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[Balmung] There and back again!


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Hello to all the RPers out there (yes, even you!),


After something of an extended hibernation away from FFXIV, I've woken up with a massive craving for some Eorzea, back and ready to RP! I'm looking for a friendly forever home where I can come eat all your food, but also make some meaningful friendships. I'm a high maintenance thoroughbred with a glossy coat, but also affectionate too! Into heavy RP but also anything that means I don't have to be alone anymore...


Anyone feeling charitable enough to pick me out of the ditch, dust me off and give me a lollipop? Maybe even an FC to call home?


Don't worry, I'm only half as bad as I make myself out to be... (okay, maybe a little more)


Hope to see you guys around!

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