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From There Til Now. - ((Coraliza Velia's Journal.))


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With a gentle click of the steel key to her lock, Coraliza pushed the heavy wooden door to her room open.  It was late and the cool air poured into her room alongside bright spools of moonlight, leaving nothing more but but the silence to match it.  The door was shut and locked behind her and with that, she crossed the room to her desk to the pile of neglected books that had come to gather.  A hesitant hand rose to light the lamp before it pulled away once more.


"Perhaps tonight isn't a night for reading."  She sighed out softly under her breath.

She made her way around the partition as she shrugged off the loose silk dress she had chosen for the evening.  The bath in her room had already been drawn and heated waiting to wash off whatever day's stress still plagued her.  Coraliza folded her dress, neatly placing it on the table.  With quiet steps, she made her way to the platform to climb over the side of the large tub, letting the water completely take her.  She scrubbed a bit of soot from an earlier experiment that had left itself present along the pale flesh of her cheeks before she ducked under the water.  Once she came up for air, slender fingers drew through lilac locks as the evening sky caught her eye from the window.


"I guess no one is as alone as they think they are, or so I've been told." She remarked softly as her violet gaze lingered along a trail of bright, twinkling stars.  She gave a shake of her head as she lifted herself from the bath to escape its waters and dry herself.  A silk robe was plucked from a hook on the wall and was put on.  Soft steps guided her towards her bed, where she pulled the sheets back, to climb in, humming a soft tune from earlier in the week. 


"I'll be less distracted tomorrow.  Mmh. Tomorrow."

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"You are running out of distractions..."


The whisper rang out in the dead of night, enough to stir Coraliza from what was already restless sleep.  Startled, she sat up in bed to peek out from behind violet locks that clung to damp skin.  The room was empty, cold and silent aside from the racing of her own heart.  Trembling hands tugged her free from the blanket as she slipped out of bed to carry herself toward her living area.  Nothing, empty.  Coraliza drew a deep breath before she found a match to light the fire in her fireplace.  The crackling of the wood was a sound she was all too familiar with, both past and present.  


"You helped, you know..."


It rang out once again, a whisper that had visited her more frequently as the time went on. Coraliza could still feel the chill of the room, despite how close she had been sitting to the fire.  Her heart sank, leaving her empty as she traced gently along the pendant that had hung from her neck.  It was the one thing she had left from even before the settlement, before joining the company, and the one memento that seemed to soothe her in moments like this.  


"What would the others think if they knew what you did?"


Coraliza froze as she clutched tighter to the tiny star around her neck.  In that moment, it felt that her heart would surely stop as the crackling of the fire grew louder.  Her eyes lid shut as she brought herself back to that day, back to before even when she came to Ul'dah.  Even in the silence of her room she could still hear the screams ring out from memory as she recalled all of the buildings from her past settlement collapse around her.  She took in a sharp inhale, searching for any bit of clarity to silence her own thoughts, but all she could feel was her control slipping from her, much as it felt before.  Her fingers trembled around her pendant before they fell to curl around the fabric of her nightgown.  She had done her best to bury her concerns for the sake of the others in the company, but now she could feel the calm and control that she had worn so loosely begin to unravel from its seams.


Perhaps it was time to get someone involved.

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