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Violet Wing Scholars


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"Eorzea is wondrous and beautiful... when it isn't dangerous. We wish to seek out the many sights and sounds of this land, and revel in it. Together, we'll learn more about the land we live in, mayhaps ourselves." - William Harrowton, draft found in journal and published with permission.


The Violet Wing Scholars are an exploration-based free company founded by William and Azami Harrowton, serving, rather loosely, under the Order of the Twin Adder. They specialise in exploration, but are not opposed to taking the odd job, so long as violence isn't the main goal of it.


They do not have any official headquarters to speak of, but the two leaders reside in a private inn room that they share down in the Mizzenmast Inn located in Limsa Lominsa.


[[tab 2]]

Recruitment is fairly open, we would love to get to know you first but it isn't a strong prerequisite. You can apply in-game, either IC or OOC, on Balmung, our server of operations.


We don't have many restrictions regarding recruitment besides the following:

- That one has a good sense of humour - we tend to appreciate people with humour, especially those who can do serious scenes alongside silly ones, or an effective mix of the two.

- One must have a willingness to learn, and to be considerate to those who wish to do so. We were all new RPers once, so if you're new, ask one of us more experienced RPers for advice. Also, we're consistently improving ourselves, so it's all well and good.

- Be friendly and helpful. To reiterate, that means to be on your best behaviour to people within the FC and outside the FC.

- No badmouthing or drama. For the former, anyone caught doing this about anyone inside or outside the FC will be warned to stop it, next offense will result in removal from the company entirely regardless of status. For the latter, it really depends, OOC drama isn't particularly nice to deal with and should be kept to more private channels for the consideration of others.


Already in a FC that you love but you want to be affiliated with us in some way?

You're crazy... perhaps we can negotiate an alliance! We're still new and we need all the friends that we can get to help us up onto our feet as we make our first steps out into the big, wide world.


Either way, you'll be given access to the IC linkshell for the FC labelled "Astute Opal -VWS IC-", use with great care.


[[tab 3]]

If the short blurb in the main tab didn't give it away, this FC is exploration-based, exploring the nooks and crannies that Eorzea, the land that FFXIV is based in, has to offer. They also do adventurous stuff from time to time... with as little violence as possible, since both of its founders tend to be a bit averse to hurting things (an understatement in one's case). However, despite this, we intend to tackle in-game content, whether that be something as simple as FATEs, dungeons or treasure hunts, to something that involves jumping on lamp posts to fill out our sightseeing logs.


Yes, we are still relatively new and taking baby steps towards setting ourselves up, so please bear with us while we do that and try to get more involved with the RP community.

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