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The doctor is...? (Semi-Open)


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((OOC: Please inquire first if you wish to join in!))


The sun beat down on the sands of Thanalan, as it always does. The two Elezen shielded themselves from the weather the best they could, but even then it was all they could do to keep the sweat from dripping down their brows.


Finally, they reached the city of Ul'dah, which didn't shield them from the heat, but at least provided shade and a place to get water. They entered the Quicksand, the smaller blonde Elezen walking right up to the counter to ask for their drinks.


He turns to face the towering, scowling dark-skinned Elezen with a smile. "You're doing it again." He reaches out to tug lightly at the man's beard. "People will get the wrong idea about you."


The barkeep set down two glasses of water. The blonde places a couple of gil on the counter before handing one of the glasses to the black-haired man. Before taking a big drink of the water, he asks, "So...where do you think we'll find this...T'rahz? The fliers are...a little vague, but she may be our best bet."

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Jaques is busy looking about the establishment, sticking close to Vaughn as the smaller man heads towards the bar. He takes a quick stock of those inside, the usual motley spread of adventurers, locals, and proprietors all vying for the staff's attention as they all try and escape the unbearable heat outside.


He hated this place. It was far too open and had far too many entrances. Far too noisy. Far too much of a temptation... his amber eyes begin wander the bottles and casks that line the back wall of the bar.


He's snapped back to the beautiful blonde man in front of him as he feels the tug at his beard and the man's words. Had he been caught? "Doing what?" He offers a half-felt smile and a touch of feigned innocence as he tries to cover the discomfort. No... he didn't -think- Vaughn noticed.


He accepts one of the glasses, taking a drink. "I... don't know." He frowns a touch in thought as he pulls out the small flier advertising a traveling 'therapist.' Mental healing. The concept was foreign to him but maybe she'd be able to help the charges in their care repair their broken wills. "Perhaps ask one of the clinics if they'd seen her recently? There's the one towards the end of Sapphire Avenue."

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"Doing what?" Jaques asked.


"That scowl. Not many find it as charming as I do," Vaughn teases. He finishes his glass of water and sets it back on the bar. Turning back, he watches the larger man's golden eyes scan the top shelf a moment before shifting in place.


As Jaques pulls out the flier and looks it over, Vaughn sighs. More out of nervousness than anything, but he tries to look cheerful. He smiles as Jaques suggests Sapphire Avenue. "Then finish that, get a second if you need to. I...want to see if it works. I'm curious about 'mental' healing. I wonder..." He shakes his head lightly, turning back to Jaques. "We should find her."


He waits for the Duskwight to finish his water, and possibly a second, before tugging lightly on the collar of his vest with a teasing smirk. Letting go, he pushed open the door that lead out of the Quicksand and down toward the alleys, holding it for Jaques before following him down toward the clinic.

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Polishes off the his water, not wanting to linger inside the establishment longer than he needed to, despite the fact that he was still thirsty. He sets the glass on the counter as Vaughn tugs on the collar of his black vest.


At the continued teasing he attempts to school his expression into something other than the impassive scowl that had become far too easy to maintain over the cycles. He manages 'impassive frown'. He then slips the flier back into the pockets of his black, soft leather pants as he follows Vaughn out into the alleyways of the city and the unrelenting sun.


He readjusts the pack on his back as they walk, a thing that seemed to have seen -much- better days. It having so many different leather patches it was impossible to tell if any of the original leather even remained. After a moment he takes couple of hurried steps forward, catching up to Vaughn's side to take the man's slender, delicate hand into his larger, rough one. The default scowl returns though, aiding them in it's way by causing the average person in the crowd to go around the grumpy Elezen who loomed protectively next to the fancier dressed Wildwood at his side. As he spied the top of the large tent that served as the clinic he quickens their pace.

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Vaughn looks up at Jaques as he takes his hand, a soft smile spreading on his delicate face. He tilts his head toward Jaques as they walk, but doesn't lean on him, instead just giving a light squeeze of the hand.


As Jaques picks up the pace toward the clinic, he jogs a bit to keep up, his legs a bit shorter than the tall Duskwight's. As they enter the tent, Vaughn looks around, holding on to Jaques's hand a bit firmer than necessary. "Ah... Hmm..." The large area was broken into two rooms by a privacy screen in front of a cot with a nearby chair. He shifts uncomfortably as he looks to the drying herbs hanging from the interior poles. He recognized a few, but only due to his experience in combining them with more narcotic substances. His eyes wander to the small tables lined with various tinctures, ointments, and cloths for bandages.


