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Language differences

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As I checked English informations about Races and generally about the lore (stories provided by SE, etc.), I noticed that here and there are subtle diffrences in describing one and the other in diffrent languages. Nothing breath taking though.

(I only compared official FFXIV website informations.)



As an example, Lalafell:


In the general Lalafella race introduction there were 2 ("greater") discrepancies:


In the English text, the 'rotund builds of the belie' is mentioned, while the German version tells us only about their 'small stature'.

The second one in English would be 'possessing highly developed and cunning intellects', while German version tells us about the 'cunning' part, but also about their "generosity".

(Something like: "In addition to their cunning traits, their kindness distinguishes them." (Their 'high developed intellect' is not mentioned, althought the german word gives a faintly hint about it.)



Lalafell - Dunesfolk:

Not much here, expect the fact that in the German version the whole sentence and information about the gemstone on their forehead was extinguished!

Apart from that, only the small diffrence, that the German version says something like 'for the unaware, the protective layer on their pupil looks like glass eyes.', and the english version gives additional informations, that those eyes are luminous, and the layer was an evolutionary response of 'their home region'.



Lalafell - Plainsfolk:

Strangely the last sentence is diffrent again, but this time both of them.

English version: "their long, pointy ears are said to be able to detect the faintest scampering of the prairie's various fauna."

German version: "They are known to seize every opportunity and are notorious for their cunning tongues, dealing with (business) negotiation."


Apart from that, the English version adds small informations irregulary like 'the hair mimics their native enviornment' (while in German the colour of the hair is plainly described) and the german version tells us, that those underground passageways of home islands do lie in Eorzeas (but I think, that's not really important, since it was mentioned in the general overview).




Newest Addition:




While the German version describes the dome-shaped citadel more in detail (being an important identifier from afar and defines its distinctive silhouette), the English version turns one's attention to the protective outer walls, serving as stark deterrent to would-be besiegers.

The English version indicates, that the culture is known for it affluence culture, while the German version tells us, it's a place where many tradesman reside.

The most remarkable diffrence might be, that the English text says, 'the sultan rules over Ul'dah', while the German version talks about a Sultana, a 'ruling queen', if you want to compare it that way (and as far as I know, I think they were quite rare in real history - that would fit SE for spicing things up. ;).

I don't know, which one is right here, since I don't own the game yet. Maybe some 'Ingamer' can shed light on this.

Lastly, the Syndicate in English, is described as an elite group of influential and rich members of society - while in German, the term of oligarchy (the opposite of aristocracy) is used, to describe these 6 (unknown) members, of the "Scorpio-Circle" (I don't know, if that name is something unique to the german translation).




I wonder if that's just nit picking, or really something that should be kept an eye on, especially for those, that use a none english client to play with fellow English speaking roleplayers.

If there is enough interest, I could check randomly if it is the norm, and others can feel free to do the same. But with the future information flood, that will come with every little Story/Lore Update, it might be pointless to some extent or confusing in the end. After all it is still "just" a game, there is no need for exaggeration. ;)


What am I really interested though, is the fact, if the original Japanese script was used for the diffrent Language Versions, or if they are just a derivation of the NA English translation.

But that wouldn't explain, why words were left out, or added in other places. Any information about that would be nice.

I'm not able to say anything about ingame thermology. I can only hope, their are no greater diffrences that will lead to diffrent results (althought that might be too stressed, who knows?).

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Slowly I begin to believe, all those small modified details are within their boundaries of free interpretation. Real diffrent informations couldn't be archieved through this, and maybe I'm some months too late anyway, cause Ingame there will be a lot more informations revealed.


Well have fun guys, and maybe this will serve at least for some of those, still waiting (through all those bugs) or the PS3 Version and get inspired for their character background. ^^

(I will gather the rest of Races and Cities, maybe even some Classes, if I find something interesting and edit that in the first post.)

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That's some really interesting stuff right there!


I was thinking perhaps it was intentional~


Like, How english people all veiw the americans as cheeseburger munchers with their pickup trucks (not really~ example, don't hit me ;_; )

And the americans think british wear bowler hats, or carry parasoles all day and drink nothing but tea (if they do think that, they'd be spot on).


Setting up all the different languages to have different impressions of the various ingame cultures and settings?


Seems like a silly thing to do though, when you think about it. Since it is EXTREMELY unlikely that any of those minor differences would come up and be recognised as anything other than creativity rather than lore.


More likely I think is that:

I have to wonder how much of the differences are due to (WARNING: INCOMING SPECULATION) the translation team being seriously rushed to get everything translated in time for launch?


Giving out a nice big section of well written japanese description about each race/area, the translations teams get lazy/rushed and only do a little bit of the whole thing.


I wouldn't be surprised~

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Like, How english people all veiw the americans as cheeseburger munchers with their pickup trucks (not really~ example, don't hit me ;_; )

And the americans think british wear bowler hats, or carry parasoles all day and drink nothing but tea (if they do think that, they'd be spot on).


I think more of us drive SUVs than Trucks. Soccer moms can't fit the whole team in a truck. But your right about cheeseburgers!(and bacon, yum.)


But I think it is targeted to for the culture. It's just minor differences like changing a rubbish bin to trash can and fut ball to soccer. Also adding in some languages don't have direct translations for some words and you get more information about the culture to interpret.

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