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Biased Reportings [ooc welcome]


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((Follows after Smallshells for the Heart))


Ildur sat in the sparsely furnished office of the Commerce Regulation Agency. It was a large room with little more than a desk and a few padded seats. The window behind it was decorated with red curtains, which the old merchant had swung open moments before to let the light of the dawn enter.


Something had changed, though. The potted flowers that were on the desk in earlier times was now on a corner next to the windows, sitting on top of its own thin side table. There was also a bookcase and a cabinet to either side. They matched the desk in style, looking well made and expensive but not excessively.


The main change, however, was that the pile of disorganized paperwork that had been on top of the desk since forever was now gone. Instead, there was a ledger, an inkwell, a quill, an open envelope and a lamp with a green shade. Ildur was behind the desk with one hand over it and leaning against his chair. His other hand held a paper.


The whole setup cast an ominous shadow towards the door.


Illira let herself into the C.R.A.'s office with little ceremony. She didn't even knock on its doors, for while it had been a long while since she had last passed through them, it was her prerogative to do as she willed. She had wasted little time in returning to the office once she'd gotten off of the airship, stopping only long enough to allow the airsickness to subside.


The heavy wooden door hit the wall with a dull thud as she walked into the room. She quickly took stock of the reorganization that had been done since D'hein's departure from Limsa. "It seems you've cleaned the place."


Ildur glanced briefly to the elf and offered a smile before continuing to pay attention to the letter in his hand. "It was much needed, if you ask me. Do you approve? I'm not an expert in furnishing, but I believe I did a decent job."


"Yes, I do approve. Its quite a refreshing change." Illira took a seat a few feet from the desk, watching Ildur muse over the papers, proper work. She had not seen that in far too long.


"I hope you had a good journey."


"Oh. It was delightful. Did you know that our very own D'hein and Antimony's child was possessed by a voidsent? You missed all the drama over here in Limsa."


"It must have been very dramatic, indeed..." Ildur turned his head to look at the elezen. His brow raised over his glasses. "I'm sorry. Did you say 'possessed by a voidsent'?"


"Yes. I was rather dragged along for the ride. He claims that he is headed back to business now that his machinations have made him a Nunh of his tribe. But I have no faith in him." Illira spoke coldly, matter of factly.


"What do you imagine he will do, then?"


Illira shrugged, "I would not be surprised to hear that he aims to place himself on under Ul'dah's crown as sultan. His... work merely benefits his own power and wealth. Not the Empire's."


Ildur let out a brief chuckle. He placed the paper down into its envelope. "Though if he does have a better position within his own tribe, then he will be able to provide us with all or most of their assets." he said. "I think you are giving him too much credit."


"Am I? Everything out of that man's lips is a lie or a deceit."


"I know he was using our agents to make a move against his Nunh. Beyond that, though, what was his lie?" asked the old man while opening a drawer and slipping the now closed letter inside.


"What isn't one? What thing does he do for what is right and not simply to further his own agenda. There are too many too many misdeeds to count," said Illlira, pointedly not giving specifics.


"As I said." Ildur started, resting his arms on the desk and joining his hands. "His tribe is not an insignificant player in Ul'dah. The help they can provide us is directly dependant on how much D'hein controls them. We will soon find out how much assistance he is willing to give us with his new rank."


"Hrmmm," the low, discontented sound rumbled in Illira's throat. "He is going to send me reports. I have my own sources to use for comparison."


"I'm sure you are not looking forward to go back to that city. Let's hope he doesn't do anything strange. Though, if he does plan on doing anything like what you said, he won't do it from one day to the other." Ildur said, nodding and leaning back. "What was that about his daughter and voidsents?"


"I'm surprised that you haven't received word yet from events at Vesper Bay. I'm sure you will soon. The girl lost control and needed to be put down. There was... there was a woman there who doesn't believe that its done yet. But the daughter is dead."


"That sounds unfortunate. How did D'hein take it?"


She shrugged, "Well enough, he did not seem that surprised that it came to that. He even insisted on thanking me, though he should not have."


Ildur tilted his head. "Why? What was your role in that?"


The elezen's jaw tightened at the question, "I was the one that took her life."


The man nodded, his hand passing once over his beard. "I see." he said, moving his sight to the top of the desk for a moment. "Do you think that will impact in his next actions with the Agency?"


"In what way do you mean?" she asked.


"I'm basically wondering if you think he was being sincere in his thanks, or if he might hold his daughter's death against you."


"Who knows. Though of all things that I have heard fall from his lips, his relief seemed genuine. Antimony has not taken it so well. Oh. I assume you heard he had hired her back on against my strict recommendation?"


"I did." he nodded, smiling. "I'm not sure how you can recommend something strictly, but if that's all it was there's not much to be done if he intends to keep her around in Ul'dah. We'll have to ask him about that at a later time, though. I don't think it would be convenient or polite to bother him right now."


Illira frowned at that, "Convenience and politeness are merely excuses. But I won't press the matter now."


"It was only a strict recommendation, Illira." he smiled. "Is there anything else I should know?"


Her eyes narrowed at Ildur's turning her words against her, "No. That is all for now."


Ildur seemed mostly amused by it. "You should take some time to rest from Ul'dah, then. Take a day or two, if you feel you need them." he said, standing up. "We'll talk about those matters with more detail soon. Meanwhile, I'll find you some simpler, D'hein-free administrative work."


Illira stood as well at that, "There is always work to be done. I will see you again soon enough, now that I am back in Limsa for a little while."


"I hope your stay here will be more peaceful. It was good to see you."


"Hrmm, Your bearded face is a welcome change from D'hein's at least." Illira walked herself to the door.


Ildur remained standing for a while before shrugging and sitting again, having nothing more to add.

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