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The Hanging Tree (Open mystery RP, all welcome)

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The Hanging Tree...


In the northern end of the Black Shroud...


âOn this day, Belford, I now pronounce you husband, to Mara, your wife. May the twelve bless your new union.â The village elder said as the two Hyurs kissed to seal their union. Cheers and celebratory shouts were thrown the newly wedded couple's way as they smiled and ran off from the ceremony towards their modest home. Although many celebrated, there were a few who did not share in the ongoings. Those few stood in the back and shook their heads in disappointment.


âAnother girl for the tree,â One woman said and brushed the brown hair from her face.


âIndeed, when will they ever learn.â another said with a sigh.


Indeed, despite the celebration, and the happiness of the situation there was a forboding overhead, as if there was something being ignored, overlooked about this joyous day....


Later that evening...


âIt was quite a night, wasn't it my darling?â He said to his wife who was curled up underneath his arm.


âMmmm indeed it was my love, And I am sure we'll have many more.â She said with a grin and a yawn as both curled up to go to sleep for the evening.


As the sun broke the horizon and its first rays pierced the sky and fell into the window Belford rolled over and smiled.


âmmm she must already be awoke, fixing breakfast I see.â He got up with a stretch and a yawn and walked from the bedroom to the kitchen, to greet his new bride, but when he arrived, there was no one. No smell of meat being cooked, dodo eggs being mixed.


âMara?â he said as he furrowed his brows. He could feel the panic begin to set in, the tightening of his chest and knots in his stomach twisting and turning.


âMaraâ!!?â He called out as he began to search the small home.


-knock, knock, knock-


He froze in place and looked towards his front door. His eyes narrowed as he got tunnel vision, focusing on the old oak that made up the door. That sound, that horrid and deathly scary sound of someone knocking at THIS moment?




He ran to the door and slung it open. The town elder and her guard stood their, a look of sadness, depression on their faces as she put a hand on his shoulder.


âI... I'm sorry Belford. Mara was found at the tree this morning...â


And like that, his entire world came crashing down...


Three days later, at the Raven Eye Inn.


âYeah, so it happened again I hear.â One man said in a whispered tone.


âmhm, another wife found hanging from that tree, no one knows a damned thing either.â The man sitting across from him replied.


âTis a shame. What are the watch doin bout it though Micenn?â


âWe went back to investigate, but again it's the same as usual, last thing he remembered they had ah night o passion, and then sleep. Woke up and she was missin.â Micenn replied


âDamn shame it is ah damn shame. But remind me to bring my wife their next time she acts up.â


âHey hey now Carlos, that's cause to arrest ya, old bastard.â


Both shared a laugh as they waited for their drinks to arrive.


Carissa raised an eyebrow as she wrote everything down she'd heard. âAnother mysterious death in a village, being blamed on a tree of all things? This definitely is right up Mistress Kailisto's alley.â she said and finished her notes, then folded them and slipped from behind the bar and back towards Kailisto's office.


âHmm.. interesting. They were jus talking about this?â She asked.


âYes ma'am.â Carissa replied.


She stroked her chin in thought, then gave a nod to Carissa. âThank you. Contact Sivamet, we will plan a trip to this village immediately. Preferably before AETHER gets there.â She said and watched Carissa nod and then bow out of the room.


âHmm, a Hanging Tree. Interesting indeed.â

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âExcuse me Siva?â Carissa stood at the entry of the small forge Siva had constructed just behind the Raven Eye Inn and watched her a moment waiting for her response. Looking up from her axe which she had just finished sharpening, Siva gave Carissa a warm smile âyes?â


âLady Kailisto requested I come and get you. She wishes to see you in her office right awayâ Carissa said quickly returning the smile. The tone in her voice had a sense of urgency and caused Sivamet to frown slightly and tilt her head.


Placing her axe at her back so it set comfortably between her shoulder blades, Siva walked over to the girl and nodded slightly. âDid she say what was so urgent?â she asked curiously as they walked back into the inn together. Carissa just looked at Siva and nodded slightly âIt is regarding the death in the villageâ she said simply before turning and going the other way leaving Siva to ascend the stairs to Kailistoâs office.


