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Remotely Plausible podcast Ep.4 & Survey 2

Smiling River

How often do you RP?  

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  1. 1. How often do you RP?

    • Never (not a Role Player)
    • Never (but I'd like to)
    • Rarely
    • Half the time
    • Often
    • All the time

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Remotely Plausible Survey #2


How often do you RP in FFXIV? Out of the time you are in-game, how often are you IC and RP'ing with others? This survey is NOT about how many times you log in per week. If you log in every day but RP once, you'd select "rarely". If you log in once a week but RP the whole time, select "All the time." Post your comments/thoughts below!


Also, Remotely Plausible Ep. 4 is out! Listen and discuss HERE. :angel:

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Posting to explain my selection - 'half the time'. I feel like there's a bit of difference between RPing in linkshell and RPing 'face to face'. My char is rather socially awkward and prone to roaming since his job requires first-hand travel experience. So, I RP in linkshell more than I RP face-to-face, since this supports my playstyle anyway. If LS RPing counts, I'd hop straight to the high end of 'often'. Though that being said, I do consider myself in-character nearly always - if someone randomly strolls up to me and starts RPing, I'll almost never say "Sorry, I'm OOC right now" and I tend to avoid /saying or /shouting OOCly.


If I'm online, chances are I'm doing leves until a bit of RP catches my attention - I tend not to go actively hunting for and asking about it unless my "to-do" list is checked off, but I'll almost always roll by for some RP if I spot it and it'd be character-appropriate to hop in. Sometimes I'll even roleplay in LS as if Verence is doing something I'm not actually OOCly doing if it makes more sense for him. I try to keep that to a minimum though, since Verence is so easily distracted and far-ranging that it's not hard to see him doing just about anything on a lark.


Anyhow, long answer short: If LS RP doesn't count, Half the Time. If it does, Very Often.

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