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Sanctus Refero's Trick or Treat Event!


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The Trick or Treat Event


When: October 31st - All day until 3am PST


Where: Anywhere on the Server


Hosted by: Sanctus Refero [Contact: Alona Rhys, Sterne Evans, or any LS member]




*coughs slightly embarrassed* Well, Sanctus Refero is having a trick or treat event and we just realized we hadn't invited other linkshells to participate. So you are now officially invited! Better late than never right?


All you have to do is when you see a Sanctus Refero or any participating linkshell's members say, "Trick or Treat" feel free to give them a treat or trick them! If any of your linkshells would like to officially participate feel free to say so. The more the merrier!





~OOC notes~


Purpose of event: To promote community and extralinkshelltrial communications.


Rules: If someone tells you trick or treat please give an item or a trick. Tricks should be RP'd out. It is not strictly IC, no strict rules, however don't be rude.

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