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All Saint's Wake party

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Greetings one and all! Have you all been SPOOKY this All Saint's Wake? No? What do you mean you've been too busy trying to become a ninja?! Area of Effect is on hand to break the monotony of your FATE farming and DPS queues with a way to relax and RP over the end of the month.



Join us as we take the time to partake in the festivities, get to know each other, and frighten (or otherwise) those of us with weak hearts!


SPOOKY dresses!

Magickal illusions!

Party games!

Giving old people heart attacks!



And so much more at the event, so come and join us at 7pm EST in Old Gridania for the SPOOKIEST night of the year!


(note: AoE does not endorse giving old people heart attacks, and is not responsible for any criminal charges that may be pressed during the event)



A reminder of details can be found on the event calender

See you there!

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