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Sair Gammonari and Mihana Zhralyia

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RL Info (if you want):


RL Name: (Prefer not to say, but I'll sometimes tell people if I'm comfortable, otherwise it's Sair or SamusKnight2K though I'll usually just go by Sair when IG or with other people who know me.)

RL Age: 29

Country: USA

Timezone: PST (GMT -8 I think.)

RL Gender: Male

Server: Besaid


--Why do you like to RP?

Because it's a sense of immersion you can't get with your traditional RPG games. It's enjoyable and well, you don't need a valid reason to RP, do you? I just RP because I love to! As I've gone I've greatly adapted my style by viewing how others do it which helps me become more descriptive. Not to mention it makes wonderful stories and you meet such great people too! Some of the greatest people I've grown fond of or became friends with were met through roleplaying.


Basic info



Sair Gammonari (Hyur Midlander Male)

Mihana Zhralyia (Seeker of the Sun Miqo'te Female)


--Current primary linkshell:

The Spectral Wardens


RP Preferences:


--RP style (Casual, moderate, or heavy)?

I pretty much go moderate to casual depending on the mood. At times I can be fully in-character (Minus maybe a few OOC remarks here or there.) but I also like to joke and chat in a casual manner OOC.


--Are you willing to RP a fight scene in game? If so, preferred method of combat? (/randoming, skill based, etc)

In personal preferences, I can't say how comfortable I am with these. Skill-based ones ala DnD style I find too boring. I'll act out a fight scene just to an extent maybe, but I still overall prefer to avoid them.


--Are you willing to take major injuries in game? (ie limb loss, comas, etc.)

A form of coma, mortally wounded or broken/fractured bones perhaps... Just no stuff like amputation, losing an eye, anything that would seriously scar them. Also nothing that absolutely pushes them off the deep end into insanity. I had a character in FFXI before that turned all emo because of certain actions. It was so bad I just couldn't stand RPing them anymore. Best suggestion is ask before you do if you intend to inflict serious harm on one of my characters.


--Under what circumstances, if any, would you allow your character to be killed off?

Unless I choose to, no character is to ever be killed off. As stated in the previous question, I can be open to mortally wounded or coma scenarios. Maybe they suffer such an injury it puts them into a state of coma for awhile. But this will have to be discussed first and for now long. Faked deaths are always a possibility as being badly wounded but slowly recover.


--Are you willing to RP romance in game? How far are you willing to go?

Eh, can go in any direction I suppose... But I'm not really a fan of the whole "eRP" genre. What I'd prefer to follow is a fade-to-black style as people call it. The two lovers kiss, they embrace and... Aww, the lights went out! Romance scenes are some of my favorite, but I prefer to keep the characters aloof not immediately tying them down. Mihana is a little bit of a flirt but never sleeps around and Sair's too much of a gentleman to even consider the idea before marrage. How far characters can or are willing to go can vary particularly on how comfortable I am with the person. I've done some or implied moments in the past and while enjoyed, the relation didn't feel as special anymore. Overall it's just something best left to be discussed. I do RP two different characters so there are some preferences such as Sair (the male) is straight. Mihana (the female) is mostly straight, but I'm kind of open to either end for her. I feel the characters have to actually be in love however, I don't do forced match-ups or insta-romance-in-a-can setups. It was tried before, didn't work out. Things end up feeling too artificial and I just don't like it...


--What kind of non-romantic RP relationships are you seeking? (family ties, etc)

Friends, rivals, adopted brothers/sisters, the standard kind of stuff. For Sair he would want people he could trust and protect (He's one of those fairy-tail knights types.) and Mihana has always tried to hide her softer side with a rash, tough front. So for her people she can trust in again after having her trust broken.


--How far from the actual lore are you willing to stray?

It varies greatly based on what is being agreed on. I'm not heavily into lore but one thing comes to mind: If it doesn't really exist/belong in the game, then it's a big "no". Such as unless SE allows time-travel or dimensional stuff like they did with FFXI, it won't fly here. There have been cases in the past where I strayed from lore myself but soon everyone became flying angel gods or half-espers ala Terra style. It felt too out there so I prefer to stay with what's actually possible in the game. And no using people from other video games! That means I don't wanna see a guy named "Goku" who came from planet Earth to Hydaelyn wishing on a dragon's glowing orange balls, that they oddly have seven of... Poor dragon!


--Views on chat functions (IC vs OOC in /party, /linkshell, /say)?

I don't mind either really, I use IC and OOC (sometimes to the excess on OOC) however if it grows to be a problem in interrupting an RP in progress then it can be an issue. I've tried to keep myself using OOC tags when normally chatting in /say since I can't be certain the presence of other RPers and will almost immediately switch to using OOC tags if I see others using it in the vicinity.


--Will most of your RP be confined in a single linkshell or will you try to RP with as many as possible?

Most RP is often confined to a single linkshell, but only because I'm somewhat shy of just going in and joining random RP. I've been working on getting past that.


--How do you prefer to be contacted? (PM or post in this thread)

PM, /tell in-game, contacted in-game, or respond to this thread, I personally don't care. If you do contact me in-game please be sure to say more than just "Hi" if you send a tell or I might not respond. I can be pretty friendly otherwise. Be sure to mention your name on the forums here then or if you have a question about anything you've read. Thank you and see you in Eorzea!

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