Siva sighed and shook her head slightly Another one..this is getting stranger by the moment she thought knocking on Kailistoâs door. âKai?â she said coming into the office and closing the door behind her. Respectfully, Siva placed her axe leaning against the wall and entered the rest of the way unarmed. Sitting down in the chair in front of Kailistoâs desk, she made herself comfortable and gave Kailisto a knowing look.


so there was another mysterious death? she asked simply âThatâs all Carissa would say as she came to get me. When do you wish to leave as I am assuming this is what you want to doâ she grinned at her oldest friend waiting for her reply.

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In a somewhat quieter and darker corners of the Inn sits a quite small and very young Miqo'te. Dressed with the whitest robe, and a white pointed hat, with the fore-flap just down enough to not be able to see her scarlet eyes.

It seems she was playing around a bit with her magic. Creating small shards of ice and letting them fly around her before letting them drop in her drink.


Half asleep she heard Siva talking to Carissa from outside the inn. Not much there was to hear really, they spoke rather softly. Just words she could understand. "Wishes... office... right away" She tried not to look up but it certainly interested her, what could they be speaking off that would be this urgent.


They walked into the Inn, Carissa's voice becoming more clearer;âIt is regarding the death in the villageâ She unconsciously raised her head a bit, only a bit. Seeing Siva going up the stairs, she walked a bit faster than she usually did.


Tempting to follow her but she saw Carissa's eyes meeting hers, telling her not to follow her. She stayed put on her chair, wondering and thinking what all this could be about.

The ice shard in her drink melted due not paying attention to it...

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After waving off the first time visitors she led to Gridania, the short young Miqo'te ran off towards the Raven Eye Inn. She grins happily as she pulls out the bag of gil they had paid her. "Hehe! Miyu is going to be happy about this. I love big tippers!" Getting closer to the inn, she stows the gil into her pack and starts paying more attention to the trees.


"Aha! There you are you nasty bird!" A few yalms away from the porch of the inn sat the raven that plagued Ana's existence ever since she first found this in. After a few minutes of unsuccessfully aggitating the bird to make it fly away, she walked up the steps of the inn.


Brushing some of her dark blue hair from her face, she enters and takes a look around before seeing Carissa looking to Miyu. "Meh... What's going on now," she thought before making her way to Miyu's seat playing a grin. "Mew! What you doing Miyu?!"

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The room's dim light hid Kailisto's features well as Sivamet entered the room. She looked up from the papers on her desk and smiled a pearly, fanged white smile at the Elezen woman as she clasped both hands into eachother.


âWell, There is the issue of the hanging tree again. It seems like another death has occurred, and i've been asked to come and do a investigation. Of course, things are not always as they seem and I actually do not have time myself to go. So, i'd like you to gather up two others, find Miyu if you can and take them to the village. Your job, as always, is to protect them, let Miyu do the investigation and then report back to me how she handles the situation. If she is not capable...â Kailisto said as the candle flickered briefly. âThen send for me, and I shall handle it myself and see to it she is punished. But do be swift... I am sure AETHER will stick their noses into this eventually.â She said.


âAny questions?â

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Sivamet leaned back in her chair and returned the smile given. She nodded solemnly as she listened to her instructions and folded her long slender fingers on her lap.


I will gather Miyu as you suggest, but I may not take Ana if she cannot do her job properly in the same vicinty as the other. However, I will lay down the rules in regards to this situation, and I do not care if Miyu is investigating, it is me she will report to. If I find Ana and Miyu cannot do their jobs, then I will send for you and they can face a second punishment by you. Siva's tone was soft and respectful toward Kailisto but in a same manner advising her she would not take flack from either Ana nor Miyu.


I will take one other warrior as well if they are available. It should be conspicuous enough and we should be able to work quickly. We will leave immediately and do not worry, AETHER will get second pickings and we will be able to get this finished before they have a chance to know it happened.


Siva rose gracefully from her chair and placed her axe onto her back then turned to look at her friend, smiled and nodded her complete respect. She exited the office and entered the tavern. Seeing Miyu and Ana she approached their table Good, just the cats I was looking for she said in a grim tone.

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Still sitting in her chair, muttering and wondering what all the noises are that she heard upstairs. Looking at Carissa hoping for an chance to get upstairs and listen what they were up to, but Carissa just stood there doing her job, like she knew oh so well what i was thinking.


