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Cheering up the Hero of Ul'dah [Open]


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Jancis made her way down the lane during the day. Some of the little ones where playing with rocks and marbles in the street, waving as the conjurer came by.


She did not come empty-handed, per usual, and had many sweet breads and dried fruit to share. But as always, they asked about Hero Franz!


Jancis looked down on their faces. Thaliak would be dishonored with lies, and so she did tell them the truth. Sparing the worst details, she told them what had happened.


"Forgive me, little ones, dare say Hero Franz has much to help repair and rebuild from. But he is a strong man of good heart."


The children all spoke up, one after another, "I have a good heart!" "Me too!" "I 'anna help!"


Excited, they all asked Jancis for parchment and many oil pastels of all the colors possible. They would at least draw something to cheer up their hero and let him know, as well as his house, that he was a good guy.



[[OOC Part]]




If anyone read over the story about the perilous pudding.




They might know how Franz saved Missus Cornelia Snickerdoodle the rat for all the little kids in Ul'dah that love her.




Considering they drew one picture for him before.


After all that's happened, Franz got drunk and sad! And Jancis has told the kids about it! Anyone who wants to draw a picture to cheer up their hero, Franz, feel free to post it here. Paint, by hand, or even an description of the painting is good!


We need kids! Feel free to post as one and cheer up Franz!


After all, if the children don't show their heroes encouragement, who will?!



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