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Wanted: Dead or Alive for Murder.


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((Law enforcement, Criminals, curious citizens! Feel free to investigate this crime, or interact in this story!)) 


  His hands were still shaking. Sure, he was on his way to kill someone, but that wasn't why. He was about to break into a very secure manor filled with guards and dogs, but that didn't cause the unsteadiness. No, it was worse. He had run into her on the way there.


   To think, he had actually had a conversation with the woman who was both his bane and his desire. Like a moth, having a friendly chat with the flame. He had to get this out of his head. There was a job to be done, and an archer with unsteady hands hit no mark. Taedrinnar took a deep breath and ducked into a nearby alley.


   The Elezen slipped out of his minstrel's clothing and into his dark leathers, finally dawning the mask he had worn for so many years. This is the cure. Taedrinnar can not control himself, but the Ashen Archer can.  Become someone else, something else. Focus on the job and nothing more.


    He reached into his shirt, pulling several Ashen arrow shafts that had been sown into the back of his minstrel's garb. It took only a few moments to affix pointed steel heads and drop them into his quiver. The wildwood took another deep breath before starting off for his mark's home.


    It was along the way that his eyes landed on a parchment nailed to the wall. 'Wanted: Dead or Alive for Murder. The archer responsible for 15 deaths in Ul'dah, using ashen arrows. Reward: 500 Gil."  The picture was simply the outline of a face with a question mark inside it. This caused a laugh from the man. The number of kills seemed low, no doubt several of his marks had been cleaned up or hidden by their associates. The bounty seemed a little low for his ego, but such was life.


   Still, it wasn't good news. It meant they were starting to pay attention to him now. He had to be more careful about covering his tracks.


   He glances up at the large gated manor in front of him and grins, 'Oh this will be fun."




    Taedrinnar whistled on his way to the Quicksand the next morning, stopping to check the newsstand. The morning headlines, "Nobleman and business partner slain by assassin!" He chuckles to himself, enjoying the feeling of a heavy purse once more. 'Ahh, its going to be a good day."


((Intentionally leaving out the details of the crime itself. That part is already written, but i'd like to see anyone who might be interested in investigating figure it out. Feel free to PM me or reply here if your on the case and i'll send you the clues!))

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