He takes a deep breath before walking up to the clerk behind what appeared to be a makeshift desk, something easy to take down and put up should the clinic move to another area where it would be more needed. He glances to Jaques before asking the clerk, "E-excuse me. We're looking for somebody and was wondering if you could help us? Her name is Miss T'rahz. We have one of her fliers, if that helps."

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The clerk is shifting through some papers, and on both sides of the desk are parchments piled high. Grumbling under her breath about things never being where they should be she does not take notice at first to the two Elezen males approaching. Vaughn speaking actually startles her, making her drop a few papers, and she squeaks in response. "Oh my I am terribly sorry that I did not see you there." She laughs nervously while patting her chest to calm her racing heart. "Oh yes, Doctor Vashka! Sweet lady she is. Come with me, she's in the back."


Walking out from behind her desk the Midlander woman ventures down a make shift hall made of boxes, and fabric draped over the top, passing open doors where if peered into the men (if they followed) could possibly see the wounded and sick laid out on cots. The clerk hums a little tune, and after entering a second hallway (the structure is several tents fastened together) she pulls back the sheet draped over a doorway.


[align=justify]Inside the tent at least fifty candles are scattered about the room. Wicks lit, the small flames dance, and cast their illumination over the pool of water. Inside is a man, almost nude save for the black swimming trunks he wears. Scars, the result of a whip's caress, line his body. Standing at the tub side is a Seeker woman. Auburn hair glistening in the light of the candles. Pouring some liquids from vials into the water, the warm fluid filling the tub begins to glow a light gold. "I want you to envision those darker memories of your master. Compress them all into a tight little ball, and put the ball into a cobalt box. Lock it shut, and hide the key some where in your soul. Imagine you are in a river now, and these healing waters will banish the box. Place it into the river, and let the currents take them away." Her voice is rather soft as she speaks to the Highlander man.


"Doctor Vashka, these two gentlemen request your presence." Auburn ears hearing the clerks voice. "Just keep focusing, Ink." T'rahz coaxes to the scarred man. Wiping her hands on a towel striking verdant irises drift to the door way, and she smiles warmly. Stepping out of the room, and closing the sheet she looks over the men (should they be standing there). "I'm Doctor Vashka. Is there something I can help you two gentlemen with?"[/align]

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Vaughn jumped just about as much as the clerk did, startled by her being startled. He smiled lightly at her as she started to lead them past the rooms he didn't see, looking amazed by how large a single...no, a network of tents can be. He looks to Jaques nervously as they're led to the tent with all the candles.


He watched the miqo'te woman work with Ink, his posture shifting from one leg to the other. 'Master', that word still haunted him. He used it much too often, making Jaques somewhat irritated with every use. No, he was a free man now. Free...


She walked up and introduced herself to the two, Vaughn too lost in his thoughts to even speak, let alone make a cohesive sentence.

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Jaques glances about the tent as they enter, more concerned with the people inside than what was there. Noting those moving about the reception area of the tent. His eyes fix onto the preoccupied hyur woman as Vaughn approaches. Then raises a brow marginally as the two manage to startle each other, his lips twitching slightly as he fights a smirk.


He mutters a 'thank you' to the woman as she leads them deeper into the tent structure. Tent walls did little to hide the sounds of people just outside or even those within the maze of hanging fabrics that surrounded them and he caught small snippets of conversations as they moved. 


When the midlander finally stopped in front of a doorway and pulled it back he had to take a moment to try and process what was before him. This was unlike any healing environment that he'd ever seen. The candles. The bath. It all seemed more like something he'd see in a companion's room than any healer's room he'd ever been in. Only most companions didn't really say the things this woman was saying. His gaze lingers over the man in the tub a moment, his brows furrowing as he tears his focus from the scene to Doctor Vashka as she spoke.


"Ah... yes, Doctor. We saw your flier and were curious to learn more about... whatever it is you do. This therapy. But it seems you're already with a patient." A slight pause, "Is there a better time to speak with you?"

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Glancing back at the man in the waters, then to the two Elezen, she shakes her head. "At this point there is nothing much I can do. It is up to him to let his past float away on the healing waters." The liquid filling the tub still gives a faint light golden. Smoothing out her yukata she forces a weak smile. "Come, gentlemen, I'm sure this is the last thing anyone wants to see." The Highlander is battered, bruise, but whatever she had put in the water is healing his physical damage.


