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Kaoru Commission Things [2 slots]


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Alright, before I get down to stuff for the newer RPC members I would like to be very firm and point out some things:


Last year I had commissions open as well. There are only a couple left to finish, and that's why I'm wanting to start taking orders on new ones. However, there was actually a handful of people who paid for art and then basically fell off the face of the Earth. I don't know if you changed IG names or what, but even then, they have not been present on the RPC nor on Skype or any other form of contact.


That being said, if you are one of these people (and I am sure you know who you are), I need you to PM me the references you wanted and I never got, along with the name that appears on your Paypal so I know nobody is going to scam.



As it stands, the people I do still have information from and will be completing soon are Val, Miya Sha and Aysun.



Now onto newer users and what not:


Money basically goes to my living expenses right now. Food, etc. Because, well, basically I have none. I'm nervous about posting for commissions here, but here goes.


My process is pretty simple. You order -> You send money on paypal -> I draw your order. I only accept Paypal at the moment, and in USD. So please convert your currency appropriately.


I will only have 5 orders total at a time. I will also add: I'm not good at drawing metal armor or weapons. I will do my best, but consider this a sort of 'warning' about it.


I am willing to do a character sheet that includes a back, front, pseudo-nude and facial expressions. Please send me a PM if you are interested in this. Prices will range from $60+ depending on difficulty.


Here are some of my recent works.






My prices are as follows:


Full Body -

Colored: $35

Inked: $30

Sketch: $25



Colored: $25

Inked: $20

Sketch: $15



Colored: $15

Inked: $10

Sketch: $5


All prices are per character, per image. So if you want a couple image, say, in full body color, it is double the price.





- Val (In Progress)

- Miya Sha (In Progress)

- Aysun (In progress)

- Alothia

- Luke





All I ask out of anyone is patience. I will do my best to get through them quickly after you have paid, but as we all know, stuff comes up. If things do come up, I'll post in this thread to inform you.

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