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Adventurers and Opportunists

Freedom Fighters and Idealists


This is your chance!




is recruiting able and willing fighters and scholars, crafters and gatherers

to help in the defense of our beloved land.


Travel with us in all regions of Eorzea and fight for the freedom of our people!


Stand with us against the highwaymen of the Beast Tribes

and fill your purse with spoils and rewards!


Rise with us against the Garlean invader and make them regret

ever setting foot in our home!


We offer a secure rallying point, honorable wages

and support from the Holy See of Ishgard.


Find us in our headquarters in the hamlet of Owlâs Nest, Coerthas,

or send us a message to let us know of your interest.


A detailed description of our group can be found on the back of this flyer.



Fame and Fortune are so Close...


Apply to ShimmerSong Today!






ShimmerSong is a group of good-willed mercenaries with an equal appetite for money and freedom. Independent and unsubdued, they roam through the land, putting their weapons at service where requested in exchange for good coin.

They respect justice, but follow their own morality and code of conduct, and don't let anyone force them to do otherwise. Supporting their allies and friends at their best, fighting their enemies unfettered, they protect innocents and spare lives when possible.


They call Owl's Nest their home and defend it fiercely against roaming beasts and fiends, and have sworn that no Garlean shall ever make their way alive past the cave leading to the hamlet.


Neither heroes nor scoundrels, the ShimmerSingers simply seek to fairly make a living, blissful and unhindered, in an uncertain and dangerous world.



Server: Besaid


Leaders / contacts: Shara Seleni, Ariel Madaellyn, Octavio Stonewall


RP Style: Heavy


Website/forum: http://www.farskylandings.enjin.com/shimmersong


RP element: Owl's Nest auxiliary garrison / mercenary company


Linkshell Chat: 99% IC (We have our own OOC linkshell for OOC stuff, however you aren't required to join it at all)


Inter Linkshell Interactions: We are interested in any cross-linkshell roleplay interaction, especially regarding mercenary contracts and interesting and respectfully roleplayed rivalry and enemy relationships.


Headquarters: Owl's Nest


Application criteria/process:



Read our requirements and rules first and then submit an application.


NB: Our application form is pretty basic as we prefer the spontaneity of a direct interview, so you won't spend much time filling it. The in-game interview however is quite thorough and you will be free to ask as many questions as you fancy between our owns.


Once your application is reviewed and accepted, we will contact you as soon as possible to review together your motivation to join us and check that you fit with the linkshell as much as the linkshell fits with you, and, also, simply talk a bit, out-of-character, to get to know you better.


The next step (not necessarily the same day) is to agree on an in-character introduction and interview during which you will have to roleplay either a direct application or a meeting following an in-character application letter, whichever you prefer. Depending of how things go, your character may be invited to accompany ShimmerSong in duty, and eventually, be offered a pearl.



Rules & Additional info: Everything is here. If you still have questions, feel free to contact us.






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Lots of changes. As a consequence of IC events and a couple OOC evolutions regarding our general direction, the shell has basically been recreated and is beginning a new life.


Quick highlights:


- New name.

- New URL and website.

- Heavy roleplay orientation.

- Headquarters playing a heavy part in the linkshell activities and storyline.


See the original post for full details.

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