Walking further down a 'hall' T'rahz replies," I'm both a physical, and mental, healer. Aether manipulation has the ability to heal a physical wound, but I use a form of it for mental ones as well. Along with extensive therapy sessions about unlocking your past, and dealing with unresolved issues that trouble your soul. Even the tiniest seed of negativity can hide in your subconscious, and fester into a wild forest of terrors, and torment. I help people deal with it."


Arriving at another sheet she opens it, and steps inside her make shift office. It is nothing fancy. Three chairs, and a desk poorly constructed by a piece of plywood laid over the ends of two crates. Sitting behind her desk she does smile genuinely now. "Please take a seat, and tell me what I can do to help. I assume this isn't just a social call." Her hands fold neatly on the surface of her desk. 

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Vaughn looked confused. "...last thing anyone wants to see." What did that mean? He continued to look at the golden glow of the waters around the Highlander with fascination until Jaques gently pushed him along to follow T'rahz.


He listened as she explained what she did, looking to Jaques with a firm squeeze of his hand. He gave the Duskwight a small smile with a light nod, trying to read him if he thought it was worth a shot. Not just for the companions, but for him as well.


"I assume this isn't just a social call," she stated as Vaughn gingerly sat down across from her on one of the chairs.


"Ah...yes. Well, we found your flier," he looked to Jaques before looking back to her. "And were wondering if... Ah, are you available...to help a house full of former companions? It's...not that much different from what we just saw...I think. With Ink, I mean." He furrowed his brows slightly as he stumbled over his poor choice of words, hoping she would understand what he meant. Or that Jaques would clarify. Still, Vaughn looked to Jaques, with a soft smile that said he should speak of his own issue as well.

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Jaques follows along, listening to the woman as she spoke. When they reach the office he lets Vaughn take a seat first before seating himself. Watches Vaughn out of the corner of his eye as the Wildwood speaks, and when he stops the other man is still looking at him.


He shifts his gaze to fully rest on the doctor once more, his default scowl had shifted to not be so harsh, more neutral. "Former slaves, he means. We offer sanctuary to slaves who need assistance. Ink, for example, would be welcome." He gives a slight pause before continuing, trying to give the woman a better idea of what she'd be dealing with, "Those we currently look after were slaves to the brothel the building we're in used to be. Most had never been outside the building, born and raised inside, before we took it over and converted it about... seven moons ago now?" He looks to Vaughn, who nods confirmation before settling his gaze back on T'rahz. "Their wills and ability to look after their own needs are very limited. Is that something you'd be able to help them reclaim and overcome?"

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Slavery. That word doesn't sit well with her in the slightest. It makes blood boil, and the auburn fibers along her tail to bristle slightly. Just hearing it leaves a rather bitter taste in her mouth that could be compared to swallowing stale cough medicine. Never has she understood the concept of trapping someone, and forcing them into hard work labor, or using them as tools of sexual gratification. Why? Is getting off really that important that it holds more regard over another human's life, and freedom? Thin brows knit together, creases forming in the lightly tanned flesh as she mauls over what the men had told her. No contact with anyone outside of the brothel. Never even left the rooms, and tortured halls. Prisoners in a house, and refused to be allowed to be independent. Refused the right to live. 


From her lungs a long exhale is releases in the form of a sigh. It isn't directed at the gentleman before her, but more of the situation in general. What those people had to endure, had to go through. "I would be honored to give it a try." Her voice is soft, hitching above a whisper. For a moment her gaze lowers to the make shift desk, and Rahz falls into silence. Ears wilt back, and after a silent minute her voice can be heard again. "Make no mistake this will not be an easy undertaking. Your friends, the people you are in charge of, their lives are going to be changing. They'll have to face some rather difficult challenges a head on the road to recovery, but I will go as gently as I can with them to guide them through the process."

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Vaughn smiles. "It would be most helpful." He hesitates as another thought occurs to him. "Ah...how much do your services run? We can at least feed you and give you a room while you're there, but I'm sure you have other clients."


He glances to Jaques again before saying to Rahz, "And...perhaps...you could help us on a more personal level as well? A-after the others, of course."

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Watches the healer's features cloud and darken. Jaques shifts slightly, ready to move incase the woman directed her rising anger towards them. But eases somewhat when he realized the anger wasn't being directed towards them and waits for the doctor to respond.


He's about to speak after the doctor agrees to help but Vaughn beats him to it. So he falls silent, nodding to the first question. Then frowns slightly and casts Vaughn a hard look at the second.

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