether it was the fact that I was so distraught over what had transpired earlier in the evening or if it was the nostalgia of taking care of another person coming over me. Perhaps both. Regardless, as we spoke, I allowed him to get closer to me than I should have. Even worse, I agreed to accompany him to Costa del Sol tomorrow.

     I shouldn't have. It was a moment of weakness, and one that need not happen again. Tomorrow, I will have to make my intentions - or lack thereof, I suppose - more clear. Given what I have just learned about myself, it is simply unwise. Foolish. Potentially dangerous, even. I refuse to needlessly drag another innocent person into this mess with me.


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