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Hello!  I'm Albinox Battlewarde over at Gilgamesh!  Recently, we've been talking about ways to promote more open, spontaneous and one of the ideas we came up with is to use /lookingformeld (/lfm) as a kind of icon to find each other in the field.  However, this is more like a quick fix, and often confuses crafters in our server.


I create a thread in the suggestions forum on the official website, and I think it would not only benefit Gilgamesh, but RP communities on all the servers to push for a /lfrp status option.  I think if we could drum up support and have people come post something, we could see it in a future patch.

/LookingForRoleplay Suggestion Thread


Also a suggestion for those who wish to have a persistent /kneel

Make /kneel Persistent

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