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Balmung Raid Static looking for members!


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Raid group looking for new members.  'Off the Cuff' is looking for a Bard, Caster, Whm and Sch for Coil progression and primal clears, and other 8 man content.  We are fairly skilled raiders reconstructing a group for serious progression, but ultimately looking to have fun.  Having been in Phase 2 of Turn 9, we're honestly not really looking to backtrack through T6-T8, but if you are confident in your skill to catch up quickly and stay on par, we are open to discussion.  

Current jobs: War, Pld, Drg, Nin


We will have brief interviews with each person to determine compatibility, we want to keep a close, fun group.  After some previous experiences, it's our main concern to keep a friendly and welcome environment, we all know how hard it is to maintain a sane group of 8 people.  We want to make sure we all fit together and progress swiftly. 


Please have a solid idea of the job you want to play longterm, switching jobs around isn't ideal as we go along.  Of course 3.0, and possibly even 2.5 will bring necessary discussions, but we'll cross that when we get there.  


Mumble required, at least to listen.  No FC required.  Linkshell preferred.

Times: 5:30-8pm Est, 10:30-1am GMT.  Tues/Wed/Thurs/Fri/Sat, 3-4 days a week, the days are negotiable.  Monday/Sunday is not an option


Send N'taeyl Yhash or N'exantra Tia a /tell in game, or PM me here!  Looking forward to meeting people!

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