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Making New Friends (Open RP :D )

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Hunter sniffed the foul-smelling brew in his mug. Seemed to be what everyone else drank at 'The Quicksand', so he figured he might as well blend in. Not that he needed to blend in, he wasn't up to anything extraordinary or unusual. Raised by Hyur, Hunter Russ was fantastic at blending in. Loud and good-natured like his adopted brother Orin, but Hunter liked to think much, much more handsome, with a playful mischievous smirk, high cheekbones, and a provoking, friendly gaze. If a bit shorter, which was to be expected, given Orin was a Highlander. His androgynous good looks and happy demeanor wasn't the reason he was trying to lay low; some people seemed to take offense to the mere presence of Miqo'te these days. Taking a sip and quietly growling and huffing to himself about the taste, he made a sour face and turned around, ears perked, violet eyes scanning the bar for any eye contact, interested onlookers, possible friends, possible contracts for a new job or a new group to go on epic adventures (and nearly get his ears cut off) with...he didn't come to these places not looking for some sort of mischief to get into, after all. Turning his head to go and look over his shoulder, seeing that the bartenders back was turned, Hunter swiftly and quietly hopped off his stool and blended into a crowd, searching for someone to intrude on or perhaps, something or someone to grab his attention! He was new to places like this, about as new as it was humanly possible to be, in fact, and had friends to make. Or at least a try to find a good story or two to eavesdrop on.

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Although she rarely makes her way over to the bar itself, she is a veritable fixture of the evenings in the Quick Sand, providing a sense of cheer and energy.  Dressed in her usual short-skirt, high heeled boots, and bodice dress, Aya moves about the tables on the main floor of the Quick Sand. 


Long blonde hair falls over her bare shoulders, giving the characteristic "exotic Northern" look that Momodi likes her to maintain.  Nearly bouncing with energy as she moves between tables, she talks to the patrons, taking and suggesting orders in her light, Ishgardian accented voice.   Moving between tables she flashes her bright smile this way, and that, catching for a moment the glance of the fellows at the bar.

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Hunter kept looking, and found something that was remotely interesting. A barmaid! If only he had seen one of those earlier, he'd have been able to avoid the bar. And order water without getting heckled. High-booted feet carrier him over to the cheerful barmaid, going and trying to press the tankard of alcohol to her stomach, quietly leaning over and saying "I can't stand this stuff; mind getting me some water? Just pour it in the same mug, aye?"...he might as well have it look like he was still drinking like a sailor, something he actually had quite a bit of experience doing but had not the least bit of interest in repeating.

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As she moved between tables, Aya noticed the fellow coming her way.  She stopped, and smiled toward him, cocking her hips and folding her hands together by her waist.


"What can I..." she started to ask, as he stepped even closer, suddenly pressing the pint to her stomach, leaning close enough to whisper to her in the conversation-filled atrium.  Her eyes widened at the surprise of his close approach, "Don't like our..."


"Oh~" she nodded as he finished his requesting, causing her hair to sway a bit, and her earrings to jingle.  "Of course!"


She took the pint in both hands, turning back toward the bar as she walked off to the kitchen to fill his rather unusual request.

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Hunter chuckled quietly. He always had an issue with personal boundaries, something he blamed on his adopted family and their seafaring ways, but it was of a good nature chuckle. Almost as if to say "Sorry; but you didn't seem to mind!"



"Appreciate it..." Hunter told her. Again, as much as he thought an apology, he spoke it as well.


"Im new here. Didn't want to make a scene or seem ungrateful. It's just not my taste.", then making a sour face to accentuate his point. And with that, he left the barmaid to go and get rid of whatever it was he was drinking; he'd wait to see if she came back in the same place, leaning against a nearby table. No point in making her have to find him when she came back.

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The tall, pretty blonde barmaid emerged from the kitchen again a few moments later, carrying the familiar pint mug.  With her energetic, bouncing saunter she made her way through the crowd to approach him, offering his drink with slightly outstretched arms.


"Here you are! Just as you asked!

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Saw that his patient waiting had paid off, not that it took that much time for her to do so, but that he'd be easy to find and thus, making -both- their wants much easier to obtain! Reaching out and taking the offered mug, he would have sighed, after a few moments of deeply drinking from it, seeing or at least, wanting to believe it was the water he ordered.


"Thanks. So. I'm guessing you hear quite a bit in this cozy little den of secrets. Care to share the name of anyone interesting? Something that might be important to an adventurer?"


Oh there he went again, with the brave adventurer spiel. But what might be construed of bragging was in fact, a legitimate statement. He sought out adventure, but nobody ever said anything about being brave! A beaming, playful smile parted his lips, as if to allude at the hidden joke that the miqo'te had made.

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If he had any intention of fulfilling her wants, he wasn't showing any signs of it!


Still, the barmaid paused to listen to his question, her expression softening as she opened her blue eyes a little wider.  "Oh.. an adventurer...?"  she teased in her Ishgardian accent, the soft open-lipped expression shifted to a knowing, playful smirk.


"I can only caution you that there are far worse things out there than a pint of bitter ale~" she finished with a wink, and a grin before waving a hand across the room.



"The Quick Sand is filled with adventurers of every sort... sailors, sell-swords, merchants, travelers, nobles, and gladiators.  Just stay around and listen for a little while and I am sure you'll find someone who piques your curiosity!"

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