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Emeraven Stormrose


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I. Basic Info 


  • Characters:Emeraven Stormrose, Amare Stormrose
  • Primary character:Emeraven Stormrose
  • Linkshells:
  • Primary RP linkshell:

II. RP Style 


  • Amount of RP (light, medium, heavy):

  • I prefer to Medium to Heavy RP, for the majority of my time in character. Though I can do light RP, its usually for a reason. For example investigating a bar to find contacts and information.
  • Views on RP combat and injuries:

  • I prefer RP combat to be honorable, not too far outside the realms of possibility for the world we are in. If your inventive and cunning, ill respect your moves. I wont however participate in fights that take hours at a time. I prefer quick battles, so the energy of the fight is preserved. Injuries do affect my character, sure healing exists, but there will be lingering IC consequences with most serious injuries.
  • Views on IC romance:

  • You will see me playing out IC romance, my character is involved with a few other characters. However shes unlikely to accept any advances at this time. She is content with her relationships. I believe it can be a great source of RP and development, but it can equally be something that isn't fun and constructive.
  • Views on non-romantic RP (family ties, etc):

  • I do like family ties and friendships, and it has been the central theme in much of my RP for years. Currently my character is in a relationship with the heads of a family group, called Sargonnai (you may see them around). She has become a matron herself of this group of both blood related and adopted offspring. She also has her own daughter to take care of.
  • Views on lore:

  • I actually do like lore, and enjoy finding out about the world. However as a student of our own history, I know that it only tells part of the story. At times things are omitted and biased, so I can accept things outside of the lore. However I try and not make it too outlandish myself and prefer others keep it reasonable. But if I do play something out of the norm, my character will try and keep that to herself, she would rather fit in with the world around her.
  • Views on chat functions (/say, /linkshell, etc):

  • I take Say as a local chat heard in the general area, emotes are visible if I can see, or hear what is done. Linkshell can be IC if its meant to be, as there are linkshell as part of the story of the world. Tells and group chat I take to be private conversations. I use (( )) to indicate OOC.

III. Other Info 

  • Country:New Zealand
  • Timezone:South Pacific
  • Contact info:PM me on the forums

  • Some players have sent me tells becuae the name Emeraven Stormrose has been used in other games (Eq2), yes I am the same player. Eme here is a bit different from other incarnations, but because I like playing certain themes there will of course be similarities. I will try and not let idea cross over, but I make not promises, sometimes Eme has a mind of her own :)


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