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Memories Past - Mihana's Tale [Closed]

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[Note to the RPC: These stories are firstly being posted on the Spectral Wardens forums, however I'll be posting them here too. Note that I've tried to keep the element of it fairly PG-13 but there are suggested instances of rape minus the actual instance happening. Therefore if you are not comfortable with this please do not read. If a mod feels this is a problem or issue please contact me and I'll remove the story. The RPC is listed as having otherwise mature content as long as no graphical scenes are shown. I've tried to keep this in mind when writing my work. The character this story is about is my Miqo'te female archer, Mihana Zhralyia. She's had a troubled past and this is being written as to why she came into a life of thievery. I hope you enjoy. This is a multi-part story and more will be added as time goes by. Thank you.


- SamusKnight2K]


[Disclaimer: Part of this is dark, contains possibly a suggestive element thus deemed PG-13 material. After talking with Aysun it dawned on me I didn't really have a reason as to why Mihana was like she had become, perhaps this will explain it... or, part of it...]


Memories Past - Mihana's Tale


Mihana leaned her head back against the pillow, staring up at the ceiling in her room at the Quicksand. What nerve-wrecking past few days it had been... By some unseen twist of fate she was now in some group they called the "Spectral Wardens". An old hag by the name of Feral gave her a rather rude introduction to this seeming crazed bunch and even worse she nearly lost her life to a psychopathic Thaumaturge. Then there was that girl she met... Aysun. For the first time in her life since leaving the Twelveswood she was actually questioning once again why she even started a life of thievery. Back in her old life with her tribe worst she did was pick on some of the wildlife just for kicks, she never actually stole, never actually used acts of seduction to get what she wanted she never, well, did what she does now. Turning on her side she winced a little, a painful reminder of that injury she was now having to deal with to her abdomen.


"Gods... why me..." she muttered, closing her eyes. The Miqo'te heaved a heavy troubled sigh then contemplated what Aysun had said about having something terrible happen to her. It was a past she tried to bury but of course not everything can be forgotten so easily...


Seven years ago, The Black Shroud...


"Mihana will you quit being so stubborrrn?!" a woman scorned the ill-tempered girl.

"Mom I told you I've had enough of this life!" Mihana retorted back in anger to her mother.


Sarana stared at her daughter and shook her head in disappointment. "Girl has nothing I've taught you sunk in afterrr all these years?"

Mihana rolled her eyes, "Yea yea, rrrespect the forrrest, the elementals shall prrrotect us, they'rrre rrreal, we should only hunt that we need to, yada-yada-yada..."

Crossing her arms her mother tilted her head, "Then why is it so difficult to accept ourrr way of life? For generrrations our people have lived in harmony with the Twelveswood. We hunt only what the elementals give ourrr blessing to, we surrrvive on only we need. What is the crrreed of the Zhralyia Archers?"

Mihana groaned, she didn't need to be reminded each and every time. "Hunt to live, waste nothing and thank the Twelve forrr ourrr bounty..."

"Yes that is correct, so you do rrremember." Sarana nodded.

"Well duh! You only drrrilled that into my head since I was a cub!"

"Then why do you want to leave to the lands outside of the Twelveswood? We have safety, plentiful bounty, and peace." Sarana gestured beyond the woods in the direction of Thanalan, "Out therrre the world is harsh, people take advantage of you, they kill one another without rrremorse. And I don't want my child being knocked up like some cheap floozy."

Mihana glared at her, "Oh you mean like you and dad?" Her reply was an immediate slap across the face for her comment. Holding her cheek Mihana stared wide-eyed at Sarana.

"Don't you everrr say that again!" she growled, "Yourrr father was just as bad as the people out therrre, the entire thing was a mistake and I regret it every day!"

Mihana narrowed her eyes staring at her mother in bitterness, "Oh so I'm a mistake? Apparrrently that's all I am to you!" Turning on her heel Mihana fled from the scene trying to hold back the tears.

"Mihana! Wait!" Sarana called, but it was too late. "By Twelve, I didn't mean it like that... Sweetling, what am I to do with you...?"


