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With Sanctimony and Fidelity

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[align=center]Few in the court of House Rontremont expected it...


Bartolomeo Filangieri had return, with news that the false concubine, the dragon that had possessed her flesh was slain. If it had not been for word of Xydane Vale the "Unrelenting", the noble would not have considered Bartolomeo's claims seriously. They were impressed at the results, the death of a manipulated Nunh, the sudden fall of a ruthless mercenary company and a powerful dragon's demise... To the eyes of Lord Rontremont, vassal of the great House of Haillenarte, Bartolomeo had proven a place to serve as his vassal.


He respected the terms he had offered Bartolomeo previously, to restore what was once his own, what was lost long ago. His family name, his legacy were to be restored proper.


With great desire, Bartolomeo kneeled and accepted the vassalage. His allegiance to any former city-state was now erased, gone and now sold to that of Ishgard's. The men of House Rontremont gave the new young lord a choice of for his family sigil and so Bartolomeo chose the hand.


The hand, to represent his pledge of faith, his sincerity, and justice. The man swore fealty to his liege but as well assured both righteousness and loyalty to House Rontremont and the Holy See.


The words of his new legacy; "With Sanctimony and Fidelity"[/align]

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