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Now while I am diligently working on transcribing the events that have brought me to this land of Eorzea, the tale has not yet been fully written. I must still seek out a scribe to make sense of my rambling notes. So for now I shall give you a preview of where it is I come from. Now I am not a map maker nor an artist, so you must bear with my crude rendering.




I know that my handwriting is somewhat difficult to read, so I will list the places on the map with their proper pronunciation, if needed. Also, it would seem that I forgot to include the bridge that links Helheim with Nifelheim, something I will add later. This realm occupies a very large, and I mean very large, underground canyon, cut off from the main world above. The only light that Nifelheim receives is from the glowing orb atop the Warrior's Sanctum. At it's peak hours during the day, the light is equivalent to the twilight hours of Eorzea.


Area's, starting from the west and working east:


~City of Mjorgin (mi-yor-gyn)

~Plain's of Eternity

~Warrior's Sanctum

~Guardian's Gateway

~Mammon's Underground Palace

~Guillotine Pass

~Mt. Thor

~Almone's Valley (al-moan)

~Karnal Gateway

~Goddess Lake

~Temporal Vortex


~Lady Hell's Palace.

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I should mention, for those of you who might be wondering, Nifelheim does not exist in the realm of Eorzea. It is a separate entity, or world if you prefer, and has nothing to do with Eorzea. You may ask yourself "But if that's true, then how did you get here to Eorzea, Eternal?" I would answer; you'll have to wait for me to finish writing, and rewriting to find out. Before Eorzea, I wasn't even a Miqo'te, only what would resemble what you call a 'Hyur'. It is going to be an interesting journey, rather it was an interesting journey and I hope that you will go with me on it.

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At last, the first chapter of my tale has been posted! I hope, that should you choose to read it, that you enjoy it. Please send me your thoughts as well, either here in this thread or via a private message.




Well, perhaps not replies on this thread, if needed I will make a new thread in a more appropriate place on the forums. Also, should it be needed, I can provide proper pronunciations for some of the names, just ask and I shall provide.


((Also, please note, that this story, once it is completed, will be bounded and published and handed out to anyone who wishes a copy. IC, of course, not in IRL, So consider everything you read, in character knowledge. I shall keep no secrets and it saves a lengthy short-version of Eternal's history. Actually, I am going to find a more appropriate place for this, I just wanted to showcase the map here. I'll give a link once I've made the thread.))


And a link to the discussion thread: viewtopic.php?f=24&t=2162

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Updates to "Mjollnr" have been added, though no full chapters, just some info.


I'd also like to take this time to ask if I could commission someone to do some art work for me. Nothing extensive, just some quick character concepts. If someone is interested, please let me know. As far as payment goes, I can obviously only pay you in gil, should you want, just let me know how much per image and I will pull the funds together. Thank you.

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I appreciate your dropping in to say 'hello'. This thread has been feeling lonely from lack of replies from other people. The mog house, you say? I am not familiar with it and I do not wish to impose, but perhaps if you pointed me in the right direction I might be able to take the reins from there.


Also, chapter two has been posted.

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