That night the Zhralyia tribe set up camp roughly to the southwest of Camp Tranquil. Mihana and her mother hadn't spoken since the incident earlier but Sarana felt it may be best to discuss in the morning. Once the tiny tribe had fallen asleep, a figure crept quietly from a makeshift tent, bag slung over one shoulder. Turning her gaze back to the tribe and her family Mihana gave a single snort in disgust. Live their lives this way if they want, there was much to see in Eorzea and nothing be it God, Goddess, or elemental was going to keep her here anymore. Looking away once more, she ran away towards the outskirts of the forest, never looking back. Back at the camp Sarana watched on as her daughter ran away, sadly staring and knowing she could do nothing. Clutching a hand to her heart she said a silent prayer.


"Be safe my sweetling, please, be safe. Oschon watch overrr you."


Crossing the deserts of Thanalan proved to be a daunting task for the inexperienced Miqo'te, dodging the gigantic walking serpent things and trying to find safe places to rest from the relentless sun that bore down upon her. Eventually she would find passage to Vesper Bay where she hoped to travel to the city of Limsa Lominsa. The farther from the Twelveswood she got, the better! Swirling winds blew about her threatening to tear the cowl she wore about her body away. Pulling it even tighter around herself she spat out a few specks of dust that had flown into her mouth. Stopping just at the gates she stared ahead taking in the view. While merely a tiny port, Vesper Bay was littered with travelers coming and going from a gigantic ship docked just below the steep cliff-side. Lalafell laughed and chuckled as they shuffled past, a hulking Roegadyn nearly knocked her over not even giving a second glance to the girl.


Quietly she followed the crowd that inched their way towards the ferry gate. One passenger ahead of her traveled past, it was now her turn. Suddenly an arm came down in front of her blocking her way. A Hyur woman stood behind the counter, light brown short hair with a sense of arrogance about her. "Ma'am," she stated bluntly, "You can't board without a pass, do you have one?"


"A-a pass?" Mihana stuttered, blinking at her, "W-wh I-I don't... have a..."

"She's with me."

Looking in the direction of the voice she found a tall Roegadyn Seawolf towering over her. Slicked back coal black hair and a scruffy beard, he had a slate grey skin complexion. Glancing down at her he smiled warmly. "This is an acquaintance of mine, please forgive her."

The Hyur woman stared at the Miqo'te, then to the Roegadyn. "Fine... whatever... Proceed."

Passing through the gate Mihana turned and glanced up at the Roegadyn again. "T-thank you, sorrry about that, um."

The Roegadyn gestured towards the ferry. "Come, let us board before they depart without us."

Nodding lightly she followed him as they both boarded the ferry.


Within moments the deck below them shifted and the tiny vessel began to move. Going above deck Mihana looked down across the waters growing a little nervous, they were getting farther from the land by each passing moment.

"First time out at sea eh?"

Mihana looked again in the direction of the voice, it was the Roegadyn Seawolf again. Realizing how foolish she must look she frowned in protest. "N-no! Of courrrse not! I do this all the time!"

The Rogadyn chuckled deeply, she wasn't fooling anyone. "Come," he beckoned, "Let us take a seat below deck."

Unsure of this stranger she followed him to a row of benches lining the farthest end of the wall in the ship's hull. Sitting down upon the wooden bench it creaked loudly under his weight. Hesitantly she took a seat next to him. Reluctantly she averted her gaze up to meet his.


"Ah, thank you... I-I apprrreciate what you did forrr me."

"It was nothing my dear," He replied in a soft gentle tone, "I can see you're not from these parts, what brings you out here all alone?"

Mihana blushed a little then looked down, this guy was a little strange looking, but so nice, her mother was wrong about people out here. Smiling to herself she glanced back up at him. "I'm frrrom the Twelveswood, I'm tirrred of life out therrre so I'm setting off on my own!"


"Such a lovely thing like you traveling out here alone? My you must be a brave one."


Mihana smiled happily at the Roegadyn, for the first time she was happy to be in the company of one. The one that made fun of her singing must have just been a jerk after all! "Hehe, thanks! Therrre's so much to see and explorrre out herrre, I can't wait."


The Roegadyn chuckled, "Aye, that there is! Majestic treasures, huge adventures, more than you'll ever know beyond your wildest dreams."


