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A Haunting Wake [[Halloween Event | Nov 1]]

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An open celebration of All Saints Wake at the Drum and Dagger - Lady Amandine's former summer home located in Lavender Beds ward 8/plot 11. 


Enjoy a spooky, scary atmosphere and settle in for a bone-chilling performance of The Legend of Sleepy Nibelheim, beginning promptly at 7PM (EST) on November 1st.


But beware... spirits are afoot, and should they appear, not even the mummers of Lansquenet will be able to keep their heads...

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Sharp-eyed forumites might recall this as the same play Lansquenet performed for Halloween a year ago, back when we were on Gilgamesh. Now that we're on Balmung, it will return, bigger, better, and scarier than ever before.


Look forward to...


Professor Joho, the Mad Alchemist! As performed by the inimitable Cendrillon Braids!


The Lovely Doctor Lucrece! Portrayed by none other than yours truly, Aumeric Chassebel.


The Lovelorn Bodyguard, Valentine! Fresh-faced newcomer Ayin'a Quist will be playing the part.


The Indefatigable Narrator, Skoena Fraewyn!



And of course, a whole host of gracious staff, who are in no way eyeing your purses or jewels, and the many, many special guests we expect to see.


We hope to see you there.

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