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Umi Kanzato


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[align=center]Race: Miqo'te


[align=center]Gender: ♀ 


[align=center]Age: 22[/align]








[align=left]Amount of RP (light, medium, heavy):


[align=left]Given a choice I would like to say that I am in the middle between medium and heavy. However, if we are in a large area with a lot of people I wont spam chat and bring myself down to a light status.



[align=left]Views on RP combat and injuries:


[align=left]I have actually only done this in game once so my views are very small but I think a dice is best used if not decided before on how to roleplay. For an example would be five or less and you can dodge but five and higher and you get hit. If the rp isn't AU the injuries should reflect on the character, not simply disappear.


[align=left]Views on IC romance:


[align=left]I actually love romance, even if my character is very cold to others. However, I do not believe in random romance, I don't believe in AU romance and I don't believe in first view fall in love type of thing. I would only like romance if there is a background between the characters that provide why the two of them are even at that stage.


[align=left]Views on non-romantic RP (family ties, etc):


[align=left]These should be stated or talked over... Not just someone running up to you and saying that they are in your tribe and have missed you because... well, what do you do then? Family ties are strong though and I believe that history between the characters should be established.



[align=left]Views on lore:


[align=left]My character is very lore influenced so personally I love the use of lore. Sure there are a few things that cant be helped when editing or adding to lore, sickness, herbs and etc, but for the most part I don't think lore should be replaced.



[align=left]Views on chat functions (/say, /linkshell, etc):


[align=left]I love the idea of these honestly, it allows the characters to interact even though they are not near each other and fits within the story line. With the OoC links this is also good because you can ask people if they want to rp or want/need help with dungeons and etc.

Current RP Status:

Currently looking for some long and short term role play partners. Right now I am only role playing with a few people in my FC but I would really like to spread out my characters friend list. Not to mention I want to start building my character up as well.[/align]






Character Status:

Currently single in relationship status, Umi is staying with the Night Blade mansion tending to a patient that is bed ridden. However, though against rules since another healer isn't on hand, she does wander out of the house to search for her mysterious herb. Lack of sleep has made her more then a little grumpy however creating problems for her within her small circle of 'friends'.


Very selfish and self centered, Umi holds a very deep hate for the Seekers of the sun, although this reason is unknown. With a large amount of pride, she tends to hold her self above everyone else, sometimes allowing cruel and harsh words to slip past her lips. However, this doesn't mean that Umi has nothing to redeem her self with. Although she has many negative traits Umi is actually a nice girl if you can hang on long enough to see it. Due to her upbringing she tends to stay far from other people unless they are worth something and can help her gain something in the end. Umi is mostly uses logic to think things out and consider her next move.


Can Be Found Mostly:

  • Gridania
  • Lavender Beds (FC Housing)
  • Forest (Black Shroud-East)


[align=left] Reading/Studying


Romance Novels

Freshly Cut Grass


The Ocean Waves


Stories of Lore[/align]



Being ignored

Males with no Manners

Seekers of the Sun

Serious Work

Extreme heat

Raw Fish


Story Thus Far:


Having been kicked from her tribe due to some mysterious events that led her sister being killed and mother gravely sick, Umi was forced into a position she didn't care for. Save her mother or be killed. Either way she would not be allowed to return to her tribe since she broke the rules in the first place. With her mothers life on the line, the only person to care for her during her deceased sisters teaching or a chief, Umi agreed and left with her mother to enter the city to learn about the healing arts. Although not much is known about her travels during the time of her leaving her tribe and her time of joining Night Blade, there is whisper that she was once a sweet girl who simply had her heart frozen.


With no money and her mother living just living barely off the coins she would manage to gather from healing other patients or going with adventures into battle, Umi decided to join a free company, Night Blades, that offered her housing and food if she worked in the medical wing. Quickly accepting the job, Umi gathered enough money to move her mother, locked her away, and started her research once more. She has, however, already risked two peoples lives in search for a cure and will not ask for help from the free company or the people she has met already, proving that she is a rather hard headed female.




  • Country: United States
  • Wiki: Umi Kanzato (Needs Small Update)
  • Timezone: Central (CST)
  • Contact info: Please private message me here, or comment on the thread, or contact me in game!

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