The girl's eyes grew wider in excitement, oh she knew it was a good idea to leave her life at that boring old forest behind! Maybe she could even find a place to sing! Time passed and the ferry soon at last docked into Limsa. Bounding off the boat Mihana glanced about wildly in sheer excitement and happiness, like a kid in a sweets shop, this place was so amazing! Giant white towers with spiraling walkways rose into the skies, workers carried boxes in every direction, it was a bustling hub of adventure!


"By the twelve..." Mihana whispered under her breath, gawking at anything and everything in her sight.


The Roegadyn stepped up behind her, "Welcome to Limsa Lominsa my dear! One of the busiest cities around Eorzea!" He then shifted his eyes down upon her, "I'm about to get a bite to eat, would you like to join me? My treat."


Excitedly Mihana turned to face him and nodded with such eagerness. A safe trip, a reassuring companion, and now a free meal?! This just gets better and better! "Thank you! This is such a trrreat!"


He grinned at her chuckling, alright, let me just take care of one quick thing... Turning away from her he proceeded to take a few steps away, glancing back at her. Pulling a small spherical object from his bag the Roegadyn held it close speaking into it in a low voice. Mihana watched him curiously, that must be a linkpearl, she had heard of them but never had actually seen one until now. Finishing his conversation he put it away and turned to her again.


"Okay, ready to go? I know this amazing place, it's called the Bismark, they have the best food this side of Hydaelyn I know you'll love."


Putting her curiosity aside Mihana nodded cheerfully and followed him. Traveling through the city streets children ran around laughing and playing. A woman lugged a large bowl of tomatoes up over her head and amazingly balanced it with both hands stepping ever so gracefully as she moved. In the market areas peddlers shouted with their wares while others browsed. An Elezen looked over several prime cuts of meat before choosing the largest one available. Following her host up a flight of stairs they turned a corner and headed down a less crowded alley. A few more turns and slowly the people grew fewer and fewer until none at all. The scenery grew more drab as they went, torn and tattered cloth hung in several broken windows, doors just barely hanging on their hinges.


Mihana glanced about, a chill going down her spine and through to the tip of her tail. "Wherrre arrre we?" She asked questioningly.


The Roegadyn didn't look back, only chuckled slightly, "Don't worry love, we're almost there."


She stared at him perplexed, did he just call her love? Something felt, off about all of this. "Say," she began a little wary, "You know what, I don't think I'm that hungrrry anymorrre, I think I'm going to head off and check arrround the place!"


Giving a friendly wave she turned and began to depart, but not before a gruff hand grabbed her wrist tightly. Immediately she shot a glance to the Roegadyn. With a sinister grin he eyed her up and down, the once gentle look in his eyes were completely gone. "Now hold on there kid," he started, "I gave you free passage to the city, I think you owe me something."


"O-owe?" Mihana stuttered trying to pull herself from his grasp but to no avail, "I-I don't think I have anything you'd want."


"Oh you do my love, and I'm sure my boys would agree with me! It's been awhile since we had a Miqo'te!"


"W-Wait! W-what do you mean?!" Mihana stared at the man, fear washing over her. Gods what was he talking about?! What would... Her face turned pale. "No..." she uttered, "Y-you can't mean... No!"


Grabbing her about the mid-section the Roegadyn slung her over his shoulder like a sack of popotoes, ignoring her plea.


"No! Please! Y-you can't!"


Turning a corner the Roegadyn dragged his 'prize' into a darkened alleyway, the jeering of those in its darkness echoing through the empty streets. As night slowly fell over the city a woman's scream reached across the the empty streets and alleys, but none would come to her aid.


Part 2 is to come later...

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[Continuing her tale, we had left Mihana as a Roegadyn dragged her away to a fate that possibly changed her life in the worst possible ways seven years prior from the present day... We know how it ended, but is it how it really ended...? What really happened? Our story continues.]


Memories Past - Mihana's Tale II


Rising from the eastern skies the sun slowly cast its light over the sleepy city. Shuffling through the streets a broken-spirited Mihana dragged her feet, emotionless and void of any expression. Her once well-kept and beautiful red hair was now matted and plastered against her face, the cowl she had worn with such pride now torn, tattered, and caked with mud and other unimaginable forms of debris. In her right hand she clutched a small blood-stained dagger, a crimson red liquid oozed down from the same arm from beneath the sleeve and upon the ground in tiny droplets.


