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Sands est Maria {Sands to Sea} (OOC Allowed)

Dat Oni

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Koporo Aporo held the "axe" in his hands, his eyes looking over the pathetic excuse for an edge at the end, nothing more than a pointed bit of metal shrapnel forcefully wedged into the wooden shaft, his gaze catching specks of blood from past victims here and there. It should have been obvious from the start he wasn't going to get a quality head-taker from these people, dressed in yellow, howling and laughing with mugs of grog in their hands, ever a far cry from the stone-cold personas that awaited him back at the Royal Promenade. He was just a Dunesfolk, out of place in this city beset by waves of what he considered an endless sea. They had no reason to care if he had interest in this weapon that supposedly could tear a man in two, and why should they? It wasn't like he cut a very intimidating figure. Short, stocky, skin darkened from constant exposure to an unforgiving sun...Could he be more out of place? The Roegadyn in front of him continued to laugh. 


"Right, boy. There's your axe."


"It's jus' a stick with a blunt on th'end."


"And your gonna kill a few ladybugs wit' it."


"Ya'll can't be serious. Bugs?"


"Aww, where's your brass, boy? Afraid of a few vilekin?"


"This ain't gon' work. Nuff' jokes. Give me a real head-taker."


"Harhar! You think you've earned it? Just by walking in here and saying some fancy words?"




"Harrr! Look at this, lads! He thinks he can just march in here and demand an axe from us, aye? Listen you runt, your gonna do exactly as I say, and then, if I feel generous, maybe you'll get an axe from me. Until then, I'm the one with a proper "head-taker", not you, and you're gonna have to deal with-"


There was a sickening crunching sound as the blunt struck the man's legs. Almost instantly, the Roegadyn fell face-forward, hitting the ground with an enormous thud. The laughing quickly gave way to silence. Everyone in the room watched as Koporo calmly hopped on top of the oaf and retrieved his much grander, blood-spattered axe from his back. After doing a comparison for a few seconds, Kopo tossed the stick away, and slung the axe over his shoulder, making sure to dig his feet hard into the fallen man's head as he hopped down. He scanned the crowd, all of whom had either dropped their jaw, grog, or both, and furrowed his brow.


"Well? Ya gon' stand there like idjits or help 'im up? Gods, no wonder ya 'ave a pirate problem. Some lil' fellar comes in an' ya jus' stand there an' make fun o' him until he breaks yer shins. An' then yer at a total loss what t'do. Shaddup an' do yer job, that's what yer s'posed t'do."


And with that, Koporo turned and walked out of the Marauder's Guild. 


There was an awkward silence for the next few moments.


"Should we arrest him, sir?" One of the Yellowjackets asked of his fallen comrade.


"...No" replied the Roegadyn. "That boy wanted an axe. And he earned it. Now help me back on my feet, before, Twelve forfend, the Admiral sees me like this..."

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