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Looking for RP Connections

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Looking for an RP partner/Free Company/connection for Sebastian Hunt. Maybe someone or a group to show this once wealthy heir-turn-exiled the world, since this is his first time seeing any place other than his his family's land. 


Just some basic Information


Name: Sebastian Hunt

Age: 21

S/O: Straight

Life Goals/Dreams: To show his father he can be a warrior's man with a bow...and to keep his hair in order doing it. 


Bio(Short Verson): Sebastian's real name is Sebastian Thanwall, though he was forced to abandon it when his father exiled him from the Thanwall Home. In short, he was exiled because he didn't want to follow tradition. All of the men in the Thanwall line were either Marauders or or Gladiators. "Fighting from afar is a cowards game". Sebastian, on the other hand, had an extreme interest in the bow in arrow because of his mother, who spoiled him tirelessly. When his father realized he wouldn't be able to sway Sebastian, and was ridiculed because of it, he Exiled Sebastian at the age of twenty. Sebastian doesn't tell people who he is or where he come from, but his "pampered" attitude gives away his once ravish lifestyle. 


Well if you're interested (or if I'm interesting ha) you can message me here, send me a /Tell (Sebastian Hunt) or send me a chat on my LS "Take Back The House"

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