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Eclipsis <ECLPS>


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Who we are:



Eclipsis is a Medium-RP/Medium-PVE Free Company on the Balmung server in Final Fantasy XIV. We try and hold company roleplaying events at least once a week as well as promote a setting in which individual and group RP can flourish. For PVE content we have multiple people at max level/endgame as well as those still climbing through the ranks, and we're more often than not willing to help with anything and everything.



Company Structure and Lore:



Eclipsis as a company works in a similar manner to a contracting company which employs adventurers of just about any and all skillsets. The company itself is divided into different branches, each with it's own manager, that specializes in different types of work and research. Whatever your character's skillset, be it goods manufacturing, combat, defense, entertainment, medicine, aether research or even business of a shadier sort you'll find a place for it in Eclipsis. The company tends more towards the lawful side of things, but is not entirely innocent.


Once previously based out of the Golden Bazaar, Eclipsis now makes it's headquarters in Ward 3 Plot 8 of the Goblet in Thanalan. A Medium residence, the Eclipsis house, known as Villa Lunaris, serves as a place of business during the day and a quiet yet entertaining spot for members to reside at night. The company retained it's holdings out at the Golden Bazaar and uses these for shipping and selling goods that are manufactured within the company.



More Perks:


* Rank 8 FC

* Double FC actions 

* IC Free Company chat

* Extremely active and fun OOC linkshell. Make some friends!

* Lore friendly RP

* Groups for PvE content

* PvP groups

* Company chest with items available for member use

* Medium sized company housing

* Mumble server provided for the company

* Spontaneous RP between company members

* Planned RP events and meetings

* Friendly and open minded environment. LGBT friendly!

* Stability and longevity. Our company recently celebrated it's 1-year anniversary in game and we plan on many more!


Please contact Lyuri Felnica, Nesi Greene, or Roswyn Valhuri in game for more information. Feel free to check us out via the link below or submit an application!


Eclipsis Website

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Hi, there! I've just looked into this Free Company (6/23/2015) and it seems most likely to be dead. The members listed to contact were either not online or in a different Free Company. Lodestone only shows three members remaining and they were also not names listed in the first post. 


I apologize if that is incorrect and I am posting this to let others who may be interested know.


If I'm wrong, I'll edit the post to show.

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