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They Who Slay Coeurls [Closed]


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[align=center]Kingdom of Jeridia, Rhotano Sea

1567, Sixth Astral Era[/align]


The middle aged king, rested upon his throne with a worn, inattentive gaze aiming down at a collection of extravagantly dressed nobles. The King mumbled to himself quietly, his lips partially parting as his eyes shifted towards one noble to another.


"Eight of you have appeared this sun to my throneroom, to discuss matters regarding the lost of castello Dolfino by the grim united tribes of the Gryphon's Talons, the Vultures and the Jaguars. Now, we all know what bloody days await us in our beloved isle, but these - vermin..." The king's voice boomed across the room, growing impatient as his gaze went towards an old, stressed looking noble, wearing a tight, burgundy attire with gold trimmings on its edges.


"Lord Vitale. What did you do to provoke such a catastrophe?" The king lazily eyes down the old nobleman, who began wiping the back of his head with a white handkerchief.


"T-the you've heard the reports your majesty! My son- perished in their assault I-" The old man was struggling to formulate his phrase, drowning in the stress of the loss of his heir and holding, but it wasn't until the voice of a tall, slim, male hyur rose up to interrupt the shaken count.


"Your majesty, I speak on behalf the entirety of House Filangieri. The tribes only attacked due to the mild disturbance of our...transactions between our merchants and the House of Soranzo that Lord Vitale partakes in."


The king smirks at the nobleman who spoke up, "Lord Francesco Filangieri, so you speak... Do your most - "loyal" servants abide and obey the laws that they are obligated- or...have they yet decided to wage rebellion against you?"


"No your majesty, they are kept under severe watch and we inspire them to remain under Jeridian authority - and not that of the wilds." Francesco responded firmly.


"Yet, here I analyze the report of the massacre- it appears your most "loyal" slaves took arms against the guards once beyond the castello's fortifications. Magnificently, the lack of organisation by House Soranzo had only proven - to not only allow slaves to make the guards look like jesters - but to open the castello's gates and permit such a mass of bloodthirsty beasts to spill the blood of all who were within Dolfino..."


He rolls his eyes and continues, "Your idiocy comes with a price Lord Vitale Soranzo, but I will indeed have your proper holding reclaimed from the wretches that so boldly stole it... After all, tis Jeridia that is threatened, not just your dynasty."


"B-Bless you- your grace." The shakened Vitale responded.


"As for you, Lord Filangieri, your family's deeds flourish Jeridia's treasury, but - do keep a better eye for disobedience in the future, mm?" The king gave Francesco a wink and rises from his throne.


"Let it be known officially to Jeridia - and the entire island that I- King Pandolfo Stagno - declare war against all that threaten the walls of our beloved capital - and its subjects!" The nobles in front of him begin applauding right after the king's verbal declaration of war.


"Marshal Giovanni Tavelli and Grandmaster Manfredi of the Jeridian Knights shall assemble with my council the following sun... We shall plan our righteous reclamation and then our most needed domination..."

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Island of Jeridia, Kingdom's Capital Square[/align]


"The Coeurls of our magnificent Jeridia rise up to challenge King Pandolfo's rule! These spawns of the void are menacing our culture our very own lives! Aiming to eradicate all that is good-" The crier in the capital's square shouted out towards a roaring crowd of the city's residents.


Among the crowd, stood two young men wearing a long black surcoat, with gold trimmings. One of them seemed to be at the end of his adolesence, while the other appeared to be in his early twenties. The youngest held an angular face, with dark brown hair that was properly brushed back, his face smooth, tanned due to exposure to the sun and the colors of his eyes a pale gold.


The older warrior that stood beside the young one, was far larger and bulky than the comrade he stood beside. His hair was a far lighter tone of brown, his skin as dark as his younger companion's, his eyes steel grey, a stubble covers the lower segments of his face and and his hair full of curls.


"Tsh, spawns of the void? It always amazes how the populace believes whatever people say." The older knight shook his head and lowered his gaze towards his younger comrade, "What say you, Bartolomeo?"


The young man swallowed as he was addressed, "Ildefonso, I...do not believe that- that's accurate. Grandmaster told us that they were...similar to us - simply, not educated properly..." He lowered his gaze and appeared full of anxiety.


"Bartolomeo, we're not here to -educate- or -reform- the vermin, we both know that our goals in the order is to fight them. We're knights, and from what I can understand out of all this - we're at the dawn of becoming crusaders." Ildefonso rested a hand against Bartolomeo's shoulder and grinned with plenty of pride.