"Aha! There you are you nasty bird!" She heard Ana yelling from outside the Inn, her ears twitching and a slight smile and blush forming on her face. "This can be my chance"; she thought.

Ana came in the Inn, looking at Carrisa and back at her, approaching her rapidly. "Mew! What you doing Miyu?!"

Still looking at Carissa she spoke "Hey Ana... sit down.. Carissa can we get a drink!" hoping she would move her back to her for just a second so she could sneak by, unfortunately she did nothing of the sort and got some drinks from under the bar, grinning at her. "Bah"; she thought while accepting the drinks she brought to them.


She moved her eyes onto Ana, always still amazing her with her nearly eternal smile on her face.

Just as she opened her mouth to say something she her the scraping of a chair being pushed backwards on the wooden floor. "Ssssht, trying to hear what they are saying"; she whispered to Ana, who looked rather disappointed. She heard a door opening and heard Siva's soft footsteps descending the stairs.

Siva saw the two Miqo'te and approached them; "Good, just the cats I was looking for"

She was completely surprised by this comment; "Uhm. Us?! Like me and Ana here? What do you need us for?"

She saw Ana still had her smile on her face but she herself looked rather worried.

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Not sure what the color code is for on your dialogues, but I think I shall forego that, if you don't mind. If it is a problem, I can abide.



Eternal waltzed into the Inn, brows raised. She whistled under her breath, musing at the architecture, having seen little of the structures in this land. It was, by far, the more impressive. "Very nice." She said, again, under her breath.


Her jade eyes scanned the wide room, taking in all the people and making mental notes, as she was prone to do out of habit more-so than for defense of a strange place. She moved further into the Inn, her boots falling softly on the wooden floor making only the gentlest of taps sounding, finally coming to a table. Her ears twitched and the tip of her tail flicked about. She removed the spear from her back and sat down, placing the butt of the weapon on the floor while resting it on her shoulder.


There was a slight commotion behind her that drew her attention and she turned. Two Miqo'te, one quiet and rather mysterious, Eternal grinned playfully at that, and one very happy, yet loud.


"Ssssht, trying to hear what they are saying"; she whispered to Ana, who looked rather disappointed. She heard a door opening and heard Siva's soft footsteps descending the stairs.

Siva saw the two Miqo'te and approached them; "Good, just the cats I was looking for"

She was completely surprised by this comment; "Uhm. Us?! Like me and Ana here? What do you need us for?"


Eternal's eyes narrowed slightly in thought. "What is all this then?" She said more to herself out of curiosity, her thick accent giving her voice a smooth, dark tone.

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Siva sat in the free chair across from Ana and Miyu and gazed at them for a long moment.


Kailisto as advised we are to go to Belford to investigate the mystery surrounding the Hanging Tree. Miyu, you are to do the investigation and Ana and I will be there in support. Believe me when I say, if you distract each other from your jobs, there will be consequences she raised an eyebrow and looked around, catching the sight of the new arrival and tilted her head thoughtfully.


I will be looking for one more warrior to take with us for protection. Do not disappoint me when I say I want this job done quickly and efficiently. Do not distract each other because I'm the first you deal with and Kai will have final punishment She kept her gaze on the new Miqo'te for a long moment before turning to Ana and Miyu.


The look in her violet eyes was serious enough to know she was not joking and she took this to heart.


Any questions? We leave immediately

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Sorry about being late on this.



She had sat down next to Miyu to enjoy a well needed drink and tell her friend about the extra money she received; however, after quickly being quieted, the young adventurer sighed softly and started listening as well. "Did I miss something? Eavesdropping was the last think I was expecting to do," she thought as she took a sip from her drink.


Hearing the door open up up the stairway, she set her drink down playing her smile once again. "It must be Siva... I wonder what she was talking to Lady Kai about.." Twitching her ears to the sound of more foot steps, she turned back to give a light nod to the other Miqo'te that had entered the tavern.


Turning to Siva's greeting, she brushed some hair from her face and continued the motion into a small wave. "I don't know if that's a good thing with you just leaving Lady's Kai's study."


After hearing their instructions, she pushed back her chair and raised to her feet with a stretch. "Mew.. why does she think we can't work together? Any way... I'm not sure how much help I can be, but I will do whatever you need of me Siva."


