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From LeCataire on Reddit:


What should be added (from this awesome post : http://www.bluegartr.com/threads/122723-FFXIV-A-Realm-Reborn-Articles-and-Translated-Interviews )



  • Individual player housing to be added. (06/19/2014; Slycer)
  • Personal Housing. Must be level 50 and have FC Rank past a specific level. (?? Probably doesn't matter anymore.) Cost will be more than 850k.
  • New land will be added alongside personal housing. (Letter LIVE XVII; 08/23/2014)

Zodiac (Relic) Weapon Quest (Letter LIVE XVII; 08/23/2014)

  • Team cannot go into the item level just yet.
  • Relic weapon upgrade will take a long while to obtain. (Dengeki Online; 08/19/2014)
  • Replicas of previous Zodiac Weapon stages possible if they don't have battle related differences.
  • Novus Weapon stats will not be reset upon upgrade.

Chocobo Raising

  • Players will now receive a warning message if you try and feed a Thavnairian onion to a chocobo that does not meet the requirements to increase their rank cap. (Grekumah, OF; 08/20/2014)

The Binding Coil of Bahamut

  • Savage version of First Turn Bahamut's Coil (Turns 1-5) to be added. (??) (Letter LIVE XVI; 07/22/2014) May be pushed back to unknowable future, due to timing with Savage version of the Final Turns of Bahamut & possible lack of original Coil data. (Thanks Theendofallthatis of Reddit!)

The Crystal Tower: Syrcus Tower

  • Sands of Time Drops to be added. (??) (Letter LIVE XVI; 07/22/2014)

Quality of Life

  • Ehcatl Wristgloves to be made equippable by all jobs for glamour purposes. (Grekumah, OF; 09/03/2014)
  • "Unique" tag to be removed from Artisan's Spectacles & Forager's Hate so multiple can be obtained for dyeing and glamour purposes. (Grekumah, OF; 09/03/2014)
  • iLvL of rings obtained via Ramuh Extreme to be pushed to i110. (Triairy, OF; 09/08/2014) If you have a Ramuh accessory in your possession, it will be bumped up to i110 immediately upon update.

User Interface & HUD

  • Configuration settings to alter the way buffs & debuffs are displayed (Push back to 2.4 or further, or never implemented). (Minagawa Blurb via Grekumah, OF; 08/06/2014)
  • Multicolored text to be fixed (Was originally a bug which was resolved in 2.38 patch development). (Minagawa Blurb via Bayone, OF; 08/07/2014)
  • Various special text characters to be removed. (Was originally a bug which was resolved in 2.38 patch development). (Minagawa Blurb via Bayone, OF; 08/07/2014)

Misc Additions

  • Additional commendation rewards to be added. (May be pushed back to 2.4). (Letter LIVE XVII; 08/23/2014)

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Looks like Tarot now how a goal to open his shop!


That would be super cool! Been really enjoying your emporium thread and would be neat to come visit somewhere physical for it. I'm sure you have plenty of friends, but if you need some items made, I might be able to help out! Need to find a reason to come into the shop or contribute some things for IC reasons!

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