One of the members in the crowd turned back to see both Bartolomeo and Ildefonso standing behind them. Their jaw dropped with pleasant surprise as his eyes fell upon their dark tabards, "By the Keeper! Tis the Coeurlslayers! They are here to strip save us from the menace from the Void!" The man's outburst attracted many that were listening to the crier's speech and barely two seconds after, the entire crowd's attention was focused on the duo.


People could be heard gossiping about the two knights, both men, women alike. The crowd proved to be overwhelming for the youngest, Bartolomeo as his cheeks flushed with embarassment at the sudden attention. "Bartolomeo - uhh - I think we should go." Ildefonso, says while grabbing Bartolomeo's hand and guiding him away from the intense crowd.


As the two traversed through the city's canal on a bridge made of stone, a man wearing the same black and gold surcoat marched by them. His hair was long and grey, his face rough yet shaven and the wrinkles on his face gave him the appearance of a middle aged combatant. The most distracting feature was the black eyepatch that covered the man's left eye.


The two young knights inclined their heads, "Grandmaster Manfredi." Their voices echoed together, and the Grandmaster before them smiled warmly, "I see you are both the last to be informed in regards to the recent earth shattering events, mm?"


"You mean...tis true is it not? We are going to war against the miqo'tes?" Ildefonso inquired, his expression filled with uncertainty.


"Mhm, I believe you've heard of the recent loss of castello Dolfino? Tis what influenced the King to bare swords and - from what I've understood, he wants us to lead the assault to reclaim it." The Grandmaster spoke, resting a hand against each of his two knight's shoulders, "We are to march tomorrow and assemble a siege, the King's forces will be there to join us." Manfredi was direct at the two, and brushed past against them to march through, "Now I have a final audience with the King. I suggest you both spend time with your loved ones before we leave Jeridia's hospitality."

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Kingdom of Jeridia, House Filangieri Manor[/align]


As Bartolomeo marched upon the steps towards the noble districts of Jeridia, his golden eyes settled straight towards the elegantly constructed manor that awaited him right beyond the stairs. He pushed through the metal fence that solidly defended the main entrance to the estate, and upon reaching the door, Bartolomeo knocked.


After five seconds the door opened from within due to the efforts of a bronze skinned, female seeker, with eyes vibrant in shades of violet and long black hair. She wore a white gown, its edges stained with dirt. Dark eyeliners were present around her eyes, and it clearly seemed that someone had strangely decided to dress up the miqo'te. Her gaze met the young man's, without empathy.


Bartolomeo smiled politely and with anxiety he inquired, "Ah- m-m'lady... Is mother here?"The miqo'te twitched as her gaze sighted down towards the man's surcoat. She hissed and revealed her fangs at the young knight until a booming voice from behind emerged, "Dalia! Who is it?!" The miqo'te's gaze trembled at the man's tone, her ears lowered in submission.


The door completely opened, and the miqo'te slid back inside while what appeared to be her master came towards the entrance. "....Tis only my son." It was Francesco Filangieri, a red chaperon was resting on his head while wearing a navy blue jacket. He smirked down at his son and gestured him in, "Come in, your mother and brother are certain to want to talk to you." A firm hand rested against Bartolomeo's shoulder as Francesco guided him into the main corridor.


Bartolomeo marched up the staircase that led up towards the manor's studyroom, from there he caught sight of a middle aged woman, dark brown hair that was properly tied into a bun, makeup pampered her pale face and concaled her wrinkles. The young knight gracefully walked inside, "Mother..."


The woman turned around only to give Bartolomeo a weak smile that quickly evolved into a frown. "Your father told me already..." Her gaze was full of concern as they fixated on Bartolomeo's. Bartolomeo didn't feel at ease to respond, and immediately his mother rose up and embraced him, tears poured down her face. "Please- I know what can happen to those who stay beyond the walls for t-too long...don- don't let it change who you are - Barto..."


Bartolomeo embraced his mother in return, but was unsure in what to respond with, the words and reaction was entirely unexpected for him. It was until footsteps that the footsteps of Ildefonso emerged that interrupted the short bonding between the two, "Sir Filangieri! The Grandmaster requires your presence immediately - gather your belongings as the march to Dolfino will soon commence!"


Bartolomeo reluctantly released his mother and gave her a reassuring smile as he gradually stepped back towards the staircase, "...I will return mother, even better than I am now...I promise." With that Bartolomeo followed Ildefonso down the stairs, with the intent at venturing to the city gates.

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