Her first night away from home had been the worst she had ever experienced. It was too much to talk about, let alone mention. Finding a secluded alley away from the sun's light she slumped down to the cold cobblestone walkway staring vacantly at the wall across from her. Slowly her gaze fell to the dagger in hand, what she had done with this tool. Closing her eyes with a trembling hand she tilted her head back slightly and pressed the cold steel of the blade against her throat. What would it matter now? Holding it in place the trembling grew worse, and at last the dagger fell from her hand, clattering to the ground in front of her. She could hold it back no more and the dam she tried to build to contain her emotion burst. Pulling her knees close to her chest Mihana sobbed softly for what seemed like an eternity.


In the following days she roamed the alleyways keeping a fearful distance from anyone. Her hunger grew, having not eaten in ages. But she didn't care, why care. On the fifth day it was too much. Weak, dazed and delirious with hunger she collasped on a doorstep. In her dreams she relived the nightmare from the days prior, and what she had done to get away. With a startling scream Mihana shot up in bed, a cold sweat dripping down her forehead and neck. Slowly, she calmed herself... Blinking a few times she began to make out her surroundings, she was in a makeshift bed of sorts, a crackling fire nearby bathed a warm glow on her surroundings. A table sat nearby with a few pieces of fruit, a noscean orange, a pear, some lowland grapes.


Looking down upon herself she discovered she was wearing an oversized hempen long shirt of some sort, the wound on her arm had been neatly dressed and bandaged. Her hair had been washed and the filth had been cleaned away. Who had... but where was she?


"Oh, you're awake?"

Startled Mihana nearly jumped, looking frantically for the source of the voice. Standing in a doorway a Hyur Midlander male in a long black robe looked at her, his head was shaven with tiny blonde stubble. Fearful she shied away and retreated under the blanket.


"Relax child, you'll be okay..." He spoke in a soothing voice, "What happened?"

"Don't do anything... please..." She spoke in a timid, fearful voice.

The Hyur shook his head, "I won't harm you."

Yea, that's what the last one said... And then... Mihana's eyes welled up in tears thinking about it.

The Hyur nodded softly, "Fair enough, I'll leave you be for now, but I recommend you don't leave your bed for awhile, you've been asleep for days now and still need your rest."

Giving her a slight curt, he turned and left the room. Laying back down she shuddered a bit trying to suppress the memory. She wanted to leave, desperately but her body wouldn't respond. For now she was at his mercy. Trying to fight it Mihana succumbed to sleep drifting off. Once more the nightmare played in her mind. The next day the Hyur returned, trying to coax her into talking yet once more she was adamant about speaking. With a soft sigh he left, only returning to bring her food and drink. Another day passed and then another, and each time the Hyur returned, and each time he was treated to the same reaction.


Finally it had been four days now since she found herself here. Her strength for the most part had returned and her wounds closed up. Unfortunately her state of mind wouldn't fare the same. She wanted to remain like this and pray it went away but nothing came to those who waited. Slipping from beneath the covers Mihana placed her bare feet upon the wooden floor, and tip-toed to the doorway. Hesitantly she peeked around the corner, spotting the Hyur sitting at a desk, papers scattered about. Glancing up at her he smiled warmly.


"Well good morning Shia."

Mihana remained silent for several moments, Shia?

"Are you feeling well?"


"I have some Salmon Meuniere baking right now if you're hungry."


"Maybe you'd like something to drink?"

"... Who arrre you? And... what's Shia?"

The Hyur blinked, a bit surprised at she had actually spoke to him, and her question. "Shia? It's a name I gave you, since I didn't know your real name I went with what you reminded me of."

Mihana stared at him. "I, rrremind you of something?"

"Yes, you see," he continued, setting down a pair of spectacles, "Shia is the name of a flower back from my homeland, a type commonly tied in my lands to Azeyma, the Warden. Azeyma's image is depicted by a radiant sun, and your hair color striked me as a burning flame so..."

He stopped, noticing Mihana's confused gaze upon him. Chuckling softly he waved his hand dismissing it. "I'm sorry for my ramblings. So, what is your name then?"

Giving him a sideways glance she repeated her question, "Who arrre you?"


"Well, I'm the man who saved you when you fell upon my doorstep. But you can call me Seth." He gestured to her, "Now, what is your name my dear?"

