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Serious and Emotional RPer's

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Hello, I'm looking for a group of adventurers to become a team of travelers from all different emotional perspectives and backgrounds. I don't care if you have a pretty sheltered upbringing, or dark backstory behind your characters as long as they work well as a team. In fact, I encourage bonding with potential clashing through the good and the bad times. When times become rough is when we become stronger. Many smiles made, many tears shed, affection, protection, trust, lashing out... all of that good stuff that gives you the feels. Maybe there could be potential risk of loosing a friendship and becoming rivals or enemies... I just like a good organic story with not much prediction really. But what I do like is good planning.


I would like the group to be at a maximum of 4 people to start, but once the bonds are formed I will open it up to 8 people.


Oh also I have yet to make a character sheet but I'll tell you a little bit about my character Koichi Resh ( my only character at this point lol ):


Koichi Resh is a lalafell who has always had a large fascination with Summoners and had always wanted to dive into becoming one. After sneaking off from his home he had grasped the Soul of a Summoner and due to his lack of preparation fell into the primal's grasp for 5 years before the calamity. After escaping from the horrifying realms of the strange dimension years later he had lost his inability to grasp various emotions and mannerisms he once knew. To people who normally speak to him he is rather... off in many ways. When he had returned, most people recognized him since he looked the same... his body and mind remained just to keep him sane throughout those years. However they were unsure of whether they could continue living with him. He was rather the aloof and his mind was one of a child, having lost the sense of his age despite being older year wise. He couldn't grasp discipline and maturity that one must nurture as a child. He would be forever lost unless something could click in his mind, maybe it was a curse to forever deal with.

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