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Lamia Roleplay


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     Created in hopes to connect with English speaking roleplayers on the Lamia server. Currently this linkshell is small and used very occasionally due to the lack of RP activity on Lamia (in my recent experience so far). In the future I would like to develop this and it's OOC linkshell counterpart into a small Free Company that focuses on things like in game progression, PVP, and Dungeons, while keeping it's main theme as a Roleplay Free Company.

     Welcoming all ages able to use basic punctuation, spelling, and follow lore within reason. OOC chat politely catering to ages from the early twenties to mid-thirties. If you are interested in joining in on the fun, or just adding it to your list please send a letter or tell, as well as a friend request to Tinswift Dhavha. At the moment there is no defined theme or story line, though I would love to start planning if you have something in mind.



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