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Cult Activity Rising

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By Tonberry Staff


Greetings citizens of Eorzea today we bring you a public service

announcement. In recent months there have been scattered reports of

figures clad in black appearing in various settlements. These figures

spoke a great many of things that many would consider heretical and or

would otherwise shun. Of course though we could not confirm such

reports because of how isolated such occurrences were, however on 9/29

we were able to finally be able to confirm these reports.


On 9/29 a robed figure clad in black wandered into the ever popular

adventure's guild the Quicksand.Ul'Dah is no stranger to such

appearances, they are host to the Thaumaturge guild where such an

appearance is practically a uniform.What made this figure stand out

however was he began speaking what many if not all said to be mindless

ramblings. When we interviewed several eyewitnesses they said the

figure spoke with distaste for the light and the twelve saying that

those who still follow such beings will not survive the new age



Of course by this time many of the patrons of the Quicksand were

growing increasingly irritated with the figures rantings but before

the situation spiraled out of control Ul'Dah law enforcement moved in

to resolve the situation. After a few words were exchanged between the

two parties the figure left the quicksand and soon after the city



In light of this information many officials across Eorzea would like

to warn its citizens to be wary of such individuals and the subsequent

cult they are apart of. Little information is still known about them however

it is clear that they harbor a degree of ill will towards the Light and The Twelve.

If you happen to come across such individuals please be sure to contact the

respective authoritative force to resolve the situation.Officials will begin an

investigation of the cult and in time hope to root them out so that they do

not disrupt the lives of the people further.

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