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Gen Quickpaw




early to mid-twenties


"Treasure hunter"


Personality: Gen is a quick-witted Miqo'te who only wants to have a good time. He's a good friend to those he bother to get to know, and pretty much doesn't care about anyone else.

Somne would call him irresponsible and lazy, incapable of holding a permanent job since he seems allergic to regular hard work, and usually ends up throwing dice in the shady parts of town.


Strengths and flaws: 

Gen has a natural talent for acting without thinking, this has gotten him both in and out of trouble at equal measure. But he always goes for the first thing he thinks of, taking the easy way out of pretty much anything he gets into.








Short Bio: Raised by his parents, one an historian, and the other a chronicler Gen was always on the move as a kid, moving to and from archeological digsites and ruins all over the world. 


His parents soon realized he had a knack for getting in and out of trouble at the drop of a hat, since he always managed to find the most deadly traps, and always escaping at the last second through either tenacity and sheer perseverence.. or dumb luck. Often while finding hidden treasures and relics as well.


His mother, being a clever woman, realized that the boy probably would never stop interfering in their excavating, so instead she made it his job, seeing that the few attempts he made at having a normal day job usually ended in him goofing off somewhere. So she and his father emplys him to sniff out whatever there's hidden while they take care of researching and cataloguing his finds.


So Gen now travels the world, sometimes with, sometimes without his folks. Finding relics and selling them for a living.






Gen was lying flat on his back. Hidden deep in a field of tall grass, somewhere near Limsa Lominsa. It felt rather comfortable and he made no real effort at getting up.


Now, how did I get here. The Miqo'te pondered.


He backtracked the last few hours in his mind. 


Entered the cave, fought off the Sahagin, found a side entrance to the blocked ruins mom and pop where excavating. Found a whole lot of goodies, and traps. But I got away from those.


He looked at his loose fitting shirt. Noting  a hole beneath his armpit, and an arrow tangled in it.


"It was a new shirt darn it..." He broke the arrow off and tossed it away, muttering over his bad luck as he began to cloudgaze. 


Found a small gold statue, grabbed said statue.  Walls came down around me. The statue is... where? He looked in his backpack. "There, can buy myself a new shirt." He smiled faintly. 



But, story did not end there, walls came down, fell into a second room, deeper in the ruins. Ancient tablet room, yes! 

He realized he was holding the tablet in his other arm. So... I got out in one piece, yes.. why wouldn't I have gotten out in one piece, what am I forgett.. oh. Riiiiiight


-Thud-... -Thud-


I'm lying in the grass because this is where the Golem tossed me after it caught me as I made my way outside. I hate golems. 


Gen rolled over on his stomach. slowly raising to have a look, eyes flat on his head. The Golem didn't need much more than thet and directly sensed Gens whereabouts. 






Gen didn't waste anytime as the lumbering rock-hulk set after him. He considered his options as he retreated. Fighting such a  thing with just his fists seemed a bit, stupid.








Gen made his way towards the nearby woods. He needed the thickest tree available he realized. A plan forming in his mind. But he would need it soon, the rock-creature was faster than anticipated, and the small scrawny trees that he saw only served to become splinters beneath the golems bulk.


Until he reached a solid oak that was. It looked old, but Gen thought it would work. He placed his back toward the tree, staring at the mass off rock that came lumbering towards him.


Basic golems lead with their left in a sweep, followed by a smashing right.. I hope.



Previous experiences guided him, and luckily he was correct. He ducked below the left sweep, which got caught in the tree, which barely managed to hold together. 


Right downward smash...



The Miqo'te just barely avoided it as he rolled inside of the golems reach. Standing just to it's right side, he made an open palm and placed his index finger right below the golems hip. 


"KIAI!" his hand emitted a flash of light as his chakra combined with a rotating motion from his hips, shoulders and finally, closed fist, was sent into the golems hip.


It hurt like hell, and he wasn't surprised if he fractured his fist on the rocky creature.


But the Golem still tock the worst of it. Gen leapt between its legs and  turned around. He saw the Golems hips crack and fall apart as it tried to turn after him. Large rocks fell out of the fissure that had come from that one crazy punch. And  soon the whole right side of the hip crumbled and the Golem was sent hurtling toward the ground.


Gen held his hand in pain. And noted how the golem had started to drag itself toward him


"Yeah.. not staying around for that."


He took a few step backwards. Then turned around and began to jog towards his camp. His mother would most likely want to examine the rock-beast. 


After we pulverize it, I hope.






Havent made one of these in years, feels like riding a bike... without air in the wheels and the saddle is missing. But if you see me ingame, don't hesitate to introduce yerselves.


Edit: Derrr.. and now I see I misjudged the proper use of this board which was not profiles.. d'errrr... if i have anythig in common with Gen it's the leap before you look mentality..


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