Setting a hand on her hip and the other under her chin, she closes her eyes for a moment and mouths the words "the Hanging Tree." "Does this have to do with the couple that was supposed to get married a few days ago?"

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Siva nodded solemnly a look of grief passing over her face quickly.


There was a wedding, and a death the following day. The curse of the Hanging Tree has lived up to the mystery and the poor bride was found there after the wedding night. Excuse me a moment


Siva rose from her chair and approached Darkness sitting down across from her. After studying her from head to toe and taking in the lance that sat next to her Siva smiled How would you like to earn some gil young lady? she asked leaning her elbows on the table, lacing her fingers together and resting her chin on them.


Siva watched Darkness closely and hoped her instinct led her in the right direction again.




Don't worry about late response :) and don't worry about the font color it's just a preference lol


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Eternal listened intently, catching the eye of the Elezen, smiling slightly in return. After a few important, softly spoken, words the Duskwight approached Eternal's table and sat down opposite, her eyes never leaving the woman.


"How would you like to earn some gil young lady?" she asked leaning her elbows on the table, lacing her fingers together and resting her chin on them.


"Mmm, the allure of gil is always a pleasant reason to oblige a request." She smiled, slightly devilishly. "And I so do love weddings. Mix it with death and it almost sounds romantic." She chuckled slightly to herself. Her ears folded back slightly, her brows following suit in a furrow. "Where are my manners. My name is D'vishlian'l Tar'neil, however to save your tongue, you may call me Eternal, or Div if you wish. Either or is fine."


Eternal's ears perked up and an expression crossed her face as if she had forgot something. "Oh, and I'm not quite as young as I look, but it is the gesture that counts, no?" She said playfully with a likewise smile.

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See profile for the Eminently Particular Charleston Gusteau here:




A short man bearing a long overcoat and a small bowler hat walked down the 'streets' of Gridania... if that was what the locals called them, and indeed Charleston Gusteau could not be sure. Peering out from beneath the brim of his hat, his eyes caught between its edge and a large mustache that had been his calling card for years, his stocky frame marched confidently beneath the bows of the trees, flecks of dirt catching upon his shoes.


His eyes shot downwards, a scowl forming on his face as he noticed the scuffs forming near the soles, but he had no time to deal with it. He continued along, just behind him the lanky Harry Trumpert trying to keep pace, dressed in likewise gentlemanly clothing and fine shoes. They had been on the road for a few days, having departed from Ul'dah once word had reached them of a series of murders performed in the area around Gridania.


"Can you imagine what they mean by this... this "Hanging Tree, Trumpert?" he asked, voice blustering through its thick accent and carrying in the wind. "A tree that hangs? Does it set out to kill? What a preposterity, an absurdity, an inconceivability!" he cried, the thin framed Trumpert shaking his head as he briskly walked alongside the inspector. "Of course it must be the work of local deviants, scourging the area and putting the people into fear."


"Of course, inspector!" Trumpert eagerly agreed, slightly winded from the speed at which they moved along.


"And yet... what if not? What if it is some sort of killing tree?" He glanced sidelong at his companion, a sparkle lighting in his eyes. "It would be yet another feather in the cap of the famous Inspector Gusteau!" He nearly shouted this as he thrust a finger into the air, breaking mid-stride to turn his ambitious gaze towards the door of a nearby inn. "There is no better a place to begin our investigation than at a place where women do nothing but gossip and chatter and men tell lies to sate their egos. Come, let us go!"


The duo walked towards the doors of the building, Gusteau immediately taking on a calmer air, his demeanor changing as he suppressed his excitement. His hand pushed open the doors of the inn, and though he had pushed aside the majority of his bravado and anticipation, he still entered with an unmissable air of confidence. His mustache itself nearly bristled as he walked confidently into the midst of the room, his eyes spying the area, Trumpert only a few steps behind him. Though famous among those who consorted with the Law, he was a rather unremarkable and utterly unknowable man by face until one was alerted. Then, one never again forgot that broad mustache and unmistakable hubris bred from years of investigations.


Still, he remained relatively humble even as he thought to himself: Charleston Gusteau is on the case!

