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The Paragon Troupe [Famfrit]


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"Y'talkin 'bout that Troupe that's full o' clowns and half-bit thespians? Yeh, I know o'em, but what's th' big deal, huh? Half o'em couldn't act 'ta save their lives, much less hold a sword. Isn't that what we need most right now, 'stead of flamboyant, self-proclaimed entertainers?" - Rykzzhard Tharboyen, Yellow Jacket Marauder.



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What is The Paragon Troupe, you might ask? Why, just another group of adventurers looking to break free from the shackles of a mundane life, or perhaps escape one that has become much too overbearing and restrictive. Whatever the case may be, anyone and everyone is welcome into the fold to create another life for themselves. Everyone deserves a second chance at happiness, no?


Putting all of that side, and getting down to brass tacks for a moment. The troupe is a free company started on the Famfrit server of all places. We began as a humble FC that was only seeking members that showed promise, and were mature rather than simply dropping invites to anyone and everyone that happened to pass by without a FC tag next to their name.


Of course, this slowed down recruitment a great deal. Couple that with the fact that I was adamant about never dropping a FC invite without actually whispering and talking to a player beforehand. Would this method stunt the growth of the FC that I had worked so hard to build from the ground up? Not necessarily. In fact, it only helped to keep the player-base tight-knit and led to me meeting some of the most mature and fun players on Famfrit.


Why Famfrit though? Well, truth be told, this server isn't exactly a bastion for role-players, but like many other servers role-play is alive and well, if you know where to look for it. While the troupe didn't necessarily start off as a role-playing FC, a lot of our members did show interest in it and it was a concept that I've always encouraged from day one. Now we have an ample number of players who are interested in the idea of fleshing out their characters as well as an FC forum with several character backgrounds and IC posts.


So, I thought where better to find actual role-players who are interested in doing what they enjoy most than here of all places? XIV is a beautiful game, and there are many players who are eager to be immersed. That's what I want my FC to be - a place where both role-player, and non-role-player alike can enjoy the game for what it is, but also have a relaxed setting to role-play in whenever they wish.


[align=left]If you have any questions, feel free to ask. If you're interested in joining, just send Mikoto Rikoto a tell in game, or simply visit our site!


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