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Hey there all! First off before we get into all the fun stuff, here's some run down basic info for anyone to refer to if they ever feel the need or have interest in doing so, or a place I can refer people too in the future.. possibly :D


Commission Status:

$5 YCH full body only


VampireIcon.pngCommission FORM VampireIcon.png


Name: (Account name, or the name I should see on the payment info)

Commission type: (line-art? full-digital no line-art? full-digital clean sketch? chibi? Traditional Work/Digital work?)

Colors: (optional, if you are getting something with color. of each character if more than one)

Reference(s): (url's please, or if you have a drawn reference already)

Specifics: (poses, actions, characters, themes etc... the more complicated, the longer it takes and more it costs)

Image Size: (how big, what size parameters do you want?)




2491.pngSEND TO 2491.png


Send ALL questions/concerns about the commission as well as the commission form to:

[email protected]




2491.pngPRICES 2491.png



(200x200) (Automatic face or bust image with color and lines)

$5 USD


Sketch (BUST) - $5 USD

Sketch (Waist up) - $7 USD

Sketch (Full body) - $10 USD

Traditional Lineart (BUST) - $15 USD

Traditional Lineart (Waist up) - $20 USD

Traditional Lineart (Full body) - $30 USD

Digital Lineart (BUST) - $10 USD

Digital Lineart (Waist up) - $15 USD

Digital Lineart (Full body) - $20 USD

Watercolor (additional) - $10 USD

Digital Flat colors (additional) - $15 USD

Digital Full Color (additional) - $20 USD


Chibi’s (color or no color)

$2 USD


Additional Characters:

+$5 USD each






2491.pngPAYMENT 2491.png


Through my Square shop (Secure) or in game currency

(Up for discussion)



2491.png INFO 2491.png







  • All transactions are final, there are no refunds after the image is finished and has been delivered.
  • Payments need to be sent after the initial sketch is complete. If the commission IS a sketch, payment will need to be sent FIRST.
  • If you are unhappy with something in a sketch, tell me after I show it to you first, then I will finalize as needed and the transaction will be completed.
  • If you are unhappy with something in an image during it's "sketch phase" I will make any major changes once and a few minor changes until you are happy. Once you give the ok I will finish.
  • If you are unhappy with your image even after I made major and minor changes, you will still have to pay for my time and the work I put into it. (this is to demote chances of having my time wasted)
  • If you do not pay me, you will be reported and blacklisted, muted and I WILL list you're name publicly so other artists know not to accept commissions from you.
  • I am prone to picking favorites sometimes, so stick around and request commissions from me long enough and you may find yourself with a personal discount or gift art at some point.
  • I reserve the right to post the finished commission in any of my galleries, or use the image for my own personal promotional purposes as I see fit. Purchasing art from me gives you; the buyer, the right to do the same (given you properly credit me)




2491.pngTHANKS 2491.png

I hope to give you all the art that you all request! I am easy so be sure to speak up if there's something you want brought to my attention!

Thank you again for showing interest! I hope you will help me to give you the art you want and to further support my improvement!


Empty (thankfully)





For now though I'm just going to share some recent stuff I've done. Because I don't have a tablet anymore atm I've been doing some more painted sketches and found I adore doing watercolor the most :)






DA Art requests 3 by Shii, on Flickr

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An additional media I work with even more often than drawing or painting, is the use of my voice. I don't make money off of it though so it's all for fun or practice until I can find something that challenges me to create something I've never done before.


Feel free to take a gander.





Twitter@ LN_LippyLilith





Inspired by the Deb of Night from the WoD:VtM pc game Bloodlines, comes a fan made parody version based within the bustling big apple. New York city being a primary place that Lilith Annina, the present Mother of Lust resides within and operates. The haughty Toreador Antitribu finds her jollies in luring in attention and heckling the masses each and every broadcast as well as finding out the scoop from various locations just through incoming callers.


This is a community contributing type project. I do not make money off of this, though donations/tips would be appreciated for the time put into them regardless :) (top of page under picture if you're interested):

Lippy Lilith PSA


What I could use to keep the show rolling regularly:

  • Callers
  • Product Commercials
  • Interview calls
  • ideas/scripts



To send anything my way, make sure it's preferably mp3, but wav can be worked with as well. then send it to me at skype (of course make sure i'm online first. I keep myself looking offline, so poke me now an then to see if i'm really there:



I also have a newgrounds location available for voice shizz if you wanna poke around. feel free to it:


Those interested in recording then saving them as mp3's for me. DL both of these:

(there are other versions too if you're not a windows user)







Lippy Lilith (1)

Lippy Lilith (2)

Lippy Lilith (3)

Lippy Lilith TEASER

Lippy Lilith (4)

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