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Returning player, Looking for long term RP partners and plots.

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Hello everyone, I've been back since a couple of days in FFXIV and I'm actually really liking the game once again and I am hoping to find some friends and interesting relationship and plots for my main caracther Farrell Feidliming. Let me introduce himself.


Farrell is a very wild and untamed Wildwood, right now he's living at the Phoenix Rose where there's some of his old friends taking care of him and trying to civilized him a bit more. He'll be a very loyal friend, but do not expect him to not turn frenzy if things go wrong or if you scare him.


Why is he so "feral", well he was raised by Coeurl, a long time ago, he did became better with people and even started to talk more properly until he went and look for someone. He got lost and met a couple of ennemies who has beaten him so much he could never found is way back until a couple of weeks from now, where Vaughn found him in a cave and rescue him.


A lot of plots can be started from his backstory, he's quite original, but a bit difficult of approach and it might take time. Anyway, either contact me here, in game or on skype :AlexTheTall to start and build a plot and appoint a meeting!


Hopefully I'll get someone!

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*Pouts* Fine! Be like that! *runs away crying*


But in all seriousness, it will still be good to see you around. Those who decide to RP with you won't regret it!


Thanks for the kind words, but it's easy to "seem like a good RPer" when I RP with you folks! You're outstanding!

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Hey, my character Ember is also something of a feral child, although she's been successfully assimilated into civilization....to a degree. I think it could be interesting to watch the two interact or get something started between the two.

 Oh sorry it took a while to answer, I was on Hiatus and making my way to the game right now. Please contact me! :)

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