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"Oh my. I do hope I happen to have stumbled upon a Mi'quote prostitution ring. If not, I beleive I may have to be a tad frightened."


Eternal's ears twitched as she heard the obscene observation. She broke a moment from her conversation to eye the man, looking him up and down. "Have you no manners? Not all women are prostitutes. I for one would not sell my body for gil should my life depend on it. A girl has to have principles, no?" A curious expression crossed her face. "But then again there is such as thing as doing what is needed to survive."


Further thought on the matter was broken as two men, oddly dressed for her taste walked into the inn and looked around. She liked them immediately. "Now there's an interesting lot."

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Bob raised his right eyebrow, as his left was covered with a dark green eyepatch.Then he smiled, crinkling the various scars on his face. "Manners? What is this? Some new game you kids have come out with?" He then looked over as the two men came in. He smiled slightly again, "Well, if this is a ring of prostitutes, I do hope you enjoy mustaches. Or very large, hairy catapillars. I can never tell the two apart." Bob then stepped out of the small shadowed area he was in revealing a well muscled Hyur male that looked to be in his mid twenties, with snowy-white hair. He was wearing a goldish, sleeveless, high-necked vest; along with grey pants and grey boots. Hooked to his belt he had an armors hammer and a cutlass. In his right hand he was happily twirling a black, ruby tipped staff.

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Siva's head merely turned slightly at the insult before she ignored the rude patron and returned the grin of the Miqo'te in front of her


Brilliant. My name is Sivamet. You may call me Siva and I would like to offer you a well paid job of course assisting the Raven Eye Inn investigation team. It is merely a protection detail of course for those two Siva nods in the direction of Miyu and Ana before returning a kind smile back to Div


Tis a pleasure to meet you of course Div and if you accept, I will make it worth your time.


Siva chuckled softly at Div's comment about age and rose gracefully beckoning her to join her with Miyu and Ana. Come then my new friend. Let me introduce you to those who will be investigating and whom we will be protecting. Do not get me wrong they work for me who in essence represents the Mistress of this Inn. she grinned and eyed the new arrivals who stood in the door with an air of importance.


Her eyebrow raised at the recognition of the inspector and she chuckled as she leaned to nudge Div and nod with her head It appears we have drawn in somewhat of a celebrity she chuckled nodding at Charleston Gusteau even as she took her seat across from Miyu and Ana.


Ladies she said calmly leaning back and picking up her ale once more This is Div, and she will be my second in command. Div, this is Miyu and Ana she nodded to each Miqo'te in respect. Now, any questions before we go? she raised her eyebrow as she finished off her ale and again cast a glance over to Charleston curiously for a few moments. Her eye twitched momentarily before turning with a look of impatience at the Hyur who had made the rude comments


If you see prostitution I would suggest the miner's guild in Ul'dah. You have entered an establishment of honor. And if you wish to keep whatever it is you have, you will stop insulting this inn do I make myself clear? the tone in her voice was calm, yet held a low meaning to it as her violet gaze raked over the Hyur



I'm so sorry for late response i've been wicked sick this week


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Bob tapped his chin in thought for a moment, "An interesting thought. What is it that I have that you can take? My weapons? Clothes? Material items. Worthless. Shame? Honor? Morals? I don't have these, therefore they cannot be taken or used. You could try to take my life, however, I doubt you would enjoy the cost of that. Fun? That is just impossible to get from me. Everything is funny girlie." Bob stared at her a moment then spoke again, "Oh, and you might want to stop glaring at me. You'll get wrinkles."

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"Come then my new friend. Let me introduce you to those who will be investigating and whom we will be protecting. Do not get me wrong they work for me who in essence represents the Mistress of this Inn."


Eternal rose as well, handling her spear carefully, and she came to stand near Siva to follow her to the table. Siva stopped, looked to the entrance and gave Eternal a nudge, leaning in slightly.


"It appears we have drawn in somewhat of a celebrity"


Eternal's ears perked and she looked in the direction Siva nodded. A curious smile spread across her face. "A celebrity? I enjoy meeting those of importance, but you must forgive me; I am not from this, er, area so I've no idea who he is." Her face brightened. "But he does look charming, despite his attire." Eternal followed Siva to the table where she nodded to the two other Miqo'te at the table and sat down, her tail slowly swishing behind her.

