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A dance of the blacktail thief. [[Open to everyone]]

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The sun was beginning to set low over Ul'dah. The greedy jaws of the horizon ready to swallow the sun whole like a massive serpent.

This time of twilight was A'quila's time. The young Miqo'te crept out from her hiding place near the Scholar's walk and Alchemist's guild. She had a few hiding spots she'd sleep in during the day. deliberately moving from one to another just in case anyone decided to try and seek her out. The guards always did lose her in this general area; and it had easy access points to the back streets if she needed to flee. For A'quila, this was a prime spot to be.

Tonight wouldn't be much different than the others; giving an idle stretch and a stifled yawn she woke herself up. Her black ears giving a twitch and swivel. Listening for any out of the ordinary sounds.  Everything seemed in order this evening. A good sign. Giving a smile she readjusted the fingerless gloves on her heavily scarred forearms; hiding the burn scars from view. Then she adjusted her tunic and the mask she had on her belt and began her hunt...


Wandering the streets, she felt the pang of hunger grow in her stomach and it was a bitter reminder of why she lived the way she did. Her lionlike tail flicked behind her ankles as she listened; mainly for footsteps.

The stumbling shuffle of drunken steps were her calling, and her answer? Lifting the poor drunkard's coinpurse one way or another.

She had a small slew of tricks up her sleeves in order to steal; it was all a matter of assessing which way was the best way.

Walking along the Merchant's strip; the waif of a young woman moved like a shadow. Her steps quiet, her breathing quiet, her ears alert for sounds.



It was all a matter of locating a victim now...

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