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Sooo... DayZ?

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Just curious who else is into this game besides myself. It's definitely a game that I play when I'm not playing anything else or am tired of being bored xD Have really been getting the hang of things recently too and become a lot more survivable. Got to cooking some boar meat today and feelin' all badass and such ahaha


Zombie games can be fun, but mostly survival in general are entertaining.

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Yeah it's an entertaining game to watch, but since it's virtual reality the player base is 97 percent predatory. xD


oh of course, that's the fun in it. unfortunately there are so many servers that it's tough getting a chance to even run across one person when the map is as enormous as it is. On average if I don't spawn near water as a guideline or come across a compass near the beginning of my respawn I get myself killed until I do and can take up to 20-30 minutes to find someone if we're specifically looking for one another.


It's a fairly addictive game though xD

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