The Miqo'te shook her head, she didn't trust him enough to tell her name, at least not yet. Frowning at her response he just shrugged and brushed it off. "That's okay if you don't want to tell me. So well then, Shia, are you hungry?"

Shyly Mihana nodded. Smiling at her the man rose from his desk and approached an red-brick oven built into the wall. Using a pair of hempen work gloves he reached into the brick oven and withdrew a covered clay earthen dish and set it on a nearby counter. Removing the lid he stepped back allowing the steam to flow forward sending a tantalizing aroma through the house. Mihana held her stomach trying to quell the gurgling from deep in her gullet. Giving a small smile the Hyur said nothing and reached for two plates, dishing a generous amount on one and setting it down on a long table in the center of the room."Enjoy!"


Watching his every move closely she could bear it no longer and inched her way to the table, taking a seat. The smell, the appearance, everything about this dish was enough to make her salivate.

"So how do you li-" Seth stopped mid-sentence. At the table before him the Miqo'te was greedily gobbling the entire plate by the forkful as if she hadn't eaten in days. Chuckling softly he took his own plate and sat across from her. "Glad you like it."

Within moments Mihana finished her plate, sighing with a full belly. Leveling her gaze she realized the Hyur had been watching her the whole time, elbows propped on the table with chin resting in his palms for support. After trusting the Roegadyn she was unsure of this one but, she couldn't just say nothing, could she?

"Thank you..." she murmured finally, "I apprrreciate yourrr help. And the food."

Seth nodded lightly, still smiling. Leaning back in his seat he stretched a little. "You should get some rest, Shia."


That evening Seth warmed a bath for her and left her alone. Disrobing she gently undid the dressings around her wounds, the had closed up finally so there shouldn't be any discomfort at least from the waters. Slipping down into the large wooded bathtub she allowed the waters to submerge all but the tips of her ears, keeping alert for any outside noises. After the ordeals this was possibly the first time she had a chance to relax and release the tension built up. The Roegadyn and his men... Why, why would anyone do something like that? Her mother was right about the outsiders, but she couldn't return home and face her mother and tribe, no, not after what happened. "I warrrned you child, the outsiders are nothing but trouble, you've brrrought shame upon your tribe." That's what her mother would say.


After about an hour of soaking she washed up and exited the tub. Glancing off to her side she laid eyes on some clothing set out for her, a pair of fresh undergarments, undershirt, and a long hempen robe of nondescript appearance. It was odd to have a total stranger pick out clothing for you especially your unmentionables, she'd have to thank Seth later. Mihana dried herself off and got dressed, the robe felt a little big but it would have to do. Quietly she padded her way out of the room and peered about the doorway. Seth hadn't returned yet, she had the place to herself.


Returning to her room she settled down upon a rocking chair in the corner and closed her eyes, listening to the crackle of the fireplace. Softly and in a gentle voice she began to sing an old lullaby her mother sung to her every night as a child:


(Gridanian Lullaby - alveolar trill omitted for this segment.)(RPC Note: Mihana speaks with an alveolar trill, a rolling of the r's.)

"Hush little sweetling, I'll weave a tale for you~

In the forests the marmots play~

They frolic together in harmony too~

In the forests they chitter their days away~

Happy and free, just like you and me~

So little sweetling rest your head~

So the marmots can tuck, you, in, for bed~"


Finishing Mihana smiled to herself, it was a pretty silly lullaby, and didn't make much sense, but for some reason she loved it.


"Shia, that was lovely."


Mihana jumped a little startled looking in Seth's direction who had been standing in the doorway the entire time. Realizing someone had actually complimented her singing for once instead of mocking it she felt her face growing warm from embarrassment. Immediately she averted her gaze cursing herself for dropping her guard. Watching her Seth chuckled softly then strode in and sat on the edge of the bed. "You don't need to be so flustered, you have a lovely voice there."


She closed her eyes again trying to hide the flustered look on her face. He was being so nice, but why? The last person took advantage of her, but he... He just...


"Shia I... I just want to say that."


Mihana's eyes flashed wide open to suddenly find that Seth had moved from the bed and was now kneeling by her side. Without warning and almost as if on impulse he leaned in and before she could protest, pulled the Miqo'te in for a long deep kiss. At first she was too stunned to react yet the moment quickly passed. Thrashing about she clawed at the back of his head forcing him to reel away in pain.


