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Character Development: Mizuho Mitarashi


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Greetings to all!


My character named Mizuho Mitarashi requires some advice and improvements for the upcoming patch 2.4


((Please keep in mind that I have not done 2.1-2.3 Plot based Story Mode Quest. I'll get to it soon, but I'd like someone who can assist me with this and brief me easily.))


As far as I know, Yugiri is like the only well known ninja in the story so far. But my character Mizuho is midlander looking Asian esque character from Far East. However, there has never been actual confirmation whether the people from Far East are only stricted to races like Yugiri. Should I be concerned? Or should I always change the character looks and retcon it if it is confirmed that Far East doesn't have any type of Hyur characters?


Click Here For Mizuho's Basic Description Above


From this, do you think the background is original enough to be accepted? I am pursuing Mizuho to be mostly specialized in Samurai (But we know that job won't be out for a long time), and Ninja class. As of right now, her current background is that she is using a spear for practices, but she can use fists when needed too. ((Of course, it seems like she knows too much - but I think it'll do for her Far East originality))


Also please go forbid do not look down on Mizuho's character chart if you feel that I am too weaboo to make her own skills. It'll probably be non-canon anyways and just as a hobby practice for my kanji. 


Please give any advice. Also I intend to push this character to have her own backgrounds in terms of character development among Eorzea.



P.S. --- Inb4someone brings up Naruto ._.

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