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First Adventures in the Citystate(Open for IC replies)

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Following like ducklings to their mother, the three Miqo'te children followed their Papa Vett through the streets of Ul'dah, looking on with wide, curious eyes and an excitement behind them that struck fear into the hearts of fathers everywhere.


What if he lost one? What if they ran off while he wasn't looking!? What if they asked someone strange questions? What if someone stole one? What if they didn't want to come home?


What if... Wait, something was amiss. 


Looking around and counting the children with him, X'vett's heart sank as he realized he was missing one. Where'd he run off to? Why did he even think bringing them to the city was a good idea in the first place? An 'ew gross' caught his attention, and the missing child was no longer missing, and in fact had something else with him. Wait. What was he trying to pull off of the ground? Oh dear Gods what is he trying to eat?


"X'noha don't touch that--!" X'vett quickly made his way over to scoop Noha up into his arms and over a shoulder, the boy screaming with laughter and kicking his feet in delight.


Once Vett looked downward, he quickly took notice to the fact that whatever Noha had been playing with wasn't on the ground anymore and was now--


"AH!" X'Luka screamed, stumbling back onto her rump and pulled a large beetle off of her face. "Ew.." she puffed up her cheeks, turning the dead, smushed bug around in her hands and glared up at Noha, assuming he had thrown it at her. 


The stiffed snickering at her side from her sister told Vett otherwise, as did X'korolon's sticky, slimey hands. 


"Alright, this was a bad idea," X'vett sighed, letting Noha down and knelt down to start cleaning the toddlers hands with a cloth while Luka slapped around her brother some, both weak with loud, squealing fits of laughter as they wrestled in the street.

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