"Gods! What the hell was that for?!" He exclaimed as he held the back of his head.

"W-what do you think you werrre doing?!" She stammered back, a feeling of fear washing over her.

"Sorry, you just looked so..."

She eyed him with a cold piercing stare, if only she could conjure daggers with her eyes... "Looked what?!"

Seth shrunk down down in place from her stare.

"You'rrre no betterrr than that... that... Bastarrrd!"

"Bastard?!" Seth's gentle tone had now been replaced with an angered one, "You wench! I save your sorry arse, nurse you to health, feed you, and that's how you repay me?!" Raising his hand he struck her hard across the face with force. Instantly memories of the Roegadyn came flooding back and something just, snapped. With a low guttural growl from the depths of her throat she sprung from the chair, tackling the man to the ground. Opening her mouth wide she bit deep into his left shoulder tasting the salty warm blood as it mixed with her own saliva. As quickly as the rage had came it passed and Mihana recoiled in fear once more away from him. Holding his shoulder tightly he cussed foul words that she had never heard. Dragging himself to his feet the man tore open a cupboard nearby and drew out a gun, fixing it straight at her. "You crazed wench, you're going to pay for that."


Barely dodging out of the way the first shot rang out just grazing the side of her leg. "I'll kill you!" he growled. Leveling the gun at her once more he took aim. Mihana was frightened, but knew she had to survive somehow and in an all-or-nothing attack, rushed him throwing all her weight into it. Her shoulder connected with his stomach sending both Hyur and Miqo'te tumbling to the floor. Mihana sat up in a utter daze her world spinning. A pair of hands found her throat and shoved her down, slamming the back of her skull hard against the wooden floor. Straddled over her Seth had a firm grip about her throat, clenching it tightly. He glared at her with hatred and teeth clenched tightly taking deep breaths. "It's a shame something so pretty like you has to be such a problem. All I wanted was a kiss, maybe a little gratitude for saving your sorry hide. I tried the nice guy approach, now we're going to do it the Lominsian way!"


Tightening his grip he grinned darkly. "But unfortunately I'll have to kill you after I'm done, can't have you telling the Admiral now, can we?" Mihana flailed about gasping for air, her vision blurred and light-headed. The Roegadyn, his men, the...

"No!" Mihana screamed and thrashed about even harder, and unfortunately for the Hyur, her knee would meet the very place no man should ever be struck. It hit, and hard with force. Letting out a pained squeal Seth lost his grip over her throat. Mihana staggered to her feet then promptly fell down again on her posterior coughing with tear-filled eyes. As her vision cleared she spotted her attacker doubled over hands between his legs whimpering like a baby. Not far from him rested the gun he tried to use on her. She crawled over, snatched it, then stood, using the wall for leverage. Wasting not another moment she stumbled out of the room and to the front door then threw it open wide. Blindly she ran off into the night trying to get away, she didn't care where she was, just anywhere away from there!


Exhausted she fell to her knees panting heavily. She had just narrowly escaped falling victim once more. Glancing to her leg she examined where the bullet had grazed her. It wasn't serious but enough to draw a tiny bit of blood. Tearing a piece of cloth from the robe she bandaged it and stood up glancing about. The streets quiet but far from familiar the least bit. A few lanterns hung from the wooden posts lining the street casting a dim light in the inky darkness. The clouded skies above rumbled faintly, a sure sign of rain to come if she didn't find shelter. Creeping about silently she found a large empty crate wedged between two buildings. Not the best accommodations but sufficient until the rain passes. Keeping the gun close at hand she huddled down as far as she could into it. Soon the rain came as predicted.


Staring out of the crate she watched the raindrops and listened to its rhythmic sound. Even out here, far away from her home it sounded no different. It was soothing. Closing her eyes Mihana expelled a lonely sigh. Her tribe, how were they faring right now? She licked her lips a little immediately grimacing. The taste of blood was still in her mouth. Spitting in disgust she held her hand out momentarily catching some water on her palm and used it to wash away the blood yet the taste remained. She'd have to deal with it for now. She closed her eyes once more and held the gun closer. She prayed she wouldn't have to use it but time would tell soon enough. Eventually sleep came to the troubled Miqo'te and with it the nightmares again.


Part 3 to come...

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