"Ladies," she said calmly leaning back and picking up her ale once more. "This is Div, and she will be my second in command. Div, this is Miyu and Ana she nodded to each Miqo'te in respect. Now, any questions before we go?"


"It is a pleasure to meet you both, to be sure." She looked to Siva questioningly. "Second in command? By all means I am flattered and of course I will accept, but are you sure about trusting such a position to one you just met?"

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Low hanging tree limbs snapped as birds and small animals hurried from the creature that carelessly moved through the forest, disturbing the calm. Although it sounded somewhat similar to a careless gobbue rambling towards the city, the guards paid little attention. Scouts had already reported on the creature shortly after it had stepped into the forest, and it was no threat. As it entered the city and made its way down the streets, some men and women were forced to move out of the way for fear of being knocked aside. Somehow the creature, even though it was covered in heavy hanging metal chains and plates, managed to step casually around each unwary person that seemed about to be bowled over by its unslowing strides. The footfalls were heavy, and sank into the soft dirt. In a few slow, heavy strides, it filled the door of the inn.


Ghunzyr Aedilvuld had clearly been on the road for a long time. His chainmail coat had broken links and bits of plants stuck to it. The round shield on his back was dented, and the blade at his waist was nicked. His bright red eyes peered out from the barbute, and slung over one shoulder was a full pack that could have doubled as a decent sized tent for most Lalafells. He was a Roegadyn, that much was clear, but huge even by the standards of that mighty people. His muscled frame filled the door from which he surveyed the inn.


He removed his helm and ran a metal-clad hand through his dark hair and beard. A handful of long scars crisscrossed much of his face; some of them bending at odd angles when he smiled. His voice was deep, smooth, and rumbled slightly like each heavy step of his casual stride.


"I been told a fella could find a cool drink round here."

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Siva nodded at Div with a smile Consider it a test of trust. I do not trust many and you appear to be a worthy warrior. You will assist me with guarding these two, you do not wish the job? she quirked a brow slightly at Div


Her gaze flickered to the door watching as Ghunzyr Aedilvuld made his way to the bar. She nodded at the bartender Of course the first one is on the house she said in a greeting to the tall adventurer.


Now then ladies she said addressing the three next to her shall we go investigate the matter of this Hanging Tree?

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The smile on Ghunzyr's face widened. "Free?! Well, this is already the best bar I ever been in. Why didn't I visit this forest sooner... Barkeep! Your finest brew in your largest mug!" The floorboards creeked as he hurried to the bar counter and leaned on it as he gulped down the ale. "So what's so special about a hanging tree that got you ladies all riled up?"

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Miyu saw Ana looking at the eye-patched guy, her eyes filling with anger. Miyu put her hand on her leg and looker her in the eyes, telling her to calm down and not do a thing just yet, she understood.


Siva brought the dark-skinned Moonkeeper to the table at where we sat, introducing us;

"Ladies," she said calmly leaning back and picking up her ale once more. "This is Div, and she will be my second in command. Div, this is Miyu and Ana she nodded to each Miqo'te in respect. Now, any questions before we go?"

Miyu nodded politely to Div, still hiding her eyes under the flap of her hat. " Pleased to meet you" She said with her usual soft voice. "I got no questions, I already got a faint idea of what is going on, I just need to see it for myself."


"Now then ladies" she said addressing the three next to her "shall we go investigate the matter of this Hanging Tree?"

Miyu stood up, adjusting her white robe and putting her cane behind her back. She nodded to Siva "Yea, lets go"

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Deepest apologies for the late post. Been rather busy as of late.



"Consider it a test of trust. I do not trust many and you appear to be a worthy warrior. You will assist me with guarding these two, you do not wish the job?" she quirked a brow slightly at Div.


Eternal smiled and waved her hand to dismiss any misunderstanding. "No, no, of course I'll take the job. It's just that," She paused for a moment, running her tongue over the tips of her fanged canines. "I've never met one to give a trial of trust before, that is all."


Miyu stood up, adjusting her white robe and putting her cane behind her back. She nodded to Siva "Yea, lets go."


Eternal nodded and followed suit, securing her spear in the leather loop brace across her back. "I am ready when ever you all are."

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