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A new start, a new adventure...

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Dartamian N'astal was never really much of the hero type.  As life would have it he was quite the opposite.  Sailing the seas under accursed flags Dartamian N'astal made his living by way of piracy.  For a time it sustained him, but he soon grew weary of such a lifestyle.  He knew he needed a change.

      However not all of his former shipmates did saw things from Dartamian's perspective.  And so there was a mutiny.  A raging war ensued, destroying the ship and leaving Dartamian and many of the crew adrift out to sea.

      They say your life flashes before your eyes before you die... This was no different for Dartamian.  And what he saw... his legacy... he figured himself better off dead.  But fate, as it would seem, is not without a sense of irony.

      As Dartamian awoke aboard a vessel bound for shores of Eorzea, he couldn't help but wonder what mystical hand had seen him to safety.  Heck he wasn't even sure where he was.  Had it not been for the traveling merchant, he might have never known.

      As the ship pulled into port, Dartamian embarked into this new land.  Eorzea, ah it was a land ripe with adventure.  Dartamian started out taking small jobs and eventually began a salvage company of his own.  Being in the right place at the right time eventually found him favor with the local authorities.  As he continues to learn more about this strange place... He draws ever nearer to his true calling.


      So basically, the back story leads me to the Limsa Lominsa opening cut scene for the game.  I started the game as a Maurarder because their origins revolves around pirates.  I have played WoW for some years and am now on FFXIV.  I am a novice to the whole RP scene but am learning a few things as I go.

      My ideal RP is just going with the flow.  I play as if I were actually there.  Of course I make certain variations to the main story as to not meta-game over anyone else's RP.  I know I am late on the introduction since Dartamian is already 50 but as I am drawing near to the end of the main story, I realize I will need friends and allies. 

      Please feel free to look me up or ask for help.  May you forever walk in the light of the crystal.

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