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So by now, I'm sure we've all had our fair share of these. Yet, here comes another. But since it's mine, it's relevant Alright alright, I'll stop being cocky sheesh... Actually with the sheer number of people having problems, it's a surprise that there isn't a general "ask and receive help/info" thread... not that I'm saying this should be it.


My trouble, aside from apparently a computer that runs the game a bit slow (but I can deal with that!) Are two things. Firstly, I'm sort of having trouble finding a bit of motivation to do things. There are several reasons for this. The melee system is fine, though a bit slow on my computer and I'm sort of having trouble getting the thrill out of kills like I used to, but the mining and crafting systems are a bit harsh. Outside of leveling stuff for leves, finding the bloody materials to make anything decent is practically impossible. And, from my understanding, I can't actually start the quests to get the training to learn how to make the crafts myself until I get a few levels on it. This strikes me as slightly messed up, as the only really dependable way I can level is through the levequests and sucks for me if I can't manage to pull the ones I can do that day (or two... my schedule has been really busy...)


The second problem I have is with finding the money to do anything. Now, I know that there are city quests I can do, but I don't think that those will be around forever either. I suppose I could sell stuff, but outside of marmot skins, I'm not sure what is actually worth going after to sell to the NPCs. I know that also leaves the marketplace, but... well, I've had my 19 pieces of moko grass (@200 ea) and 100 fire shards(@300) in there and they still haven't sold. I'm not asking to be godly wealthy or anything, but I'd sort of like to feel like I can depend on at least 5,000 gil a day in order to get things done... And with the rate some of these people sell gear that's practically a minimum if you want to have stuff that is worth going for. Or isn't the same old intro gear.


Anyways, this isn't a complaining thread, this is a call for information and help. What have you guys done that have been particularly helpful for these things? I'd think a lot of problems would be resolved if I had the money (I could buy some of the necessary ingredients from NPCs, for example), but as of right now the whole system is so slow it's kinda gummy. Any paths or methods that you find helpful would be greatly appreciated.

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Can't really help you on the motivation side.. I have mine but that doesn't mean it will work for you. I just enjoy myself.

About crafting though.. your understanding seems a bit messed up. ^^;

Not only you can, but you should do crafting leves right from the moment you got a crafting tool. They provide the mats for it (sometimes, you get them right awat, but some time you must travel and get them from the NPC who wants the stuff), and the reward you with more mats most of the time.


As for getting gold however, I have two advices.

First, do leves. As soon as you feel ready, try moving to a higher level camp to do the leves there. Big gil income.

Second, sell stuff. Shards and crystals are always in high demand. Even if you don't craft, have a look at crafting recipes to know who needs what, do some shopping and see what is worth what.


300 a shard is way above what it usually sells for and moko grass seems very very common. If you want to sell fire shards, stick around smiths and offer them at 100g a piece, they should vanish very fast. If you really want to sell shards though, go for wind shards. Everyone loves wind shards.

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Oh, sweet, thanks.


Yeah, that's just the kind of advice I need. I just feel so... sloggy about it all and I didn't know what to do about it.


I was a lot like that when I started.

There's all this stuff going on, and I couldn't really get into it. Combat was allright, Crafting impossible, Gathering not really my thing (Still gave it a shot though, and I know some people love~ some of the gathering disciplines >u> ).


The crafting Leve's really help you get those needed ranks up, and battle leve's see a nice~ gil increase at rank 10.

Grouping up with others and assiting on their leve's is also pretty fun, earns you some extra gil.


All that is just repeating what Asyria said, but it's true.


For me, personally, one of the biggest things helping me stay sane and not get really mad was joining a linkshell. Moghouse, actually. (Not a recruitment plug, just sharing~)

Having other people to talk to, or even listen to, is really really nice. â¥

Running around these cities with the only thing you hear being "WTB BRONZE NAILS PST" makes it feel pretty lonely.

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