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A small tome with some words in it (Journal)


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Where do I even begin? I mean I bought this thing because...well, I guess I’m self-conscious? Damned Silvernail and her taunting like I’m illiterate or something. Just because I lug an axe around and do the whole axe-for-hire thing doesn’t make me uncivilized. I’m plenty civilized!


You know, the sort of civilized who throws his anger at being called uncivilized onto a page in a book that can’t resp--


Alright let’s start over, aye?


Silvernail...what do I have to say about her? Other than she’s lucky I saved her arse. Mayhap I shouldn’t be so condescending of that though. She’s...ambitious. Not so much in a hurry to accomplish her goals and it’s striking that she seems to elect to not put anyone in peril for her sake. It was hard to tell if the reason she almost didn’t accept my offer to protect her was because she hated me or because she didn’t want to pull someone else in. I like to think it was the latter.


She kind of hinted at something that makes her want this life, she said she needed to do it.That really spoke to me considering how I feel about myself and everything I’ve failed to do. My friends...I could have helped them and I went into this whole sellswording thing hoping to take jobs they didn’t necessarily give adventurers. Thinking that maybe I’d do things that, while they were less personable, would make a bigger difference. Fact is it turned into just turning a profit. I fell into that trap, getting more and more bitter and just taking whatever job came to me no matter if it was innocent or downright unspeakable. I think I lost my way somewhere along the line. Now comes along this pretty little thing and has me rethinking the whole thing.


It makes me wonder...what did I really get into this for? To make a difference? Or was it some sort of revenge I wanted for my friends. How does one exact vengeance when he doesn’t know the true face of the ones who wronged him? It makes my efforts look almost petty when I think about it. Silvernail on the other hand knows what she wants...where she’s going, what she wants to be done, what HAS to be done. She’s brash and reckless but it’s all for the cause she seems to be going for for whatever reason it may be. I haven’t thought to push the issue.


Perhaps that was what drove me to enjoy a drink with her. To enjoy a night with her. Mayhaps I took it a little too far, but...I don’t regret it. And not for the reasons you think...because obviously you’re judging me you formerly blank, little page in this tome. I don’t regret it because well it’s not often one gets to share a night with someone of similar...no no that’s stupid because she’s grabbed my attention. I think that’s a very nice way of putting it. I found her qualities and her steadfast nature to actually be rather attractive. She was something like a displaced noble in the way she acted, but much less snobbish about it. Not to mention she’s rather...easy on the eyes what with that lovely figure and...A poet might say she’s like a rose, beautiful to observe but not without her sharp bits of personality. Seeing as I’m no poet I’ll just go with she was all around a treat to the senses.


Ah Wemrys, you’re gonna get stuck on a lass talking like that though. Or...writing. Whatever. She’s your employer now and you get to work to protect her no matter what mess she gets herself in. Better to be cautious about it...right? I mean...yeah. That’s what I mean. Keep her safe because she pays you you want to see her away from harm. That’s what matters more. Maybe that is the better road to travel to make a difference. I suppose I’ll find out soon enough.


We're heading out for La Noscea in the morning. Gods know what she wants there but it should be nice to see home again. Maybe if I'm lucky I won't have to fend off wolves and crabs and mandragoras and pirates. Not that I wouldn't do it to protect her, but an man needs some kinda hope that things go right, aye? Maybe she just wants to hit Costa del Sol. There'd be an idea...just sitting on a beach with her and I should probably stop writing before I daydream myself into a stupor.


'Til next time. Wait do I need to put that? I mean who's reading this but me? Why am I writing th--

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