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A Grim Dark Adventure. [[Halloween Event]]

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A small letter was floating though the air, it had a blood-like scent on it as it said this.


I, Zailia Evenstar, am looking for adventurers big or small to get something back from my dead family. Do no worry, I am able to protect, but please, You have to be armored and without fears, before you will scream in terror. Do you accept it? Or are you too scared? Teehee. 



The letter was quite sketched by some rather disturbing things, but, it did had a trustful aura on it. Will they be able to get the family heirloom? Or is this all trickery from the weird looking lady?



 ((  Hi guys! I am wanting to do a halloween dark-themed adventure RP and I am in the need of some specific people to go help Zailia/Kairi with her secret plan. Go join us!  )) 



Time: Oct 31 at 12 GMT/6 EST.

Location: Still needs to be thought of, but I am working on it.

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