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Best Repair Locations?

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Are there any "best" locations in each region to get repairs done? I assumed it would be near the repair NPCs, but I parked myself overnight next to the one in Ul'dah... twelve hours later, nothing had been fixed. Was that just an unfortunate coincidence, or are there better places to go?

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I get the feeling that bazaar repairs are not exactly all the rage at the moment, unfortunately. It's restrictive because the person doing the repairs has to just so happen have the item needed for repairing in their inventory. More often than not when I see players doing repairs, they're being given the material as well as an additional commission fee for the repairs.


The location is definitely not the issue, considering people heading to the repair NPC likely are going there for, well, repair or craft-related activity. It's just a matter of bazaar repairs not really being a popular thing for crafters to do right now. Your best bet may be to simply seek repairs more directly, outside of sitting and hoping someone both (a) checks your bazaar, and (b) has the item needed to repair what needs repairing.


Beside the repair NPCs, however, your next best places to try are either specific craft guilds, or the adventurer guilds, with the market wards a very distant third.

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