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Greetings, fellow Eorzeans~!

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Heyyo everyone~!  I am Queenie, a newly-transferred Lala on Balmung server.

I'm working on getting all of Queen's information together, but if anyone's interested in seeing the few things I've got together, there is a link in my sig to my IC journal!



I am open to:

  • fly-by hellos or invites to game content
  • planned and walk-up roleplay encounters
  • invites to events, public or private

I am not open to:

  • fly-by linkshell invites, unless we have spoken before or temporarily for an event
  • FC invites, as I am the leader of my own FC and therefore cannot join another!


I am not new to RPing on forums, but I am new to RPing in-game, so I'm looking forward to testing the waters and finding some interesting partners to work with!  If anyone's interested in starting up a story with me, you can contact me here or in-game!


I will be going back to school again this year (yay) and will be a bit busy, but I will do my best to respond to any messages or posts as quickly as I can (without sacrificing quality, of course)!


Hmm...am I missing anything?  =D  I think that's all!

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