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Ereshkigal Atropos


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I. Basic Info 


  • Characters:
  • EreshkigalAtropos and Adelina Lee
  • Primary character:
  • Ereshkigal
  • Linkshells:
  • Primary RP linkshell:
  • MyFC linkshell is all I have but I’m looking to advance that a little to be able to include other RP linshells for more RP options.



II. RP Style 


  • Amount of RP (light, medium, heavy):
  • I’d say medium for now. I like RP and will happily go whereit calls but I still have to do my “job” within my FC and find time to do some of the end game stuff and level. That being said, typically if I’m asked to RP, I run towards it so if you see me and aren’t sure just send me a /tell. If I can’t RP right then, give me just a few and I should be able to.
  • Views on RP combat and injuries:

  • I’m game for it. I prefer the roll system for RP combat ifwe’re going to have injuries and such but once delivered, I’d play them out and alot an appropriate amount of time for healing and such.
  • Views on IC romance:

  • I’m all for it so long as it stays IC. Romance andrelationships are a part of real life and are a part of my character’s lives. Each character may react differently to advances but it’s not a closed door if the other person is willing to work at it and/or look past the character’s little quirks… *coughs*Brothel owner *coughs* I do prefer for things to unfold naturally. I’m not big on planning the RP but if the other person wants to discuss it OOC, that’s perfectly alright as I know some people want to have an idea of things and others are content to just let the RP take it where it will.
  • Views on non-romantic RP (family ties, etc):

  • Friendship RP: I’m completely game for. The more friends themerrier!
    Family RP: All of my characters have a family of some sort.Eresh has a very established family and normally on those I don’t invite others to RP the family characters but I do have one other who is playing a sibling of hers and it’s turning out rather well so I’d be open to others. Eresh’s might be harder to mold since the backstory is so established and I do have another person already a member of her family in game but if you’re willing to work with me and Kiht, I’m open to it. Adelina is a freebie. If someone needs a Lala family member, I’d be game to adapt, mold or come up with things with another person since she only has a basic backstory.
    Business RP: This is what my FC is about so I’m game for it.Rival business, cooperative business or someone wanting to purchase services from Eresh, merchandise, or Adelina, other, I’m willing to RP it out and work some of the logistics OOC if needed.
  • Views on lore:

  • I try to use andunderstand lore to an extent. This is the first Final Fantasy game I’ve ever played so I’m very new to the lore and really not a big studier. If something is brought to my attention, I’ll do my research as I try to keep my characters in line with the lore associated with the game. If I don’t know something, I’ll look it up and am happy to change something if it’s way off from the lore of the game.
  • Views on chat functions (/say, /linkshell, etc):

  • /em is IC. I’m big on using /em whereas I don’t use theemoticon thingies as much. I’m not used to having them so I don’t think about them here. /say for me is IC unless denoted by ( ). The only linkshell I have is an IC one so I’m always IC if I’m using it. /tell is OOC for me unless otherwise stated or denoted by “ “. Party chat is OOC as well unless previously stated otherwise. /shout is OOC because it’s usually me pointing out hunts. /yell is almost always IC but is rarely used.



III. Other Info 

  • Country: United States
  • Timezone: CST
  • Contact info: You can PM me here, look me up in game (Ereshkigal Atropos or Adelina Lee) or find me on Enjin under Ereshkigal.




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